#BILLCSTop30 #594, August 17, 2020

This chart marks the week where I close the door on my career in education in human resources.  It’s a bittersweet feeling, especially during these strange times where you can’t say goodbye to people in person, though that will happen later.  

This also opens the door for me to spend more time with music and working on music projects.  I’m looking to help individuals or businesses fill a gap with whatever knowledge and skills I can bring to table.  If you’re interested in talking with me more about it, you can drop a line to me in one of the following three places:  On Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Getting back to the new chart, the Top 2 hold steady, but there’s a lot of movement, and for the first time in quite some time, there are 6 new entries.  Songs are going up and down the chart faster than ever because of the volume of great new music out there.

Locked in at the top though is Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande’s “Rain On Me” (above), now in its 4th appearance at #1.  It’s the first song to obtain 4 appearances (8 weeks) at the top since “Push” by Kazaky last Fall.  Also staying put at #2 is “Never Let Me Down” by VIZE and Tom Gregory (below), which is starting to break out on dance music radio in the US.

Victor Perry’s lovely and sad “What I Deserve” (above) glides up to #3, to tie with “Sail” (with Levi) as his highest charting song to date.  Now it’s in a battle with the top two when they start to weaken a bit.  A new release featuring Victor’s vocal is “Ma Cherie” (below) by Swedish producer Behmer, who was also involved in the recent cover of Modern Talking’s “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul”, which also featured Victor’s vocal.  This is a delightful slice of Eurodisco that sounds very little like our Victor, with his vocal pitched down, though you can certainly recognize his phrasing and some of his vocal qualities amid the production.

Another one to keep your eyes on is “Head & Heart” by Joel Corry and MNEK, still at the top of the UK charts, as it climbs 10-6.  It’s actually a perfect compliment to the top two songs so we’ll see what happens.

Rufus Wainwright has his first Top 10 hit on this chart since 2007 as the whimsical “You Ain’t Big” (above) rises 13-9.  Right behind it is Canadian pop/R&B singer/songwriter Tafari Anthony with the cutting lyrics of “Centerfold” (below), which moves up 12-10.

My discussions are limited for the songs on the rise, but the Fastest Riser on the chart belongs to two gents who are no stranger to the chart, but had never worked together until now.  UK producer Jonas Blue and US singer MAX make a formidable pair as “Naked” soars 21-12.  A bit of behind the scenes trivia: One of its songwriters is the much-praised Ed Drewett, who has been a co-writer on huge hits by One Direction (“Best Song Ever”), The Wanted (“Glad You Came”), Little Mix (“Black Magic”), and even more Jonas Blue (“Rise”).

Two recent debuts also make promising moves.  “Wanna Go Dancin'” by Australian dance producer Fisher (above) climbs 25-18, while UK indie singer/songwriter Jazz Mino rises 28-20 with her lyrical gem “Like A Drunk Girl” (below).

The Highest Debut on the chart, like “Rain On Me” and “Head & Heart” is one of the ‘bangers’ of 2020.  It’s “Undo My Heart” by British dance singer Karen Harding in collaboration with co-songwriter and co-producer Digital Farm Animals (aka Nick Gale).  “Undo” arrives on the chart at #23.  It’s Karen’s first appearance, but the second for Digital Farm Animals, who got to #11 with Alan Walker and Noah Cyrus on “All Falls Down” two years ago.

L.A. based trio Giiants return to the chart for the first time in over two years with the insanely catchy “Waiting For You” at #24.  Their earworm “Small Talk” previously reached #3, and in another incarnation, members Cam and Adam (as DATABOY) topped this chart three times in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively with “Just Once”, “Dreams Are Gold”, and “Memorize Me” (with Rune RK).

The title song from Jessie Ware’s elegant electronic dance/disco album “What’s Your Pleasure” arrives at #25 to join “Save A Kiss”, which peaked at #3 two weeks ago.

UK singer/songwriter Benedict Cork, who has written for Adam Lambert and others, returns to the chart with his engaging ballad “One Last Song” at #26.  Benedict’s “Breaking Hearts” reached #3 last Fall.

If you couldn’t get enough of The Brothers Macklovitch’s remix of Raphael Saadiq’s “So Ready” like me – it peaked at #4 here a while back – then you will equally enjoy the first official single from les bros Canadiens (who are A-Trak and Dave from Chromeo) which is a soulful slice of house music called “Give Love To Get Some” (featuring vocal by Leven Kali) at #28.

