UK soul singer @DannyToeman has lively ‘wow’ factor with “Give It All Up (Mr. Showtime)” and new video “She’s Got Something About Her”

DANNY TOEMAN, “Give It All Up (Mr. Showtime)” and “She’s Got Something About Her” (video)

Offering up old-school styled soul with in a vibrant and fresh way, UK singer Danny Toeman brings you two new songs for your immediate attention!  First up is “Give It All Up (Mr. Showtime)” (above), where the singer’s voice recalls the tones of Al Green via Bobby Womack with a theatrical side that likely comes out loud and clear in concert.  You can easily get lost in the song through his performance which just doesn’t let up.  Next up is another original, “She’s Got Something About Her”, and in the video (below), Danny courts a trio of lovely ladies only to meet his comeuppance at the end.  The song is fresh and funky and will appeal to those who like Danny’s larger than life vocal with Sly Stone and Prince-ly undertones.  Music like Danny Toeman’s never goes out of style, and he will only build on these and other releases to tap into the audience at large that will be taken by his songs.

UK singer/songwriter @JamesPoole_ brings on some uncharacteristic funk with “Goodness Gracious”

JAMES POOLE, “Goodness Gracious”

Keeping his fine voice in falsetto mode from last year’s enjoyable ode to positive self image called “Perfectly Me”, UK singer/songwriter James Poole returns with the delightfully funky “Goodness Gracious”.  Keeping the tone light with keen intent on making you boogie your heart out, “Goodness Gracious” recalls Sam Sparro-meets-Jamiroquai influences that work well with James’ Mika-esque vocal.  James has been unpredictable with what to expect with his recent releases. “Goodness Gracious” has wide appeal for those who like their grooves especially deep.

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Austin-based producer/guitarist @Cloudchord swings bossa nova-style with “Alegria”


For those of you who like their dance music on the chill but sexy and romantic side, then Austin-based producer and guitarist Cloudchord will satisfy that craving with “Alegria”.  Using the Brazilian bossa nova style as its basis, the sound of “Alegria” is charming and lo-fi, and goes down easy like the smoothest of brandies or cognacs.  The Emmy-winning Cloudchord also dazzles us with his pristine guitar work which shines the most in the latter part of the song.  “Alegria” follows up Cloudchord’s 2016 album Imprint and some subsequent collaborative EP’s with Oatmello and the Soul Food Horns.  It’s jazzy and funky and you can’t go wrong with an instrumental that packs such diversity into its three minutes.

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Here’s to even more disco-funk from England’s @Patawawa with “Lie”



Beth, Rory and Sam comprise UK trio Patawawa, who impressed earlier this year with the grand retro-disco vibes of “Patagonia” from their EP Bedroom.  They’ve followed up the EP with an appearance in Cookie Records’ Crispy Groove Compilation EP with “Lie”.  This song draws perhaps more on inspiration from Parliament-Funkadelic and Rick James than CHIC this time, with its deep bass synths creating a deliciously contagious funky rhythm.  The trio has everything going for it to stand out in the busy dance music scene, but I think would benefit of better-rounded production to make their music pop even more.  But, no lie, “Lie” is a heckuva lot of fun and should attract more fans to Patawawa’s diverse sounds.  Add “Lie” to your “It Is Time To Get Funky” playlist using the Spotify link below.

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Gimme more of that funky stuff: @Jenauxmusic meets @BrynChristopher for “I Want Your Love”

JENAUX featuring BRYN CHRISTOPHER, “I Want Your Love”

NYC producer/DJ Jenaux continues the wild ride he’s been on throughout 2016 with his funk-laced EDM with “I Want Your Love”.  It’s his debut release for none other than the Ministry of Sound label, and is a collaboration with UK singer/songwriter Bryn Christopher (otherwise known these days as a member of EDM group I See Monstas).  It’s a straight-forward but powerful record, bridging Jenaux’s US funk sound with British soul/house.  Like with his last original release “Get It On”, he uses a fierce chopped up high pitched vocal to excellent, easily recognizable effect.  After his recent collaboration with Tritonal for “Broken” (featuring Adam Lambert) and remixes for Gramatik, The Chainsmokers and a number of other A-list EDM talent this year, Jenaux will continue on roller skates touring and releasing new songs as the rest of the world discovers his genuinely appealing, stand out take on dance music.  Check out “I Want Your Love” at the link above.

