Canadian rockers @InMyComa’s “Next Life” gets a redux and a memorable video

IN MY COMA, “Next Life” (redux)

“Next Life” is by far my favourite song from Canadian trio In My Coma’s recent album of the same name.  So I’m glad they’ve stuck with giving it a redux to accompany its new, memorable video.  The video weaves in and out of performance shots of the hard-working alt.rock trio (Jasper James, vocals and guitar; LauraDoll, bass; Mike Paterson, drums/percussion) to tell the story of a young woman fraught with remembrances of a relationship with another young woman who is recently departed.  The video works along well with the song, and hard-edged, tightly played “Next Life” (produced by Moist’s Mark Makoway) is a must-add for Canadian rock radio.

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Toronto area alt.rock quartet @InMyComa returns with uplifting video for “We Are One”

IN MY COMA, “We Are One”

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for an uplifting video which is the visual equivalent of a big, warm hug for everyone, regardless of who you may be.  “We Are One” is the latest alt.rock single from Toronto area quartet In My Coma from their recent album release Next Life.  Taking an inspired cue from Godley & Creme’s seminal 80’s video for “Cry”, the video for “We Are One” (directed by singer/songwriter/guitarist Jasper James and the band) moves through the four faces of the band – Jasper (and his reappearing and disappearing beard), bassist LauraDoll, drummer Mike, and keyboardist/vocalist Linz – amid the smiling and content faces of men, women, young, old, multi-racial and multicultural, all uniquely different but all US.  As much as their previous video for “Beautiful Mind” was noted for its humour, “We Are One” rocks out in anthemic style and definitely commands even more attention for a straight-forward take on its message in a very caring, delightful video.

You can find In My Coma playing a variety of events this summer, including at Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition on August 29 at the Bandshell as they once again open for classic Canadian rockers Moist.  

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Toronto’s @InMyComa returns as a quartet with a cool video for rocker “Beautiful Mind”

IN MY COMA, “Beautiful Mind”

Even in the music world, six years between your first two records is a long time, but when you can engage fans like Toronto-based band In My Coma did supporting their debut album Magnets & Miracles, then you turn them into keepers who stick with you for when your new music is ready.  Now at last we have the new single “Beautiful Mind”, with a more refined, polished sound that also continues to allow In My Coma to rock out like they have done in the past as they continue to acquire wider appeal for their songs.  

The original trio of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Jasper James, bassist LauraDoll, and drummer Mike Paterson was expanded not long ago to include keyboardist Linz Clark, and In My Coma has really gelled as a quartet in concert, opening for the likes of classic Canadian rockers Moist, the diverse USS, and most recently longtime rockers Nazareth.  

To make a big splash, the band has a striking video for “Beautiful Mind”, with ink-and-paper-like images of the band members performing with a series of often comical characters, including the John Oliver-inspired #JustAddZebras, in this case a dancing one.

The music of In My Coma appeals to fans of rock music transcending the 80’s new wave of Duran Duran, and 90’s grunge of Pearl Jam, to the likes of today’s Cage The Elephant.  The co-founder of Moist, Mark Makoway, has produced the band’s upcoming second album Next Life, due on October 6.  

I’m looking forward to the ongoing evolution of In My Coma – some of the finest taltned folks in the biz who are already getting early support from the likes of long-time radio host and Canadian music historian Alan Cross.  Give the video a good solid watch up top!

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The 9 Frame Way: Toronto Trio @InMyComa Gives @DepecheMode’s “I Feel You” a Workout

IN MY COMA, “I Feel You”

I’ve been fortunate enough to follow along with the rise and rise of Toronto trio In My Coma as one of Canada’s new premiere alternative rock talents.  So I was just delighted to watch their new 9 frame video take on Depeche Mode’s “I Feel You”.  For one thing, it’s an excellent cover choice, one that’s not heard much, and one that the band completely makes their own, it’s several steps away from the original.  Depeche Mode’s rendition is relentless and blisteringly noisy, and while I’ve seen In My Coma blow the doors off when it’s played loud in concert, they tone it down for the video, which also shows the band’s diverse talents.  “I Feel You” is a great teaser for what may come on the band’s sophomore album, which I expect we’ll hear sometime next year.  