After going viral during the past few years with the now-club staple “U Got That”, Atlanta duo Halogen return to the chart for the first time in almost three years with “The Reason”, featuring vocalist and songwriter Kelli-Leigh, at #29.  Halogen’s “Can’t Resist” previously peaked at #14.

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“The Reason” is sophisticated deep house from Atlanta’s @we_are_Halogen featuring vocalist/co-writer @KelliLeighuk


It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Atlanta producers Halogen, but they’ve returned quite strong with the sophisticated deep house of “The Reason”.  Halogen was in an unexpected conundrum of sorts when their song “U Got That” unexpectedly went viral and has now acquired over 100 million streams.  “The Reason” steps quite far away from the bass house and deep vocal of “U Got That” in favour of a song tailored for the nightlife.  Vocalist Kelli-Leigh (who also co-wrote the song) has sang on tour with Adele and featured on two UK #1 hits, the Grammy-nominated “I Got U” by Duke Dumont, and “I Wanna Feel” by Second City.  Her effortless vocal carries the song and will have your mind on dancing in the clouds rather than whatever it is you might currently be doing.  “The Reason” is a strong dance record that should bring in big returns for both artists.

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#BILLCSTop30 #520 – October 16/17

Four debuts help keep the music flowing into the chart, as most of the songs are now an appealing pop/dance hybrid with other influences, though I always have a fond spot for a big banger 😀

The Top 10

  • Canadians Loud Luxury & Nikki’s Wives continue to hold at #1 with the irrepressible “Show Me”, whose comical video features none other than long time porn star Ron Jeremy.
  • “Perfect” is the gritty slice of deep house music by L.A.’s Mahalo featuring Cat Lewis that glides its way to #2 on the new chart.  Will it reach the top in two weeks??

  • “I Like Me Better” by Lauv (aka 23 year old Ari Leff) is finally making inroads at US radio after performing well on charts in Canada, the UK, and Sweden among others.  It climbs 5-3.
  • New to the Top 5, and a first timer for Tipsy Records, is the wistful singalong “No Love In Brooklyn” by producers Frenchman Nick Peters and western New York native Frank Pierce along with fellow Yank vocalist Scott Vega, which rises 7-5.
  • The Fastest Riser belongs to Australia-based UK producer Latchmere (the moniker of Shaun Galvin), whose Lovedrunk EP is perfect for club dance floors and of course to blast from your stereo.  The classic house rhythms of “Need Your Heart” take it 15-6 on the chart.

  • If you’re going to see Terror Jr. in Toronto this Friday (October 20) at The Drake Hotel, you will see Iowa’s Kid Froopy open the show.  The Kid’s EP is now out and its namesake first single “Drive Slow” moves up 8-7.
  • Rich production by Ricky Remedy and a stunner of a vocal from Orlando’s John.k take “Gold” up the chart 13-9.
  • “You (It’s All About You)” becomes the third Top Tenner here for Carlos Nóbrega, from his album The Art Of Making Love.  And if you want gorgeous goodies like buttons or postcards, as well as other collectibles, then head over to Carlos’ store right here“You” climbs 14-10.

Movin’ On Up

  • Every time I listen to “We Won’t Leave You” by Steve Void and Syence, it’s emotional power definitely gives me the feels.  Featuring an unbilled vocal by the fantastic Clara Mae (she also sang Steve’s “Chemistry” late last year), it rises 16-11.
  • Remixes are en route for Bobby Nourmand’s “MIND” featuring D.OC. and Goodmorning with another set of highly complimentary call-back vocals and rapping to help keep spinning EDM on its head.  “MIND” rises 17-13.
  • The US/UK duo called Culpriit (above) is well on its way with its debut single “Driveway”, which moves 24-17, and right behind is the free download with spirited vocals by blackbear and MAX, “No Hands” (below) by producers It’s Different and Forever MC, climbing 25-18.
  • Miami’s Alyx Ander’s “Wake Up For The Night” is for those with wee hour vibing featuring an Ellie Goulding-ish vocal by Caroline Pennell, and moves up 27-22.
  • Atlanta duo Halogen know good voices when the hear them, witness “Can’t Resist” featuring dazzling duo Adriana Gomez and Lub from the Porch Family (lub x tpf), and jumps 28-23.  It’s also a free download for you!

