“Over You” is @SoupAndreas’ unique and cathartic #EDM release


Massachusetts artist SoupAndreas is someone you should get to know right away if his new song “Over You” is any indication. ¬†Like Crywolf’s recent “Slow Burn”, “Over You” seethes with anguish in the aftermath of a breakup and therefore becomes perfect and cathartic release through music ūüôā ¬†The arrangements shifts on focus between the singer, song, and both percussive and deep bass breaks and drops, which are like the rollercoaster of emotions one faces in these situations. ¬†Dance floor patrons will relate and the production is unique enough to turn heads, so you can give it some attention yourself by listening at the link above.

British Columbia’s @Conromusic delivers the bounce with “I Wanna Know”

CONRO, “I Wanna Know”

“I Wanna Know” is a pretty straight-forward dance/pop song about trying to find out where a relationship is going. ¬†Canadian Conor Patton, aka Conro, delivers it mid-tempo future bass style with a hook that you wait for and a melody that drives the song home in short order. ¬†I really enjoy how the bass undercurrent kicks it up and that the vocal effects become part of the melody rather than razzle dazzle. ¬†Sometimes just getting to the point does the trick and Conro adds EDM stylin’ to make it all work together. ¬†Give it a listen at the link above.

A futuristic @SeanTurkmusic remix gives pop potential to”Dive” by @TheSalvatoreG featuring @official_Enya and @itsAlexAris

SALVATORE featuring ENYA and ALEX ARIS, “Dive” (Sean Turk remix)

“Dive” is a complex and layered song from Sweden’s Salvatore Ganacci and featuring fellow Swede Alex Aris on vocals that is given pop potential through a futuristic remix from Long Island’s Sean Turk, fresh off of his collaboration with Brandyn Burnette on “Closer”. ¬†The track is also gifted with an official sample of Enya’s “Boadicea” from her earlier pre-“Orinoco Flow” days and has been picked up by Warner Music. ¬†I suppose when someone like Enya allows her music to grace your song then that’s a huge vote of confidence! ¬†Sean’s remix makes this common tale of keeping a relationship together even more compelling with appropriately placed effects which heighten the urgency of the lyrics. ¬†It adds immensely to the quieter, trap/chill original and allows Alex’s voice to get a little more under your skin. ¬†Give it a listen above then head over to iTunes to pick it up.

@Hellbergmusic’s VIP mix of “Synchronize” featuring @_AaronRichards nails it again, future bass-style

HELLBERG featuring AARON RICHARDS, “Synchronize” (VIP mix)

Could there be anything better in the EDM/dance music world when a track is remixed by the performer and matches the original? ¬†“Synchronize” is one of my favourites of 2016, reaching #8 on the BILLCS Top 30 this past Spring, with a unique, soaring vocal by NYC singer Aaron Richards. ¬†Sweden’s Jon Hellberg has refreshed “Synchronize” with a future bass VIP mix that relies as much on its quieter moments (like the original) before its melody explodes with a drop that will simply have you cheering. ¬†Club DJ’s will be wise to revisit “Synchronize” in your sets due to its previous success and audiences will resonate with it immediately. ¬†Download it for free at the link above.

@CandylandDJs returns with @Shoffymusic for quirky head-turner “Faces”


I’ve gotta hand it to Candyland for making her return an even sweeter one with the quirky “Faces”, featuring vocals by L.A.-based up-and-comer Shoffy. ¬†The SoCal DJ/producer had taken some radio silence but recently re-emerged like time had stood still in the EDM world. ¬†“Faces” has a lot of different flavours – progressive, R&B, hip hop, softer future bass – making it easy to slide into many different sets of songs. ¬†In-between stylistic changes, Shoffy’s vocals sound rather vulnerable and heartstruck. ¬†Don’t be fooled by the unassuming beginning; once some sly effects start feeding into the music then heads will start turning. ¬†Those who are looking for something a little different in their playlists will enjoy “Faces”. ¬†Give it a listen at the above link.

