Mixing it up with two recent duets with Florida’s @3letterznuk – “I Wonder” with NYC’s @MarcoFoster_, and a reboot of “Fool’s Gold” with @AaronCarter


AARON CARTER and 3LETTERZNUK, “Fool’s Gold” (remix)

I’m one for connecting the dots with music, and sometimes it takes me to interesting places whether in person or with the songs themselves. 

So I had got word that NYC’s rising and talented singer/songwriter Marco Foster – always on my radar – had a new song out called “I Wonder”.  It offers a sweeter-than-usual vocal by Marco that works in beautiful contrast to a fun rap by Florida’s 3letterznuk, newly signed to Sony.  Both styles come together to make the song really gel memorably. 

And in discovering this winning pairing, I found that 3letterznuk’s re-emergence on an earlier single this past summer latched on to another performer’s own re-branding  – fellow Floridian, Aaron Carter.  “Fool’s Gold” was initially released a few years ago and was included on Aaron’s first album in 16 years (and first as an adult!) called LØVË, released earlier this year.  A remix was an awfully good idea, letting 3letterznuk’s verses flow freely over the beginning of the song, allowing a segue for the lush production and a sincerely restrained and bright vocal by Aaron that has a lot of delightful breathy qualities about it too.  

Both “I Wonder” and the remix of “Fool’s Gold” happen to have 3letterznuk in common, but they’re true 2018 sleepers waiting for you to discover them.

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“I Wonder”switches it up for @TheHim with softer, melodic deep house featuring @LissAofficial

THE HIM featuring LissA, “I Wonder”

After capturing my ears in 2016 with their rollicking deep house track “Balance” (featuring Oktavian), Dutch duo The Him return with a song that’s been a long time coming called “I Wonder” featuring a poignant vocal by LissA.  Still in deep house mode, Jeroen and Steven turned a very good song around that I got to hear in an earlier unreleased version, with a richer mix that highlights the high end and LissA’s well-suited vocal.  As a result, it’s probably the perfect companion song to “Paris” by The Chainsmokers, another song that took a while before we all got to hear it.  So you’ll have to play them back-to-back to find out!  Listen to “I Wonder” on Spotify above.

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