Soulful Brit @hithisisAshdown scores with “Where It Hurts”

ASHDOWN, “Where It Hurts”

If you like Nathan Sykes’ ventures away from The Wanted, then Londoner Murray Ashdown could easily be your new go-to-guy for the soulful and romantic “Where It Hurts” for Heroic.  The song has an elegant undercurrent to the slick and pointed production which makes no hesitation in creating a great mood before its brilliant chorus strikes.  Like Ed Sheeran, Ashdown’s British accent shines through too, giving the song some extra appeal.  You’ve already heard Ashdown’s voice grace songs by Dooqu, JPB, and particularly Owkey’s “Know Myself”, a grower that recently hit #15 on my personal chart.  With his vocal talent and charm, Ashdown has tremendous pop appeal so I think the dance/EDM world is lucky to have its way with him first 🙂  Check out “Where It Hurts” above and pick it up at your favourite digital store.

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“Stranded” is about to be huge for @WRLDmusic and @SMLEmusic featuring #KiddoAI

WRLD x SMLE featuring KIDDO AI, “Stranded”

So help me, everything that WRLD touches lately just glitters!  “Stranded”, the Dutchman’s collaboration with Floridians SMLE for Heroic, is big and bold and will smack upside between the ears.  The song wastes absolutely no time hooking you up with big beats that give way to quieter moments to let Kiddo AI’s pitch-perfect vocal really soak in, which in turn gives way to more huge sounds that end with a resounding high note that will make you want much more.  I think another record with WRLD, SMLE and Kiddo AI is in order.  “Stranded” has all of the right pieces in place to slide from dance music clubs and radio and onto the pop scene.  Don’t say you weren’t told!  Listen above on Spotify and pick it up on iTunes.

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