In My Coma opens for Moist along with Smashing Satellites on Saturday, November 22 at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto – not to be missed!

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Rockin’ New Lyric Video: “Lined Up Locked Away” by @InMyComa


IN MY COMA, “Lined Up Locked Away”

One of Canada’s best kept secrets (which you may have read about here first!), which could soon change with the release of new songs, is southern Ontario trio In My Coma.  The band has just unleashed a fluid lyric video for one of the most rocking songs from their enduring album Magnets And Miracles, “Lined Up Locked Away”.  It’s one of their more progressive rock-meets-grunge influenced songs and is always a treat in concert.  In My Coma toured across Canada in 2013 so you can bet that more’s to come, and they’ve also added some interesting cover songs (by the likes of Depeche Mode) to their sets.  In the meantime vocalist/guitarist Jasper James, bassist LauraDoll, and drummer Mike Paterson are all hard at work on those new originals, and if you are in the western part of southern Ontario, you’re likely to find them at a festival in August near you.  Check out their website “Tour” tab and watch the lyric video for “Lined Up Locked Away” below.

New Video in Time for Hallowe’en: “Voices” by @InMyComa

IN MY COMA, “Voices”

From a trio that came to my attention almost two years ago, and who I always enjoy seeing in concert, Toronto-area rock band In My Coma give visuals to “Voices”, one of the songs that always sounds great played live, from their long-lasting debut album Magnets And Miracles.  Clips of the trio – singer/guitarist Jasper James, bassist LauraDoll, and drummer Mike Paterson – are interspersed with a gritty and somewhat creepy setting at a fair that’s as mysterious as “Twin Peaks”.  You’re going to watch it a few times for some interesting imagery.  The video is very well shot, just in time for Hallowe’en (and a handy companion to an earlier video for “Believe Me”), and makes a memorable showcase for In My Coma.  The band is currently recording songs for its followup to Magnets And Miracles.

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13 Performers To Watch for ’13

One of the most popular blog post’s I’ve written – even these past three years, it still receives many views – is 10 Performers to Watch in 2010.  I revived the format of that post for 2013, as there are too many promising performers who should not go without notice.  My criteria for this list is that the performer is releasing songs either for purchase or free download, and did not just issue one song in 2012.  The performer could be releasing a debut or sophomore album, and may already be signed to a major label.


BAIYU   exquisite vocalist to soar beyond “The Next”

I was absolutely delighted when New York singer Baiyu was set to appear as a contestant on the CW’s talent contest “The Next”.  She also released a high quality mixtape called Hunter, which contained beautiful ballads, such as the duet with American Idol contestant Paul Kim on “Make Believe” (video below), and sinewy uptempo songs such as the title song.  She didn’t win the New York auditions on “The Next” (to me the show compromised the singer’s style with what they wanted to show on TV) but received exposure to-die-for, and recorded a few other viral cover versions including Melanie Fiona’s “4 AM” and even the Jonas Brothers’ “Paranoid” to tantalize Jonas Brothers fans who got to know her through “The Next” (since Joe Jonas was a judge).  I’m not sure what Baiyu has planned for ’13, but I expect it will be well-planned and chosen, and I can’t wait.  Her gorgeous Beyoncé-like voice at times could put her easily in the big leagues.


CODY BELEW  our likeable multi-talented underdog from “The Voice”  

Nobody, but nobody, captured my attention on this past season of “The Voice” like Cody Belew.  From his initial performance of “Hard To Handle” (which caused coach Cee-Lo Green to turnaround at the last moment) through compelling renditions of “Jolene”, “Somebody To Love”, the deliberately and massively campy “Crazy In Love” (video below, because it’s just so much fun), and especially George Michael’s “One More Try”, it was easy to root for Cody, who just seized every opportunity to win over both coaches and fans alike.  The transition to nation-wide concerts will be easy, but more critical will be what he records.  All eyes and ears on Cody in ’13!


BIM   UK duo flaunts their emotions

As I predicted last September, Bim’s EP Lifelines has become one of my favourite and most consistent records of 2012, and their second album is on deck for early ’13.  I stand by my earlier statement that every song within Lifelines – particularly “Lights Out”, current single “Burn” (video below), and “Scream” – is full of intense emotion, powerful vocal interaction, and key lyrical moments that resonate long after the song is over.  Rebecca Rosier and Denmark Davis are a dream team, and I for one can’t get enough.


