Freestyle dance music star @LisetteMelendez is back in a big way with empowering “Rise”


One dance music sub-genre that still has many fans around the world is Freestyle, which was prominent particularly in NYC and Miami from the mid-80’s through the mid-90’s.  NYC singer of Puerto Rican heritage Lisette Melendez had a number of charted hits in the early 90’s such as “Goody Goody”, “Together Forever”, and my favourite “A Day In My Life (Without You)” (I’ve still got the 12″ vinyl!), and she’s back with “Rise”.  It’s an engaging and empowering song dedicated to anyone who’s going through a difficult time, but particularly women, hence the “Rocky” or “Karate Kid” inspired video with a young woman as the lead.  “Rise” works because of its sparkling contemporary production, which incorporates many elements of Freestyle which Lisette’s fans enjoy.  The singer sounds just great and club DJ’s should embrace “Rise” and its many remixes.

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January Goodie Bag featuring David Bowie, Ed Drewett, Hurts, Stefan Galea, Parralox, St. Lucia, and Davis Redfield

Yes, it’s a goodie bag, because you know when you reach inside one, you will find something that you reeeaallly like 🙂

David Bowie, “Where Are We Now”

It’s now an Internet event when a classic rock star releases new material after 10 years, and as you recall David Bowie was one of the first celebs to embrace the Internet wholeheartedly.  On his 66th birthday, David has bestowed us with “Where Are We Now”, a sullen pop song accompanied by an unsurprisingly stylish but static video.  It will be interesting to hear David’s voice on other songs on his upcoming album The Next Day due in March.  Here it crackles in the only way that age can provide.  It has the potential for sounding like a reconfigured David Bowie, while in the same breath making it hard to determine if his dulcet tones of songs like “China Girl” or “Wild Is The Wind” are in the past.  If the lyrics pass you by, then the great thing about a David Bowie song is that the melody does stick.  It will be hard to keep an objective mind looking back on some of my favourite songs by him like “Fame”, “Golden Years”, “Young Americans”, “Ashes To Ashes”, “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)”, and “Time Will Crawl”.  But “Where Are We Now” provides the impetus to do just that.

Ed Drewett, “Good Morning” (Monsieur Adi remix) and “Drunk Dial”

Sometimes it does take a new record deal to get back in the public eye, even if you’re not out of the public ear.  For 24 year old UK singer/songwriter Ed Drewett has already had a few slices of fame come his way, first as vocalist on Professor Green’s Top 5 UK hit “I Need You Tonight” 3 years ago, but more recently as a songwriter for The Wanted (including “Glad You Came”) and Olly Murs.  The BlogVerse has been touting Ed’s praises from the release of his solo single “Champagne Lemonade” back in 2010.  With a new deal with Polydor/Universal in hand, Ed has recently brought us the glimmering “Good Morning” (free from his website), which in turn was given an outstanding eye-popping remix from the  creatively reliable Monsieur Adi.  Then, we’ve heard a somewhat more produced Ed in “Drunk Dial”, which to me is a supurb song that doesn’t need all of the maddening acoutrements and is the most fun on the subject of drunk calling since Ro Danishei’s “Drunk.Txt”.  These are both fine introductions to an album that’s due later this year.

Hurts, “Miracle”

UK duo Hurts return with a huge sound that is razor sharp and one that might make devoted fans wonder where they’re headed.  Not surprisingly, the first comments I read about “Miracle” was that it sounded way too much like “Princess Of China” by Coldplay and Rihanna.  Well, yes to start… but this song lives its own life quite nicely in all around compelling way that takes you deeper, this coming from someone who appreciated their songs from 2010’s Happiness which alas did not resonate with me.  The expressive Bono-ish vocals take first fiddle, even with production that desperately wants to go boom.  “Miracle” is a solid release from Hurts that should put Theo and Adam even more on the international map.

Stefan Galea, “Disco Lemonade”

Maltese teen Stefan Galea could be to 2013 what The Netherlands’ Jeronimo was in 2012 for me.  Stefan has a unique and highly recognizable voice that could help “Disco Lemonade” find its way onto international dance floors.  Despite a middle break that doesn’t really work, Stefan is the star of the show here and I’m sure there will be more coming like this from him later in the year.   After all, who needs plain old lemonade when it can be disco-flavoured 🙂  You can get this one on iTunes.


Parralox, “Silent Morning”

If Australian duo Parralox (who I wrote about not long ago, featuring their song “Sharper Than A Knife” as some Autumn Popervescence) have anything to do with it, the evolution and resurgence of Miami freestyle dance music will take place in 2013.  What better way to start with their Christmas present to us, a cover of Noel’s seminal 80’s smash “Silent Morning”.  This version has a slighter but brighter sound that doesn’t make you forget about the original but instead is clearly a tribute to it.  Download it for free at the link below.

St. Lucia, “September”

I might be a little late to the table for this crackerjack slice of dance music, but “September” glides along like a fancy sports car on a hot summer night on the French riviera.  It’s a terrific companion to music by the likes of The Presets, Russ Chimes, or FrankMusik, atmospheric without being too big for its britches.  Led by South Africa-born, New York-based Jean-Philip Grobler, you can find an upcoming show by St. Lucia on February 11 in Santa Ana, California on a double bill with none other than JMSN.

Davis Redfield, “A World Apart”

Sometimes we have to make choices (like the not-so-subtle lion and lamb imagery in the video), but if you can dance to the song that captures that theme well, then you’ll be all the better for it.  Producer/remixer/songwriter Davis Redfield has created an energetic, slamming electronic house track with “A World Apart” that is further enhanced by a stunning female vocal (and who is this mystery vocalist, I do not know).  “A World Apart” will surely muscle its way onto international dance floors.