“Plans” by @iamtheElephante featuring @BrandynBurnette gets a sunny @InstantKarma remix

ELEPHANTE featuring BRANDYN BURNETTE, “Plans” (Instant Karma remix) (free DL)

I’m not one for often giving a second post to a song, but exceptions are always made, especially in the case of one of my favourites of 2016, Elephante’s “Plans” featuring Brandyn Burnette.  Those Instant Karma gals have put their sunny spin on the song, which accentuates the hopeful lyrics with some big, joyous drops.  So like Win & Woo and Kiso’s tropical take on Brandyn’s own “Made Of Dreams”, everyone comes out a winner with their “Plans” in Instant Karma’s world.  “Plans” is a classic example of why people should be open to remixes, whether they be for the Dance/EDM crowd or not.  A great song remains a great song here with a bit of something extra that you wouldn’t expect in the first place 🙂  Download it for free at the above link.  

Way more than just big beats and drops,@iamtheElephante’s debut EP is a #Dance and #EDM jewel


ELEPHANTE, I Am The Elephante (EP)

As of yesterday, if there’s any record that the Dance and EDM worlds should be paying attention to in 2016, it’s I Am The Elephante by of course L.A.-based Elephante (aka Tim Wu).  It’s the culmination of a huge amount of growth during the last year from a talented guy on the rise with a fine mix of original songs that just might send him over the top.  

The 9 songs are full of rich and layered synths (and probably more instrumentation) and production, and it rarely lets up (i.e. no downtempo!).  What I’ve discovered more about EDM over the last year is that there’s lots of room for heartfelt emotion to pour out, and Elephante embraces this, so in some ways the songs play out like theatrical pieces.  We’ve already been predisposed to “Black Ivory” (the instrumental I call his theme song), the powerful “Hold” (featuring Jessica Jarrell), “Catching On” (featuring Nevve), and of course the beautiful song which seems to be transcending 2016, “Closer” (featuring Bishøp).  And the new songs are equally diverse, alternately progressive and futuristic.

Both “Shake The Earth” (featuring Lyon Hart) and “Goliath” (featuring Jody Drake) are riveting, where big things happen and melodies win out over the aggressive backdrop.  I could picture Florence Welch singing “Shake The Earth”!  I’ve got a really soft spot for the new single “Plans” (below) which features the ever-amazing Brandyn Burnette in a romantic story that is the core of this EP, and I expect “Plans” to blow up similarly to “Closer” so watch out!  The record is rounded out with “Dynasty” (with Mila) and another track with Nevve that crushes it called “Sirens”.  There is not a mediocre song within I Am The Elephante!  When does that ever happen?

So I’m very enthused, happy, and inspired for Elephante and this debut EP, as well as for Dance and EDM.  When you need to make a huge calling card, you make a record like this.  BRAVO!  

Listen to “Plans” featuring Brandyn Burnette below.

Powerful “Hold” featuring @JessicaJarrell previews upcoming @iamtheElephante album – I Am The Elephante!


What a year this has turned out to be for L.A.-based Elephante (aka Tim Wu), capped recently by playing the Billboard Hot 100 festival!  It’s made a timely lead-in for his upcoming album I Am The Elephante! which features this third preview called “Hold”, featuring noted L.A. singer Jessica Jarrell.  A convincing, sharp vocal ignites “Hold” as one of ‘Phante’s more aggressive songs both musically and thematically.  He glues you to your seat (or the dance floor, as the case may be) with a busy and relentless mix that isn’t over-the-top.  Given that the song’s about holding on to love for dear life, you’d want to be right there hanging with them both too!  A reference point might be his recent and hard-hitting remix of Stephen’s “Crossfire”.  Nonetheless, “Hold” bodes well for the rest of the new songs on the album.  Elephante is one of the new EDM kings who are about to take over the Fall with their new records.  You can pick up “Hold” now on all digital platforms and pre-order I Am The Elephante! 🙂

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