GENTLEMEN HALL  Boston collective’s fans are its anchor

After catching the sextet’s appearance at Canadian Music Week in March, I found their EP When We All Disappear growing on me throughout the year, and it is one of my most played records.  The multi-layered instrumentation (including glorious flute) and compelling lead vocals from Cobi Mike and Gavin Merlot made each song from the record a rich experience, especially “All Our Love”, “Blush”  (below), and “Take Me Under”.  Gentlemen Hall has a dedicated following, and quite frankly they could be contently touring every club in North America to appease their fans instead of signing their lives away to a record deal.  But I think the right deal will come along in ’13 for Gentlemen Hall that will take them to the next level for which they clearly are more than ready.


IN MY COMA  Toronto trio brings out the rocker in you

It’s been on release for more than a year now, but Magnets & Miracles, the debut album by Toronto rockers In My Coma, definitely has durability with its contemporary take on 90’s alt.rock styles through songs like “Believe Me” (video below), “Dreamers”, “Hit Them Down Kid”, and “Losing Sleep”.  Part of the reason for the appeal, which seems to be increasing month-by-month, is the band’s ability to connect with fans and pull out the rockers in them which keeps them coming back to their shows, to the point where they won a contest to open for Sum 41 in Toronto in the Fall.  Keeping this strategy in place, the next logical step is a new record of songs, always tough to do when gigs are what bring fans to the table.  Timing will be everything for In My Coma in ’13 to maintain their momentum – but with their determination they can do it!


MATTHEW KOMA  major pop voice sounds like no other

Regular readers will know that part of the last quarter of 2012 was spent with me raving about Matthew Koma, his collaboration with Zedd on Billboard’s #1 Dance Club Play chart single of the year “Spectrum”, and his diverse EP Parachute.  Matthew is Major Pop 2012, signed to Cherrytree/Interscope, and his distinct voice sounds like no other – in fact you might think on “Spectrum” and other songs that he is a teen instead of a mid-20-something.  Matthew’s finishing off his upcoming album which is a high priority for me to hear in 2013.  That he is also guy-friend to my fellow Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen is pretty sweet, too.


MATTHEW KURZ  supurb singer/songwriter has it almost in spades

Matthew Kurz has tantalized me throughout the last two years, first with his free mixtape from last year featuring the gripping and emotional “Fix Me”, and then with a series of originals and cover versions that were posted through You Tube.  Though he hasn’t released much for commercial sale or for free this year, 2012 is pointing in all of the right directions for Matthew with “Moving On” (available on iTunes), but most particularly “One Night (Damn!)” (below), and an absolutely stunning rendition of David Guetta & Sia’s “Titanium”.  While the latter wisely does not attempt to replicate Sia’s higher register, Matthew makes the song his own with its raw urgency.  While I believe he has a songwriting publishing deal, Matthew Kurz’s many talents and music should find a wider audience in ’13.


LAWSON  UK quartet on the bubble for North America

While the year started off with talented UK foursome Lawson opening in North America for The Wanted, the band was also in the process of recording its debut album for Polydor/Universal UK, Chapman Square.  So once that was done they made a retreat to their native UK to promote singles  “When She Was Mine” (video below), “Standing In The Dark”, and “Taking Over Me”, all significant hits in the UK.  Chapman Square was released… but not in North America.  But upcoming club dates over here should draw out the fans who have become familiar enough with this band that writes its own songs and plays its own instruments to divert their attention from One Direction and The Wanted.  Lawson has the goods and 2013 should be a breakout year for them.


ANDREAS MOE  can sing anything. writes his own songs too.

2012 has been a whirlwind for Swedish singer/songwriter Andreas Moe.  Dance music fans discovered him as a featured vocalist on songs by Avicii (with whom he performed in Japan!) and John De Sohn (“Long Time” is one of the biggest hits of the year in Sweden).  But Andreas wisely used these successes as a springboard for his own solo work, captured beautifully in his EP Collecting Sunlight, and especially on the title song (animated video below), “My Side Of The Bed”, and his acoustic rendition of “Long Time”.  He even posted a sparkling acoustic performance of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” right after its release.  But Andreas has one of those grounded and diverse voices that can sing anything.  I think greater things are in store for him as both a songwriter and a performer in ’13!