Spread for love: “Wings” by @AashMehtamusic featuring #JessForman

AASH MEHTA featuring JESS FORMAN, “Wings”

Currently based out of San Francisco, producer/remixer/performer Aash Mehta returns with quite possibly his best original song to date, “Wings”, featuring NYC vocalist Jess Forman. ¬†It’s a lovely layered effort, quite the beautiful song lyrically too. ¬†The progressive future bass backdrop meshes amazingly with the diverse voice of Jess Forman. ¬†So all of the pieces to this song end up front and centre and competing for your attention, which is a good thing as there’s lots to remember about “Wings”. ¬†Be dazzled at the link above and then pick it up on iTunes.

Walkin’ that fine line: @PatrickReza scores with the romantic “Let U Fall” (featuring #AubrenElaine)


It’s kind of rare that an EDM song (let alone one in the future bass sub-genre) has an adorable quality about it, but Hollywood producer/songwriter PatrickReza’s “Let U Fall”, featuring collaborator and sultry vocalist Aubren Elaine, is that exception. ¬†The simple lyrics walk that line where you know that your friend/lover/partner has your back with the repeated lyrics “I won’t let you fall”. ¬†It has an equally simple melody line, augmented by some nice layers of synths, which gives you almost a playful sense of keeping your balance during a relationship. ¬†Anyway I enjoy what Patrick and Aubren have concocted and I hope it will catch on with DJ’s who know to¬†draw friends and couples out onto the floor in a slower set with a song like “Let U Fall”. ¬†Pick it up as a free download at the link above.

@WRLDmusic kills it again in an other-worldly @DROELOEmusic remix of “Galaxies” featuring @FatherDude

WRLD featuring FATHER DUDE, “Galaxies” (DROELOE remix)

Following up his busy and fun remix of Lights’ “Slow Down”, Dutch teen producer/remixer WLRD continues to kill it big time with “Galaxies” featuring a vocal by NYC’s Father Dude that really anchors the song. ¬†What is a creative and above average dance track gets taken to another level by fellow Dutchmen DROELOE once the first minute kicks in. ¬†The falsettos get isolated and reshaped, and before you know it the song has launched¬†into a free spirited futuristic bounce that will keep you going till its subtle ending. ¬†DROELOE’s fun foray is a preview of the upcoming multi-mix EP of “Galaxies”. ¬†You can pick it up in advance of the full release on iTunes.

EDWYNN x TIKAL (@Thorisen) & @Spirixmusic put a future bass spin on the beautiful “So Bad” by @BrandonSkeie

BRANDON SKEIE, “So Bad” ( EDWYNN ‚Ė≥ TIKAL & Spirix remix)

Often I get introduced to songs that are great with or without remixes and “So Bad” by 22 year old Washington native Brandon Skeie is just that. ¬†What a voice! ¬†So crisp, clear, and easily recognizable!


His stellar original gets two helping hands into the dance remix world courtesy of a couple of talented teens,¬† EDWYNN ‚Ė≥ TIKAL¬†from Sweden, and Spirix from L.A. ¬†It’s kind of a wild future bass sound for what is essentially a pretty straight forward song. ¬†But these remixers do not overtake the original with effects, they simply enhance it. ¬†Brandon’s soaring high octave is the star and the bass drop that immediately follows sticks like glue till you get to hear it again later in the song. ¬†You cannot go wrong with either version but this remix will get the ears of club goers and new fans for Brandon as well.

Get your future groove on for @iamtheElephante’s wild new EDM instrumental “Black Ivory”

ELEPHANTE, “Black Ivory” (free download)

While his current dance club play hits “Age Of Innocence” and his remix of Nathan Sykes’ “Over And Over Again”, as well as his remix of Mako’s “Smoke-Filled Room”, are still all abuzz, Elephante has dropped another original, an instrumental called “Black Ivory”. ¬†This is almost like his theme music, complete with a grand entrance that only prepares for the crazy melody and fun beat shifting and dropping that follows (listen for the elephant!). I think the ending trails off deliberately for DJ’s to easily mix in whatever might flow out naturally. “Black Ivory” maintains solid momentum to keep you swaying without even missing vocals. ¬†Innovative guys like Elephante help keep the future of music omnipresent. ¬†Download “Black Ivory” for free at the link above.