“Down For Me” is a slick new original from @PLSandTYbased

PLS&TY, “Down For Me”

It’s been a few minutes since we had new original music from Florida-based producer PLS&TY, though he’s kept us busy with remixes for songs by Jocelyn Alice and SAINT WKND & MAX among others.  “Down For Me” shows him in slick form with rhythmic future bass that has both impressive beats and a chill factor to keep it quite interesting.  Add an uncredited sultry and memorable female vocal, and there’s very little to quibble about.  “Down For Me” is club and radio friendly, a stylish no-brainer that gives you an impressive taste of what PLS&TY will be bringing this year.

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“Feel It” packs a powerful punch from @BreatheCarolina and @Sunstarsitaly


It’s been about five years since Denver-based Breathe Carolina evolved from an edgy electronic alt.rock band into an in-demand production duo.  But they haven’t let down any guard at all with the powerful summer punch of “Feel It”, created with Italian production trio Sunstars.  All of the futuristic effects are well-placed, with a well-matched uncredited vocal and an instrumental chorus break that will definitely have you jumping.  “Feel It” might seem a tad too aggressive at first, but it’s one that will grow on you quickly, and is guaranteed to boost a mid-evening nightclub set!  Add “Feel It” to your Don’t Stop, Just Dance playlist using the Spotify link above.

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Meet L.A.’s @OutTherejams with a striking vocal by @EllaPoletti in “What To Do”


“What To Do” is a bubbly, future bass-inflected dance tune which is only the second single from L.A. producer Out There.  It features a breezy, striking vocal by Indiana-born singer Ella Poletti, who came to some attention not long ago when her viral cover of Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy” started to be played on MTV.  In “What To Do”, Ella reminds me a lot of another impressive singer in the alternative dance genre, Elohim.  Her vocal travels with the rhythm and even when the production is sparse underneath it nicely fills any needed gaps.  This leads up to a climactic future bass drop loaded with high end synths that all make “What To Do” really sparkle.  Add “What To Do” to your Breezy & Effortless dance playlist using the Spotify link above.

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Atlanta duo @BellsandRobes weave an intriguing tale set to electronic dance rhythms in “Jackal and the Moon”

BELLS AND ROBES, “Jackal and the Moon”

Atlanta production duo Bells And Robes are not your typical electronic dance music makers.  Drawing a lot of inspiration from zen and other philosophies, their latest effort “Jackal and the Moon” is almost fairytale-like in structure.  The premise – two new lovers dancing in a foreign land, not knowing that their relationship is never meant to be – is intriguing and put across beautifully by uncredited vocalist Kaisune in a passionate and committed performance.  Amid all of Bells And Robes’ electronic experimentation – sometimes house, sometimes future bass with dashes of trap, thriving from what sounds like it could have been a classical piece originally – the vocal holds the song together and retains your interest throughout.  “Jackal and the Moon” is going to be a tricky sell, but there are electronic dance music fans out there who enjoy music that’s a little more left field, and college radio may also be a good home for it.  Check it out at the link above.

Take a ride with “Charlie”, new from Sweden’s @weareBrohug

BROHUG, “Charlie”

Who knows how some songs get their titles, particularly instrumentals.  For every “Pizza” by Martin Garrix there is a “Charlie”, the latest from Sweden’s Brohug.  The boys swing in kind of a flamboyant but classic house style in this one which could end up being the opening song in one of their sets.  “Charlie” is playful and cheesy as it gets deeper and dirtier as it goes along, and there’s lots happening in the mix to make the song’s three minutes fly by.  “Charlie” is a fine one for clubs where DJ’s can mess with the multi-coloured and strobe lighting and help make the song as flashy and sassy as it should be.  Add “Charlie” to your Drop That House playlist using the Spotify link above.