CARLOS NOBREGA  balancing the pop and EDM worlds and more

Like a few other performers this year, I first discovered Portugal’s Carlos Nóbrega through the essential dance compilation This Beat Is… Poptronik Volume One, where his plaintive pop song “Pitiful” was featured.  With the EDM community embracing the singer as a result of this affiliation, Carlos next released “Turn It Up” in June, and the infectious chorus of this song will lift you up and keep you on a high.  Then he collaborated with producer/DJ Sky Santos for the sultry “I Miss You”, which led in nicely to one of the best (and still somewhat undiscovered) dance party songs of the year, “Music Makes You Lose Control”, a record that reached #1 on my personal chart.  Carlos is another performer who can do it all – sing, write, act, dance, and release all of his songs independently.  The sheer quality of his releases and his determination should make heads turn when his album is released in 2013.


RIVER TIBER  engaging and unique talent not to be missed

The music of Toronto’s River Tiber has been discussed at length in these posts since the Spring, after I became acquainted with their album From Now On, from which three songs landed on my personal chart, with “Someday” at #1 for six weeks and “Symmetry” reaching #2.  Three concert performances later, and the third one, which I wrote about right here a few weeks ago, speaks for itself.  River Tiber releases its next effort Synapses on January 1, and there will be much more influence in this record by experimental electronica than in From Now On.  It is not to be missed.  Let the additional raves begin.  Watch out 2013!


STONE WALTERS  honest-to-goodness earthy UK soul

One of the first free downloads I heard to make its way up my personal chart in 2012 was “Home” by Stone Walters.  The song has lyrics rooted in values that anyone can relate to – you know the same ones that you feel at the end of “The Wizard Of Oz”.  Stone has one of those silky smooth voices that could be as easily influenced by classic Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding and Stevie Wonder, as it could by more contemporary singers like Terence Trent D’Arby or Jay Kay of Jamiroquai.  Stone also showed that his boundaries stretch beyond soul with the pop tune “World Keeps Turning” and his softened-down version of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark”.  While he had a taste of some success a few years back, his more recent songs sound more honest-to-goodness.  Stone Walters deserves another shot as he will easily find an audience that will gravitate to his style and music.


ZAC POOR  no vocal talent contest required

L.A. based singer/songwriter Zac Poor came to my attention a few years back with an initial release of his own songs such as “She’ll Be Breaking Hearts” and “Silver Screens”, which all attracted some significant buzz… and then it went quiet for a bit.  I think Zac has either a songwriting or record deal that has not yet come to fruition.  But two cover songs he released this past year will surely change that.  The first one is his take on Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper”.  It’s been oft-covered, but never this well, and it totally blows the doors off of the original with a vocal performance that is sheer perfection, and understated production by MdL.  Had it seen proper release, it could have been a hit all on its own!  Next up was an appealing version of Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House”.  All of this bodes very well for something significant to happen for Zac Poor in ’13.

Video Round’up! featuring Ian Lee, In My Coma, Shane Harper, Spencer, Daley, and Saint Motel

Ian Lee, “Je ne m’en fais pas”

While studying French many years ago, I gained an innate appreciation for French and Quebecois culture, and one thing I adore is the humour.  We already had an amusing bilingual single from Ian Lee earlier this year (“So Nice To Meet You”), and he’s back passing his worries away with “Je ne m’en fais pas” (from the EP of the same name, available on iTunes).  He’s the straight man in the video just trying to perform his song and get the girl, despite all kinds of wacky antics.  Oh and producer John Nathaniel gets in on the acting too (sorry dude your cheekbones are a dead giveaway).  Watch below.

In My Coma, “Dreamers”

Their album Magnets & Miracles came out over a year ago, but this three piece band from the Toronto area featuring singer/guitarist Jasper James, bassist LauraDoll, and drummer Mike Paterson,  has gained a lot of momentum this year, most recently opening up for Sum 41 in Toronto through a contest that they won.  “Dreamers” is the latest video which continues to show off their flare for thoughtful lyrics and progressive rock-oriented melody.  I’ll continue touting them but all you really need to do is see them in concert or listen to the album to hear them showcase their 90s-influenced brand of rock that seems to be making a comeback.   Watch “Dreamers” below.

