Canada’s @DrOziofficial takes you on a wild electronic ride with “Youth In Asia”

DR. OZI, “Youth In Asia”

India-born, Toronto-based electronic producer Dr. Ozi will push your limits with “Youth In Asia”.  It’s a colourful, herky-jerky track that will keep your attention and impress you with how deftly he moves between rhythms and styles, all in one song!  It’s more apt to please folks who like their electronic dance music on the heavy side, with lots of familiar dubstep moments to ride along the way.  It’s also incredibly melodic and detailed, so it’s no wonder he’s attracted attention from the likes of Zomboy (for whom he opened on a recent tour).  “Youth In Asia” is a feast for your ears if you like your dance music on the progressive side and your electronic music riddled with all kinds of sounds.

French collective @SlowHours drop their adventurous debut single of many moods, “Endless”


SLOW HOURS, “Endless”

After numerous well-received remixes, which led to most of the six members of Slow Hours – Khamsin, Rusty Hook, Kidswaste, Kultur, Astre, and Lain – branching out with many terrific solo efforts, many of which I’ve written about, the band has dropped their debut original, progressive-sounding single “Endless”.  It’s a moody affair for sure, but well worthy of your kind attention for just shy of four minutes.  Now these guys know how to start a record with a great lead up to a complete change of pace before the 50 second mark, which turns into a gritty, trappy main section that returns later in the song.  It’s punctuated by a quieter, cinematic-sounding break, and finishes with almost a minute of melt-in-your mouth piano and symphonic effects that help make “Endless” quite an unexpected musical adventure.  I hope more will be forthcoming soon to show off the many diverse talents within Slow Hours.

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Get to know @Kantormusic with hard-hitting, melodic and futuristic “Bodies” with vocalist #Rochee

KANTOR and ROCHEE, “Bodies”

Many of you already know Philadelphia’s Greg Kantor as producer/DJ 5 And A Dime, who I’ve written about before in these blog pages.  He’s put 5 And A Dime into the past and kickstarted a project under his own last name which came to life a few weeks ago in a live performance in NYC.  The new song is “Bodies”, and it’s everything melodic and passionate about hard-hitting futuristic-sounding dance music that you can enjoy.  “Bodies” also features NYC Rochee in a very different setting from when we last heard him (Otto Botté’s spicy Latin-flavoured 2017 release “Rocola De Verano”).  Its complexities are heightened when you watch the live performance of it below.  With obvious inspiration from Dance Dance Revolution, Kantor has created live performance technology he called The Grid, which definitely brings a new dimension to a DJ/producer’s performance.  Check it out below and add “Bodies” to your Meet The Future dance playlist using the Spotify link above.

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“Prisoner” is red, hot and new electronic soul from @BobbyNourmand featuring @MrLaurentJohn


You know that when L.A.-based producer Bobby Nourmand drops a new song that it’s going to be solid as well as unpredictable.  After flirting with some dynamic hip hop last year, this time “Prisoner” taps into a British soul vibe courtesy of a potent vocal by Laurent John.  The dark theme of the song totally suits Laurent’s urgent and gritty vocal.  Bobby never ceases to amaze with his creative deep house arrangements, carefully weaving his keyboard work while fusing it with his layered trademark futuristic synth backdrop.  Bobby was only a handful of performers to have three songs on my 2017 year end list, and “Prisoner” is destined to become another favourite.  Club DJ’s can’t miss with it, perfect for a late night set.  Add it to your playlist of gritty, soulful dance tunes using the Spotify link above.

Pop-drunk: A clever futuristic @iamNikoBlank remix of @CoyoteKissesxo “Waiting For You” feat. #MadisonLove

COYOTE KISSES featuring MADISON LOVE, “Waiting For You” (Nikö Blank remix)

“Waiting For You” by L.A. duo Coyote Kisses arrives with a quirky Nikö Blank remix, featuring vocalist Madison Love, which is designed to throw you for a bit of a loop.  It basically sounds like Fifth Harmony got drunk and arrived to party at an EDM club.  You’ll know what I mean by a rather odd beginning that belies how catchy and vibrant the rest of the mix actually is.  Nikö Blank makes unexpected shifts and changes that work beautifully against the solid vocal.  I always enjoy it when a straight-forward pop song gets turned on its head a bit – but not too much.  The effects here are all restrained but cool and lots of fun.  Check it out at the link above.