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Seductively funky: “Meet Me” by @MickeyValenxy featuring #Noé

MICKEY VALEN featuring NOÉ, “Meet Me”

NYC’s Mickey Valen really mixes it up well for his latest release “Meet Me” featuring a seductive vocal by singer Noé.  What I like best about this one is the funky R&B/hip hop vibe – play it along side anything recent by Jenaux – that prevails throughout with some trippy trappy drops for those who enjoy.  It gets a little busy for me in that regard and to me there’s so much else that’s appealing going on in the rest of the song that the drops aren’t the focus.  “Meet Me” is a touch different which will only draw the best kind of attention so club DJ’s should be wise to give it some spin time.  Do check it out at the above link.

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We want the funk: @Jenauxmusic reworks @Gramatik as “Native Son Prequel” (featuring @LeoNapiermusic)

GRAMATIK featuring LEO NAPIER, “Native Son Prequel” (Jenaux remix)

As both a remixer and performer, NYC’s Jenaux has a fierce style to be reckoned with, which will keep performers-a-calling, wanting a taste of his edgy but funky sound.  This time Jenaux reworks none other than Gramatik’s “Native Son” from the Epigram album, which already received raves for the original collaboration with reknown rapper Raekwon and hot new vocalist Leo Napier.  Well you won’t hear Raekwon in this mix, so “Native Son” is refashioned as “Native Son Prequel”, which takes all of the best kinds of 80’s funky R&B – think Prince, The System, The Time, Cameo – and washes it down with Gramatik’s original melody and Leo’s distinct voice.  Jenaux’s style is party now, go home later 🙂 I guarantee that your butt will not stop grooving to “Native Son Prequel”.  Download it on any available platform using the link above.

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@Jenauxmusic puts @3Lau’s “Is It Love” on the funk train

3LAU, “Is It Love” (Jenaux remix)

NYC producer/remixer Jenaux continues on the funk tip after his currently-blowing up original “Get It On” (which just bowed on the BILLCSTop30 at #23) with his alternate take on the always busy Las Vegas-based 3Lau’s “Is It Love”.  He strips away Justin Blau’s lyrical EDM and the original vocal in favour of a hard-hitting 80’s oriented funk ride that blends with futuristic effects quite happily.  It’s one of those short but potent remixes that when dropped in the middle of the set will make you wonder what the hell is going on and you’ll just want more.  Download it for free at the link above.


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Wild and funky! “Get It On” by @Jenauxmusic

JENAUX, “Get It On”

Not long ago, I brought to your attention a savvy remix of The Chainsmokers & Daya’s “Don’t Let Me Down” by rising NYC-based producer/DJ Jenaux.  He’s dropped a new original called “Get It On” and it’s one wild and funky ride.  I often have trouble getting past wacky vocal effects but there is so much going on in “Get It On” in terms of gritty groove and deep house flavour.  It all somehow mixes in with all of the wild goings on including 70’s funk (think Parliament-Funkadelic), disco (Chic for sure), and 80’s new wave (Rio-era Duran Duran?) to provide a festive feast for your ears and feet.  “Get It On” is what the BOOM in your speakers is all about and Jenaux pulls out all of the stops.

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#NYC duo @SofiTukker get funky with “Hey Lion”


One of Sofi Tukker’s more memorable songs from their opening set for The Knocks on their most recent tour was “Hey Lion”.  Leaving the intriguing Portuguese lyrics in the dance craze-worthy EDM of “Drinkee” and “Matidora” for an English track this time, the duo (who are Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern) opts for some soothing, chant-like funk which immediately brings to mind the sneaky rhythm of 80’s classic “White Horse” by Laid Back.  Groove along to this one and roar on the dance floor 🙂  You can pick up “Hey Lion” on iTunes along with Sofi Tukker’s other recent songs.  A longer play release is in the works (and ongoing touring – this week they are at SXSW) as the pair are signed to The Knocks’ own imprint Heavy Roc.

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