4 Debuts

  • From one of my favourite albums this year so far comes “Flags” by L.A.’s Shoffy (aka Alex Shofler) featuring Yuna.  This song is available as a free download, but check out all of Shoffy’s songs from his self-titled album.  It’s full of well-produced spins on dance music, not without some big beats, but focusing on the songs and his unique vocal style.  “Flags” bows at an impressive #20.
  • Following his amazing 2017 singles “Wasted My Love” and “Out Of My Head” is L.A.’s Axel Mansoor with producer buddy Louis Vivet and your official end-of-summer song “Hit Rewind”.  As with previous singles, this one is a free download for now, but you can go and support it by picking it up on your favourite digital platform.  “Hit Rewind” arrives at #26.  Axel has yet to leave the chart since the week of April 3 which is when “Wasted My Love” premiered.

  • Another single from The Art Of Making Love makes its entrance on the chart.  This time it’s “Free” by Carlos Nóbrega featuring Spanish singer JVEL, and it debuts at #27 with its intriguing comic-book themed lyric video.

  • The last debut is by the ever-irresistible Miguel, this time paired up with Travis Scott for “Sky Walker” at #28.  Time to chillax and party down with these guys with this cool song!

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#BILLCSTop30 #519 – October 2/17

The start of Fall brings a chart that is crammed with great music particularly near the top. There’s a new #1 and four new songs to keep your head and feet particularly happy!
The Top 10  

  • Toronto’s Loud Luxury, the duo of Andrew Fedyk and Joseph De Pace, with the wonderful assist from fellow locals Nikki’s Wives, are back at the top of the chart, this time with the bass-laden “Show Me”. That’s two in a row this year following their big ‘n deep house cover of Craig David’s “Fill Me In” with another Torontonian, Ryan Shepherd. But “Show Me” has pretty fierce competition just bubbling below.
  • CVBZ’s “Be Like You”, in a Sean Turk remix (above), inches up to #2, while “Perfect” by L.A.’s Mahalo featuring singer Cat Lewis (below) is on its tail at #3. Who knows what will happen in two weeks! Sooo close!

  • At #5, why it’s Lauv with one of the best club-worthy singalongs of the year, “I Like Me Better”. Already in demand, you can catch the singer/songwriter also on DJ Snake’s new one “A Different Way”.
  • Soaring into the Top 10, up 14-7, is the Franco-American collaboration of “No Love In Brooklyn” by Nick Peters & Frank Pierce featuring Scott Vega. It has one of the catchiest choruses of the year, too!

  • The ever-recognizable voice of singer/songwriter Matthew Koma lands in the Top 10 for the 9th time since 2012 as either a solo or featured artist with the pensive ballad “Suitcase”, rising 12-9.

Movin’ On Up

  • “You (It’s All About You)” by Carlos Nóbrega’s debut album The Art Of Making Love climbs 18-14 to drive home the importance of commitment to one’s loved one. From Carlos’ other project Almageddon, also check out the latest video below for the majestic instrumental “Viva La Vida”.

  • The fastest riser on the chart is the highest debut from the last chart, a club hit in the making for “Need Your Heart”, the classic house opening song for Latchmere’s EP Lovedrunk. It rockets up the chart 23-15.
  • The warm and affectionate “We Won’t Leave You” by Steve Void and Syence continues to climb the chart with its anthemic feel-good message, rising 20-16.
  • The second collaboration by L.A.’s Bobby Nourmand with hip hop artists DOC and Goodmorning is “MIND”, and it jumps 19-17.
  • Possibly the most aggressive and wacked out song on the chart is the dubstep instrumental “Anesthetic” by San Diego’s Convulsic, continue to climb 22-18

  • You can catch a look at the 2017 edition of Sam Smith on Saturday Night Live on October 7, where he will almost certainly sing “Too Good At Goodbyes”, which rises 26-20.
  • “Would You Ever” is a pretty simple piece of songwriting that will leave you pondering if you should! And so it should, as Skrillex and partner-in-crime this time Poo Bear get remixed by MMXVAC’s own scrvp. (in a free download), taking it 27-21 on the chart.