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More bass please: @AnggerDimas & @itsApocalypto give us “Out My Mind” featuring Louise LaBelle @LaBellemusic


“Out My Mind” is indeed a cross-continental collaboration by the rising Indonesian DJ/producer Angger Dimas and Australia’s Apocalypto featuring powerhouse vox by British singer Louise LaBelle.  “Out My Mind” is the best of two EDM worlds – a riveting ear-catching singalong in a dirty, progressive, futuristic mix full of bass to slay you in your boots on the dance floor.  It doesn’t let up with intents on leaving you breathless in a nasty kind of way 😛  Check it out above; it’s culled from the four song EP Angger Dimas & Friends.

“Light” by @SanHolobeats is a sweeping synth symphony

SAN HOLO, “Light”

It’s one of those songs that will literally sweep you off your feet, on the dance floor or not! I don’t know much about Dutchman San Holo, but till now he’s offered up some of the most infuriating, progressive alternative EDM I’ve heard this year.  With “Light”, he’s cut the melody and song down to something simpler, and built a major wall of a synth symphony around it.  The beautiful  (but uncredited) vocal completely suits the song, but it’s the sonic blast well placed and starting at 1:20 that will win you over for the rest of “Light”.  This is inspiring creativity at its best and shows a side of San Holo I want to hear more often.  Listen at the link above and download it for free (at least for now).

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New producer/remixer @itsWaitWhat refashions @BoomboxCartel & @Quixofficial’s “Supernatural” feat. @Anjulie

BOOMBOX CARTEL & QUIX featuring ANJULIE, “Supernatural” (Wait What remix)

Berkeley, California producer remixer Wait What (aka Troy Skinner) has refashioned “Supernatural” by Boombox Cartel and Quix featuring Anjulie, and the results not only make the song his own but are highly complimentary to the original.  “Supernatural” as released contains a beautiful, other-worldly vocal by Anjulie which is most present in the first minute, before the song takes a wild dive into heavy futuristic trap, and glides into an enjoyable progressive EDM track.  Wait What takes advantage of the excellent vocal and uses it throughout the song, creating his own future bass trap/dub step arrangement in the process that completely works.  He adds some anthemic vocal effects which gives the song a hip hop spirit.  The result is a confident mix that doesn’t get too wild and focuses on a lot of strengths of the original song.  If you like it by listening at the link above, you can vote for it as a part of a contest at this link by clicking the “Like” button.

Listen to @iamEauClaire’s thoughtful original “All The Wonder” also in a @LoFrames remix

EAU CLAIRE, “All The Wonder”, also in a LoFrames remix

After making her name well known across North America as a producer/DJ and remixer, Washington, DC-based Eau Claire has launched her own recording career with her EP All The Wonder.  And unlike many other performing women in the EDM genre, Eau Claire has chosen to sing the title song.  As a producer, it makes perfect sense as she’s written for her own voice and the results are not only assured but pretty darned catchy as well.  The sparkling keyboards and melody all join forces with the vocal to make a solid song structure to keep you more than interested throughout.  And French duo LoFrames have come up with their own darker, unique-sounding take on the song that sends it through some Daft Punk-ish kind of motions, particularly right before the 3 minute mark, which will sound fabulous on big club speakers.  You can pick up Eau Claire’s EP and the LoFrames remix on your favourite digital platform, but check them both out at the links above.

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“Imaginary Friends” by @missMollyMoore gets a different perspective in @thePlutomusic’s remix

MOLLY MOORE, “Imaginary Friends” (Pluto remix)

“Imaginary Friends” is one of three songs previewed in advance of the release last week of Molly Moore’s second EP Now You See Me, and I’ve written about them all 🙂 The song now gets a remix courtesy of German producer Pluto.  And what in its original version is about the pain of loneliness when relocating to a big city receives a change in perspective from the remixer.  Its new futuristic trap surroundings bring out a more hallucinogenic, almost nightmarish side of the song – more of a companion piece to Molly’s “Just A Dream” – wherein you realize that the friends are indeed all in one’s head.  As much as I enjoy the focused production of the original of “Imaginary Friends”, Pluto’s remix takes you on a different journey and will sit well with dance club patrons.  Give it a listen above – it’s available as a free download.

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