Meet mystery newcomer @Vincent_Pine with engaging indie alt.rock of “Perfectly Familiar”

VINCENT PINE, “Perfectly Familiar”

I’m going to let Australia-based singer/songwriter Vincent Pine be an enigma for now to let the highly engaging “Perfectly Familiar” stand on its own.  It’s rich-sounding, straight-forward, guitar-oriented indie alt.rock with a striking and convincing vocal that might appeal to those who enjoy performers like James Bay, The 1975, or Jake Bugg, but also seems to draw unintentionally on late 80’s sounds familiar to fans of bands like Stone Roses, The Railway Children, or House Of Love.  It’s an interesting side project for the performer, who is also becoming known under another name as a splendid electronic dance producer.  “Perfectly Familiar” goes down really easy, as you will find by listening to it at the link above.

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“Turn It Up” has NYC’s @PenguinPrison back in strong form


It made an inauspicious arrival back in the Fall, but after the onslaught of November and December releases, January is a good time to get reacquainted with “Turn It Up”, the first new music in over two years by NYC’s ever-talented Penguin Prison.  PP – aka singer/songwriter/producer/guitarist Chris Glover – sounds very fresh again on “Turn It Up”, recalling many of the best songs from his 2011 debut album.  2015’s Lost In New York took on a more pure pop vibe, and “Turn It Up” combines that with infectious guitar riffs and memorable electronic effects.  While I expect we’ll have more new songs soon, let’s hope PP follows them up with an EP – more Penguin Prison is always worth an extra wait.  Check out “Turn It Up” at the Spotify link above and add it to your playlist of songs with great guitar hooks.

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Especially for guitar fans: “Home” by @Ugochill


“Home” is the stuff that dreams are made of for rock guitar fans and guitarists alike, courtesy of The Netherlands-based veteran indie performer Ugochill (aka Alex Radojcic).  Reminiscent perhaps of Genesis transitioning from Peter Gabriel to Phil Collins years with guitar work that instantly brings to mind some of the most renown – Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck or Stevie Ray Vaughan – “Home” also features a deep haunting almost spoken-word vocal and a prominent bass that will plow right through you.  Its melody is so familiar yet distant at the same time, and the sound overall is crisp and contemporary.  But Ugochill’s distinctly brilliant guitar work is the star here.  Listen to “Home” on Spotify at the link above.

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Guitar Fanatics Listen Up: Solitude (EP) by @Ugochill


UGOCHILL,Solitude (EP)

Ugochill has been making music for the last 15+ years in one form or another.  After years of collaborating with others, Amsterdam-based Serbian/Dutch multi-instrumentalist Alex Radojcic decided to tackle an instrumental work, and the result is the diverse and entertaining EP Solitude.  If you are a guitar fanatic you will thoroughly revel in the masterful playing, inspired by the best in the biz – Beck, Vaughan, Hendrix, Satriani.  “Day By Day” is the theme song for a fantastic car race or sunny day at the beach or late nights cruising in a big city, it’s got a really joyful edge to it, and “Just In Time To Be Late” has a similar carefree road trip kind of vibe.  It would be a damn shame if Ugochill’s music didn’t come to proper attention of fans and music professionals who will just be in awe of the big, tight, well-produced sound.  Sometimes you just don’t need singing – add Ugochill to your list and pick up Solitude, which features “Day By Day”, on iTunes.  You can stream songs from the EP below and hear snippets of the rest (including “Day By Day”).


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