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Meet Malaysian duo @Spudsmusic with charming but melancholy “You & Me” featuring SRH

SPUDS and SRH, “You & Me”

Spuds is the new production duo of Justin and Zen who hail from Malaysia.  Some of you may already know of them from their remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Paris” which got some attention last year.  Featuring vocalist SRH (as in Sarah, also from Malaysia), “You & Me” has a great melody that will keep you listening as the song switches it up with future bass rhythms, while the lyrics unfold a story about unrequited love.  The song starts off as somewhat of a duet but ultimately lands to SRH to carry it to the end with her beautiful tones.  “You & Me” is a pleasing surprise and a solid introduction to the craft that Spuds can bring to the electronic dance music world.  Add “You & Me” to your Sad & Rhythmic playlist using the Spotify link above.

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“Pretty Girl” by @Clairo gets a future bass makeover from red hot @Whethanmusic

CLAIRO, “Pretty Girl” (Whethan bootleg)

Red hot Chicago 19 year old producer Whethan – currently very active with his recent single “Be Like You” featuring Broods – puts an interesting spin on Clairo’s “Pretty Girl” in a bootleg remix.  He essentially takes the chorus of the Boston singer’s chill cousin of a Lana Del Rey song and flips it sideways, giving it a snappy beat which then evolves into a futuristic synth mini-jam session just more than halfway through.  Clairo’s vocal picks it up again with the chorus and it’s over in a snap.  It’s a cute, breezy remix which definitely shows a different side of Whethan.  

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“December” in Springtime is brought to you by upstarts @Kalidemusic @outr3achmusic @officialEvix and singers @supimBianca & @NickSummerfield


One could wonder what would happen when you mix in two vocalists and a producer from Australia, and add in more producers who are American and Canadian.  Perhaps a case of too many cooks not necessarily in the same room together?  And you wouldn’t think of a song about the last day in “December” being perfectly solid for Spring and Summer either, but yet here it is, and yes indeed it is!  What might be perceived as an everything-but-the-sink song actually benefits from solid and consistent production, with two vocalists whose styles really shouldn’t work together, but yet they are quite appealing together.  Nick’s voice is a bit deliberately rough around the edges in spots but very genuine and enthusiastic, while Bianca’s is more pitch perfect with the ability to soar, and they make the story in “December” work.  The song has a great future bass refrain which ties it all together too.  Kudos to Kalide, Outr3ach, Evix, Nick, and Bianca for making “December” an unexpected pleasure!

Producer/DJ @theMadisonMars returns with summer barnstormer “Back The Funk”

MADISON MARS, “Back The Funk”

Summer’s almost here for those of us in North America, and I can visualize dance clubs jumping all over “Back The Funk”, the latest by rising Estonian producer/DJ Madison Mars.  Its intense production is an immediate draw to dance music lovers, and it contains all of the familiar bells and whistles (almost literally haha) to make you want to hear it many times over.  It’s kind of nonsensical overall but that becomes awfully secondary next to booming future bass and production that is primed for a party atmosphere.  At 2:54 “Back The Funk” is a bit tidy but perhaps some creative remixers with the same party-hardy bent will accentuate the proceedings.  Add “Back The Funk” to your Massive Beats playlist using the Spotify link above.

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Premiere: Fresh techno-inspired “Lifeline” is by new L.A.-based producer @PrizmMusic

PRIZM, “Lifeline” (free DL)

“Lifeline” is an enjoyable balance of lilting pop and powerhouse techno-inspired future bass by new L.A.-based producer Prizm.  The melody and effects play on the affecting anonymous male vocal and the emotional resolve of the song, stretching it in a variety of appealing ways that will have dance music fans in a state of bliss. “Lifeline” is heavy without being too far out.  The drops and crunch all act as an envelope for a song inside that will make you want to sing.  And one of the best parts of “Lifeline” is that it easily sustains its over 4 minute length.  Prizm is definitely one to watch, with more to come very soon.  In the meantime, grab “Lifeline” for free (under “More”) at the link above while you can.

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