Shane Harper, “Dancing in the Rain”

Ever since he started appearing as Spencer in the TV show “Good Luck Charlie” (which I have little choice to watch, having a 12 year old daughter), I’ve been following Shane Harper’s music as he tries to extend beyond his Disney audience.  He’s a multi-talent for sure – sings, plays music, acts, dances extremely well – and a song and video like “Dancing In The Rain” seals the deal.  It’s a great, joyous showcase for Shane to show his mass appeal and it’s just a matter of time now before he breaks out of the Disney circle.  Watch below.

Spencer, “The Quest for Pop (It’s What I Love)”

I’m writing this by actually seconding My Fizzy Pop’s review from a few weeks back.  New UK singer Spencer reminds me a whole lot vocally of American counterpart Chris Wallace, except with “The Quest For Pop” he’s dipped into relatively recent British music history.  The song is a paean to the Stock-Aitken-Waterman era of dance pop, and the highly retro approach is extremely appealing.  Lord knows what today’s youngins will make of it all, but it definitely strikes an emotional nerve in those of us who are older.  I’m quite content to have more of this, please.  Watch below.

Daley featuring Jessie J, “Remember Me”

You may recall 23 year old UK blue-eyed soul singer Daley (first name Gareth) from a few years back when he was featured on Gorillaz’s “Doncamatic”, which was a terrific Top 40 UK hit showcase for his far-ranging and unique voice that sometimes sounds like Jay Kay of Jamiroquai.  He subsequently released a mixtape grab bag called Those Who Wait, from which his song “Smoking Gun” got some attention.  He’s back and poised to make a huge splash with a debut album, and his pairing with Jessie J on “Remember Me” sparkles and keeps you listening and watching all the way through.  I loves me that British soul stuff and Daley has the punch and presence to drive it home.  Watch below.

Saint Motel, “Benny Goodman”

The L.A. quartet is back with another clever video directed by singer A/J Jackson, this time the most infectious and winning song from their album Voyeur, which I wrote about this summer after checking out the band in concert.  The video is equally compelling, with some great moves from a young dancer who is going to go places fast.  He pretty much owns the video thanks to the deliberate non-reaction of the rest of the folks in the video, though it’s enhanced when some lovely ladies get up and join him.  The song got to #15 on my chart recently and I’m hoping this video will generate some more notoriety for this talented troup.  Watch below.

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BILLCS Chart #375 and Canadian Music Week Update

My new personal chart is taking a backseat to my Canadian Music Week update.  Despite lots and lots and lots of walking as well as shifting my regular body clock a few times to accommodate some shows, I was really glad I decided to purchase a Canadian Music Week wristband this year.  I had been to shows during CMW in the past but I really had the urge to get out and see some shows, since my winter months were pretty concert-deprived.

As much as I love the dance music that takes regular residence on my chart, getting away from autotune and seeing mainly raw live performances was well worth it.  I got to meet a lot of great people which shows me that the people making music out there are still the ones I enjoy most.  There are many talented people behind the scenes, but too much of a requisite amount of a-holes.  I used to find that with performers, too, but not in recent years.

So here are my highlights – if you follow me on Twitter, you pretty much realized that I needed to be cloned 😉

THE TEMPER TRAP:  The Aussie quintet is back with its self-titled follow up to Conditions due this Spring.  The group provided an entertaining mix of savvy pop, rock and dance music, capped with its big hit “Sweet Disposition”.  The new songs sound very gripping and I can’t wait to hear them.  Dougy Mandagi is an engaging front man.  Check out the video for new single “Need Your Love” below.

MARTHA WAINWRIGHT:  It was way too long since I last saw Martha open up for her brother Rufus in one of his shows about 7 or 8 years ago.  I saw an in-store 20 minute acoustic set, and she was very inspiring and in fantastic voice.  Another upcoming album that will be well worth the wait.

AERIALS UP:  The first of my pop collectives, as I blogged about last week, the 7 piece Scottish unit led by Alan Kemlo offered up one of the very best shows I saw with a perfect balance of instrumentation.  The band was totally wrapped up and in the moment on stage, and the songs from their upcoming album due in April sounded fabulous.  Despite an effort to see them a second time that was screwed up from wrong information I received from the venue, I will look forward when Aerials Up return to Toronto.  I think they made a whole lot of fans here.

