Your end-of-summer song is here: “Reason To Believe” by Tristan Thompson @TristanTmusic

TRISTAN THOMPSON, “Reason To Believe”

Sometimes it takes five steps backwards to move two more forward and sorting out each other’s feelings to get to that happy ending to a disagreement or misunderstanding.  That’s why Tristan Thompson’s “Reason To Believe” might be your go-to end-of-summer ballad, once again written by Tylor Johnson.  I’ve written about the talented young singer from British Columbia numerous times over the last year since his R&B/pop song “Tidal Wave” got to the top of my personal chart.  Momentum continues to build for the 17 year old after some national radio success with “Burn Again” and the title song from his debut album Here For You.  There’s no reason why “Reason To Believe” shouldn’t find more believers!  The video is likely Tristan’s best visual showcase yet as it unveils a familiar story but you’re still not quite sure if it’s going to get where you would expect it to go.  It’s never too late to discover a most deserving young talent, so head over to iTunes and get “Reason To Believe” and Here For You.


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Tristan Thompson’s New Single: The Title Song from His Debut Album “Here For You” (@TristanTmusic)


As faithful readers of this blog know, I am a big fan of British Columbia singer Tristan Thompson thanks to a stellar set of songs and performances on his debut album Here For You, with his song “Tidal Wave” reaching #1 on my personal chart last year.  The title song has been culled as a third single, a logical follow up to “Burn Again” (which peaked at #10 on my chart), which received a large amount of national radio airplay in Canada.  The video, with the song now in an Alex Greggs mix, is a heart-wrenching watch as a girl comes to grips with a recent loss.  The song acts as a tender backdrop which provides a fine showcase for the 16 year old singer, who is bound to win more fans with this one.  Listen for “Here For You” on the radio stations that played “Burn Again”.  Tristan Thompson continues to grow and attract more attention with each release and recent live concert performances on the west coast.  

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Chart Bound: “Burn Again” by Tristan Thompson (@TristanTMusic)


“Burn Again” is the second official single from 16 year old British Columbia native Tristan Thompson’s debut album Here For You.  I’ve been championing Tristan’s music since the Spring through several blog posts.  While I prefer “Tidal Wave” (which got to #1 on my personal chart) and “Mistaken” over “Burn Again”, it’s a strong but inauspicious ballad that looks to be a better fit for radio play.  And it’s doing just that – Tristan’s been named as Bell Media’s future star for November, and the song is being played on over 100 radio stations across Canada including Toronto’s influential CHUM-FM.  Hot off the presses is the excellent new video which tells its story through dance, and you can see that everyone in the video is very committed to the smooth choreography.  I expect by the end of 2014 the rest of Canada will know who Tristan Thompson is, and then this fine young talent with a soulful voice will be on his way to an international breakout (New Zealand has already caught on!).  Put Tristan about halfway stylistically between Shawn Desman and Shawn Mendes 🙂 Watch the video above and be sure to pick up Here For You on iTunes.

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Hit In The Making: “Mistaken” by Tristan Thompson (@TristanTmusic)


Hot on the Canada-wide vibe caused by his debut single “Tidal Wave”, which has received national (and New Zealand!) airplay as well as TV exposure for the British Columbian singer, comes a new video for “Mistaken”, from Tristan Thompson’s album Here For You.  This time Tristan’s singing a story as the knowing voice of regret at the young age of 16, as set to an 80s inspired synth pop melody, and the song’s earworm of a chorus will have you humming “Mistaken” for days.  Plus there are some good performance scenes with a cool vehicle 🙂 The bonus with Tristan having such a great voice at his age is that all of his songs come across as convincing and mature, making his music open for a wider audience than your average teenage pop star.  If you’re in western Canada, look for Tristan as part of the TeenFest tour, and who knows maybe it will head eastward to the rest of the country.  Be sure to support this fine talent and pick up any of his songs on iTunes for 99 cents each or buy the entire Here For You album (and you can read my blog post about it here).  “Mistaken” is a fine candidate for international radio play, and could also do well in clubs with remixes.

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First Class: “Here For You”, the Debut Album by Tristan Thompson (@TristanTMusic)




Here For You is the debut album (yes that’s the CD of it above) by 16 year old British Columbia native Tristan Thompson, whose first single “Tidal Wave” has scored #1 on my latest personal chart, and is a first class effort that distances itself from the run of the mill teen pop of the day.  All of the songs were written or co-written by Tylor Johnson, and they aren’t predetermined for a particular age group, allowing Tristan to provide more classic pop kind of interpretations.  And besides “Tidal Wave”, there are at least two other golden radio-worthy songs for your attention.  

“Mistaken” is the opening song and should be the successor to “Tidal Wave” with a zinger of a hook and a really good story to boot.  Like other songs on Here For You, “Lifetime Guarantee” slows things down a bit, again a strong song perfectly suited for Tristan’s voice.  “Leaving You Behind” is another uptempo number, while other songs like “Siren” help mix up the set with variety.  Here For You is a great showcase that lets Tristan’s vocal influences show their true colours, from Michael Jackson to Backstreet Boys to Jesse McCartney.  So – it’s about as far away from Bieber and Cyrus and Gomez and others that you can get!  Truly it’s an album that will appeal to all ages.

Tristan Thompson has a bright future ahead and I think Here For You, with top notch production by Adam Tune, will have long legs to take him into next year and beyond.  

Listen to the Boomtang Mix radio edit of “Tidal Wave” below.


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Off to Hitsville: “Tidal Wave” by @TristanThompsn



I must admit I was just a tad in awe of Tristan Thompson’s soulful and natural voice when my fabulous friend James alerted me to him.  Knowing me for over 30 years, James generally sends a lot music my way that I will love 🙂 Tristan is obviously heavily influenced by Michael Jackson and with a gazillion influences permeating “Tidal Wave” that will have you recall Daryl Hall, 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys, Usher, Jesse McCartney, and many more, the song is so polished and does everything right that it seems surreal.  Even more fascinating is that Tristan is only 15, hailing from the Victoria, British Columbia area!  His album Here For You was released last week on Chatter Records and you can get it on iTunes.  This is an amazing start and you owe it to yourself to listen.  So….

Click right here to go to Tristan’s player on his website where you can hear excerpts of “Tidal Wave” and other songs from Here For You.

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