“Heaven” returns as a bigger bolder dance anthem courtesy of @Dzekomusic & @RiggiandPiros and @beingVeronica


Indeed, the 80’s #1 by Bryan Adams that originally started life as a ballad in a film called “A Night In Heaven” with Christopher Atkins and Lesley-Ann Warren has been reinvented and transformed many times, but none more successfully than DJ Sammy’s Europop version that became a worldwide smash in 2003.  As readers know, I’m particularly selective about what cover versions I enjoy.  And while some may think that 15 years may not have been long enough to welcome a new version to clubland, Toronto’s Dzeko and New Jersey’s Riggi & Piros fire it up and set it ablaze, aided by a winning vocal by another Torontonian, Veronica, who did well in Europe (and particularly Belgium with a #1) last year with “In The Mood”.  So this new version is definitely less pre-fab and more anthemic than the DJ Sammy version, from which it still draws inspiration.  And does it work?  Yep it sure does, for both clubs and radio. I’ll put money on radio stations – particularly in Canada, to support homegrown talent of Dzeko and Veronica – playing it to follow up Dzeko’s collaboration with Tiësto on “Jackie Chan”.  And I’d love to hear some remixers share their new takes on this pop classic to help broaden its appeal to receptive club DJ’s.

Watch the starlight: “Heaven” by @thisisMahalo featuring #CatLewis

MAHALO featuring CAT LEWIS, “Heaven”

Hot off the press is another club zinger from L.A.’s Mahalo called “Heaven”.  It’s got a retro-tastic late 80’s, early 90’s chill house rhythm that will make you think of clear starry nights that approach the sunrise.  Once again Mahalo has employed the versatile voice of Cat Lewis, this time providing a warm, romantic and atmospheric effect to surround the notion of one of those ideal nights when everything seems so right.  “Heaven” might seem a little unassuming initially but it’s sophisticated and rich elements will draw you in deeper.  Following up “Be My Love” and the ribald “WTFYWF”, Mahalo and Cat Lewis have another winner here.

@TwoFriendsmusic deep future pop remix of @Shaun_Frank & @KSHMRmusic’s “Heaven” feat. @iamDelaneyJane

SHAUN FRANK & KSHMR featuring DELANEY JANE, “Heaven” (Two Friends remix)

Dance music has a community where everyone pitches in to help each other out and some great collaborative efforts are made as a result.  So here we have a bunch of rising dance/EDM stars, L.A. remixers Two Friends tackling my fellow Torontonian Shaun Frank’s pairing with L.A.’s KSHMR’s “Heaven”, featuring another Toronto native Delaney Jane on vocals, one of Spinnin’ Records’ latest and greatest.  Two Friends trade in the buoyant house rhythms of the original for a pop-flavoured progressive deep future remix redolent with guitars which brings out the glorious nature of the song.  It also accentuates every positive in Delaney Jane’s stunning vocal.  This reminds me of where Zedd and Avicii were headed a few years ago.  Good things can only come of this collaboration and I expect clubs to put it on free-flowing blast.