Toronto’s @GoldComplexband returns with the R&B/jazz/pop fusion of their album New Soul featuring “Meant To Dance”

GOLD COMPLEX, “Meant To Dance”

It’s been a while since we heard from Toronto’s Gold Complex, an eight member R&B/jazz/pop collective that released its first EP a few years back.  Since that time, I’ve also written about their lead singer Will Bowes and his solo work.  Gold Complex’s album New Soul – which includes “Backbone” from their EP – is everything that you could like about a fast-paced, effortless record that straddles many genres.  Will can be a powerhouse singer given the song, and we’ve heard his softer but potent solo songs too.  And the band is incredibly tight – these musicians have each other’s backs, hard enough to do with eight personnel.  But if there’s a song to focus on here, to me it’s the lively, diverse “Meant To Dance”, one of the more pop-oriented songs on the album but it’s incredibly radio friendly.  It’s got a delicious pause around the minute mark which can make or break a song, but it shifts wisely into high gear right after, and then unleashes Will’s fierce voice.  The rest is a delightful mix that has a lot of 70’s flavour.  And a dance remix could open up “Meant To Dance” to clubs too.

I was fortunate to see Gold Complex in concert for one of their sets in Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday, March 9.  They are better live than on record, and this is where Will’s wide vocal range has the opportunity to flourish.  I hope to see them again, perhaps in a more intimate setting, either indoor or outdoor, for full effect!

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Toronto octet @GoldComplexband fires up rich soulful jazzy pop with “Backbone”

GOLD COMPLEX, “Backbone”

It’s hard enough alone to keep eight members of a band in sync and focused on a consistent overall sound, but when it’s as tight and polished as what Toronto’s Gold Complex brings us with “Backbone” then you know you will have a great time with it.  I can’t say what they offer is new – jazzy soulful pop – but it’s exceptionally well done.  Lead singer Will Bowes has one of those riveting voices that makes his songs more powerful than if someone else sang them.  The instrumentation, including all of those luscious horns, is all on-point, and “Backbone” is a fine example of a song about staying true in relationships that will resonate with the most casual listener.  Watch the video above to get a flavour of what Gold Complex might be like in concert.  “Backbone” comes from the recent deluxe edition of Gold Complex’s self-titled EP.


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