“Can’t Resist” by @we_are_Halogen is lyrical dance music at its best featuring @AdrianaxxGomez and @lubxtpf

HALOGEN featuring ADRIANA GOMEZ & lub x tpf, “Can’t Resist” (free DL)

It’s been awhile since we heard from Atlanta-based duo Halogen after some originals and remixes last year, most notably their take on The Disco Fries’ “Born Ready”.  After a bit of a break, Alex and Josh return with a pretty dance song that’s performed in what I call a classic duet framework by Adriana Gomez and lub x tpf (aka Lub from the Porch Family).  It’s a moving, lyrical dance song that has a lot of fine lyrics, dreamy vocals, and inspired production amid its 3+ minutes.  I’m pointing this out because you don’t hear songs performed like this in the dance/EDM world, let alone as a deep house song; they are generally collaborations or sing-and-callback vocals.  This is where the fusion of pop and dance really happens, as it did back in 70’s disco days.  I’m not sure if this is where Halogen intended to take “Can’t Resist” but listeners should pick up on the differences when they’re not dancing away.  Released through Cloud Kid’s house, you can get it as a free download at the link above for now.

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Old school becomes new school with “Tell Me” by @Nikomakesbeats and @Real_Halogen


If you’re hankering for a blast of early 90’s pop/house by the likes of Martha Wash or C+C Music Factory, then “Tell Me” by L.A.-based Niko The Kid – you’ll remember his collaboration with DATABOY, “When It Rains, It Pours” – and Atlanta duo Halogen is just for you!  The guys have lots of inspiring tricks up their sleeves to keep you entertained in its huge, spiffy mix, but you still won’t stop thinking of how well it would fit into a 90’s mix.  “Tell Me” is a real crowd-pleaser and I expect DJ’s looking to inflect 90’s house into their current mix will just love it.  Give it a listen above and be drawn into that groove 🙂

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Ready to take the summer by storm: @theDiscoFries’ “Born Ready” (featuring @HopeMurphyuk) in a @real_Halogen radio edit

THE DISCO FRIES featuring HOPE MURPHY, “Born Ready” (Halogen radio edit)

Sometimes timing is everything and it makes creating a record all the more worthwhile.  “Born Ready” by NYC duo The Disco Fries (Nick and Danny) featuring UK singer Hope Murphy and remixed by Georgia duo Halogen has been around for a while now.  But persistence pays off, and I think clubland worldwide should truly embrace this outstanding song thanks to a new major record label release!  “Born Ready” happily marries contemporary feel-good house with the zest of the early 90’s club hits, and Hope Murphy’s intense divalicious vocals rank up there with the best of ’em!  So don’t just get ready, you’re “Born Ready” to love this one whether it be in a club or on dance music radio.  Get it on iTunes.

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