Four Debuts

  • New duo Culpriit is a US/UK collaboration bringing us one of the most infectious songs of the year with “Driveway”, which bows at #24. If you’re trying to think of that song that the melody of the chorus may remind you of, it’s OutKast’s “Ms Jackson”.
  • There are suddenly so many great vocal collaborations surfacing in dance music, and this one deserves to be everywhere. Where else would you get verses by both blackbear and MAX? Brought to us by the team of producers It’s Different and Forever MC, “No Hands” arrives at #25, and is available above for free download… for now. It’s MAX’s fourth appearance on the chart but first as a featured vocalist – the others have all gone Top 10 including a #1 with “Wrong” (featuring Lil Uzi Vert).
  • Miami producer Alyx Ander lands his second appearance on the chart this year, this time with a top ten finisher from The Voice, the Ellie Goulding-sounding Caroline Pennell, with “Wake Up For The Night”. A perfect late night clubbing/driving song, it debuts at #27.
  • The fourth debut has another fantastic vocal teaming courtesy of Atlanta producers Halogen on “Can’t Resist”. The incredible voices are from Adriana Gomez and Florida’s Lub from the Porch Family (or lub x tpf), and “Can’t Resist” premieres at #28. Halogen remixed last year’s memorable “Born Ready” by The Disco Fries, which reached #9 on the chart. “Can’t Resist”, too, and for now, is a free download.

View the full BILLCS Top 30 right here, and be sure to click on the photos to hear all of the songs.
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“U Got That” is a deep down ‘n dirty bass club track this time from Atlanta’s @we_are_Halogen

HALOGEN, “U Got That” (free DL)

It’s a little hard to ponder after the delightful pop/dance duet-making that Halogen recently released in the form of “Can’t Resist” that the duo could turn their heads to a song so deep down ‘n dirty, but here it is, “U Got That”, which is available as a free download above.  I do enjoy hearing the other sides of what performers listen to and then record, and “U Got That” is a club bass banger that will fill your speakers.  Its low, ominous vocal is entertaining and the rhythm is impossible to resist.  Brought to you by Pinnacle Collective, “U Got That” is definitely one that DJ’s won’t want to miss!

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“Can’t Resist” by @we_are_Halogen is lyrical dance music at its best featuring @AdrianaxxGomez and @lubxtpf

HALOGEN featuring ADRIANA GOMEZ & lub x tpf, “Can’t Resist” (free DL)

It’s been awhile since we heard from Atlanta-based duo Halogen after some originals and remixes last year, most notably their take on The Disco Fries’ “Born Ready”.  After a bit of a break, Alex and Josh return with a pretty dance song that’s performed in what I call a classic duet framework by Adriana Gomez and lub x tpf (aka Lub from the Porch Family).  It’s a moving, lyrical dance song that has a lot of fine lyrics, dreamy vocals, and inspired production amid its 3+ minutes.  I’m pointing this out because you don’t hear songs performed like this in the dance/EDM world, let alone as a deep house song; they are generally collaborations or sing-and-callback vocals.  This is where the fusion of pop and dance really happens, as it did back in 70’s disco days.  I’m not sure if this is where Halogen intended to take “Can’t Resist” but listeners should pick up on the differences when they’re not dancing away.  Released through Cloud Kid’s house, you can get it as a free download at the link above for now.

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Old school becomes new school with “Tell Me” by @Nikomakesbeats and @Real_Halogen


If you’re hankering for a blast of early 90’s pop/house by the likes of Martha Wash or C+C Music Factory, then “Tell Me” by L.A.-based Niko The Kid – you’ll remember his collaboration with DATABOY, “When It Rains, It Pours” – and Atlanta duo Halogen is just for you!  The guys have lots of inspiring tricks up their sleeves to keep you entertained in its huge, spiffy mix, but you still won’t stop thinking of how well it would fit into a 90’s mix.  “Tell Me” is a real crowd-pleaser and I expect DJ’s looking to inflect 90’s house into their current mix will just love it.  Give it a listen above and be drawn into that groove 🙂

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Ready to take the summer by storm: @theDiscoFries’ “Born Ready” (featuring @HopeMurphyuk) in a @real_Halogen radio edit

THE DISCO FRIES featuring HOPE MURPHY, “Born Ready” (Halogen radio edit)

Sometimes timing is everything and it makes creating a record all the more worthwhile.  “Born Ready” by NYC duo The Disco Fries (Nick and Danny) featuring UK singer Hope Murphy and remixed by Georgia duo Halogen has been around for a while now.  But persistence pays off, and I think clubland worldwide should truly embrace this outstanding song thanks to a new major record label release!  “Born Ready” happily marries contemporary feel-good house with the zest of the early 90’s club hits, and Hope Murphy’s intense divalicious vocals rank up there with the best of ’em!  So don’t just get ready, you’re “Born Ready” to love this one whether it be in a club or on dance music radio.  Get it on iTunes.

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