GENTLEMEN HALL:  Despite mediocre and sometimes distorted sound, the 6 piece Boston rock band led by Gavin Merlot and Cobi Mike who were my second pop collective stirred up a tempest on stage.  With synthesizers prominently in the mix, the band did not hesitate to add heavy guitars or some lovely melodies for a diverse set.  I got new appreciation for their song “Gravity Will Break Our Bones”.

IN MY COMA:  Though I didn’t get to see their CMW show, I did catch a set by the three piece Toronto band led by Jasper James that I wrote about recently a few days before CMW.  The band is tight with a rich contemporary take on post-grunge rock that is presented in their finely crafted CD package Magnets And Miracles.

BIG SCARY:  Big Scary is a duo from Australia comprising Tom Iansek and Jo Syme.  Lest you think that a the market for a two piece band with a female drummer comprised The (now defunct) White Stripes and Matt & Kim, we’ll you’re wrong.  Big Scary indeed does have a big rock sound (guitar/keyboards/drums) that takes inspiration from post 80’s new wave.  There seems to be lots of room for anything in their mix so I’ll look forward to hearing songs from their recent album Vacation.

THE SLAKADELIQS:  I’ve written about this Toronto outfit led by Slakah the Beatchild twice now, and was fortunate to catch their premiere public show.  Despite being sabotaged by poor sound, the band invited guest vocalists up on stage, to give their show a real community vibe.  This in turn was enhanced with their guitar players alternating with some fantastic dual cello work!  Best of all at the end came Justin Nozuka, who lifted the set into an entirely different game with his vocals for “Keep Breathing” and “Love Controls The Sun”.

RIVER TIBER:  It was very cool for me to actually meet Tommy Paxton-Beesley at The Slakadeliqs show, before I saw his band play their own set in a well-attended graveyard shift (3:00 a.m.) the next night.  River Tiber delivered the goods in performance especially on “Someday”, “These Are Centuries”, and a well-chosen rendition of The Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun”.  As I wrote a few weeks back, River Tiber’s From Now On is one of the few Must Hear records of 2012 thus far.

With that having been said, let’s move into chart mode 🙂

I could not leave Eric Saade stranded at #2 with “Backseat” after 10 weeks.  The last song I remember in a similar situation was “Crush (1980 Me)” by Darren Hayes, which got one appearance at #1 in 2002, but became one of my 10 favourite songs of the last decade!  I love the rock flavour and sexual undertones in “Backseat”.  If you haven’t heard it yet, listen below.  His other song on the rise on the chart, “Fingerprints”, slides up to #3 too.

Then back we go to Tommy Paxton-Beesley and River Tiber.  “Someday” is currently taking over my iTouch and it climbs 11-2 to challenge for #1 in two weeks.  Not only that, but another River Tiber song “Symmetry” will grab you when you’re not looking.  It debuts at #12.

The rest of the Top 10 shapes up with single point gains with songs by Graffiti6, JMSN, and Joe Jonas.  M83 enters at #10 with “Midnight City”, but it’s The Wanted that unexpectedly storm the Top 10 with “Glad You Came” at #9.  Oh, and boy bands are NOT back.  They never went away.

As the release of his Promising Promises album arrives in May, the stirring duo of Jon McLaughlin with Sara Bareilles on “Summer Is Over” inches towards the Top 10 at #11.  On a different bent, Colin Munroe’s inspiring “The Fight Of My Life” draws me in listen after listen and moves up to #13.  Last week’s other debuts all fare well.  The Knocks’ take on “Midnight City” rises to #19; “Could It Be Magic” is transformed by Elouise and climbs to #20; “Happiness” by the ever-talented Sam Sparro jumps to #22 (video is below); Kaya and Pierre Lewis  take “When I Was Blind” to #23; and “Call It What You Want” is at #24 for Foster The People.

It’s been almost 5 years since Tyler Hilton appeared in my chart with “You’ll Ask For Me”, but in the interim he’s been busy performing both on stage and on camera in film and on TV (“One Tree Hill”).  It’s hard to believe that Forget The Storm will only be his sophomore full album release, his first being 2004’s The Tracks Of Tyler Hilton.  But if the pensive and laid back “Prince Of Nothing Charming” (debuting at #26 – his 7th entry on my chart though!) proves anything it’s that Tyler Hilton is on his way to continuing to please his many fans and expand worldwide.  Watch for the release of Forget The Storm on April 3.

You can view the full chart using the link under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** to the right, or you can click right hereYou can hear all of the songs on the chart or watch their videos by clicking on the pics on the chart page.

Buh-Bye Winter Blahs with new music from In My Coma, Keane, Alex York, Baiyu, Low Level Flight, and Andy Grammer

The sounds of the post-grunge mid-90s appear to be getting a second lease on life, if music from In My Coma’s new album Magnets & Miracles is any indication.  The tight and melodic three piece band out of Toronto, consisting of powerful lead vocalist and guitarist Jasper James, bassist/vocalist Laura Doll, and drummer Mike Paterson, brings that sound up to date, fuses it with other 80s and 90s influences ranging from The Smiths to Tool, and marries it all with interesting and original lyrics.  Best songs within are the radio-worthy “Believe Me” (check out the imaginative video below), the R.E.M. meets I Mother Earth stylings of “Losing Sleep”, “Hit Them Down Kid”, and “Lined Up Locked Away”.

With other noteworthy supporters like new music guru Alan Cross touting their talents, it’s no wonder that In My Coma has the professionalism to get themselves gigs in Toronto no less than three times this week.  It’s refreshing to hear some rocking domestic ear candy like In My Coma.  Get Magnets & Miracles on iTunes and listen to it below streaming on Soundcloud.  Check out In My Coma on Sunday March 18 at The Rivoli, Wednesday March 21 at The Ballroom as part of Independent Music Night 2012, and Thursday March 22 at The Painted Lady as part of Canadian Music Week.

Keane “Silenced By The Night”

After three terrific albums, I felt that British quartet Keane had a bit of a boring sidestep two years ago with the EP Night Train, which stylistically seemed all over the map.  They’ve returned to true pop form on “Silenced By The Night”, which is from the upcoming Strangeland album due in May.  It’s classic Keane, right on par with the songs from their first two records, with a beautiful melody and compelling lyrics.  The band is as tight and tidy as ever with an especially strong return-to-form for singer Tom Chaplin.  Look for this and hopefully other songs from Strangeland to help dominate your playlist for the rest of the year.

Alex York, “Tokyo Heartbreak” and “Change”

New York singer Alex York has done something just a little out of the ordinary – he’s found an audience in the Japanese language pop market.  He’s released his debut independent album Tokyo Heartbreak along with the infectious singalong title pop song for the English language crowd.  But with donations going to the Japan disaster relief fund, he’s also released a digital single and video for “Change”, which is primarily sung in Japanese.  Alex is obviously a diverse talent and crowd pleaser who has already acquired a significant online following.  Check out “Tokyo Heartbreak” and “Change” below, and purchase the songs and the album on iTunes.

Baiyu, “Take A Number”

Baiyu is another singer from New York who is also involved in Japan’s disaster relief by donating all of the proceeds from her EP Fan Fair to that fund.  I introduced you to this burgeoning talent last August with her feel-good video for “Together”, and then again in November as a featured singer on Tana’s “Live In The Past”.  Her latest video for “Take A Number” is full of eye-catching appeal that puts Baiyu on the bubble with her Beyoncé-meets-Keri Hilson influences with a twist.    Download Fan Fair right here  (it’s a torrent) and watch the video for “Take A Number” below.

Low Level Flight, “Brooklyn Radio”

After debuting with their edgy rock album Urgency in 2008 and a compelling presence in concert, Kingston’s Low Level Flight returns with sophomore effort Through These Walls and the single “Brooklyn Radio”.  The song finds season one Canadian Idol winner Ryan Malcolm and band in pensive form with a softer guitar-led song and a video with an interesting storyline.  Low Level Flight creates their brand of pop/rock seamlessly which puts them comfortably alongside fellow Canadians Hedley (featuring fellow Canadian Idol alumnus Jacob Hoggard – who finished third in season two) and Marianas Trench.

Andy Grammer, “We Found Love”

With cheery, upbeat singles finding fans such as “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine By Me”, Andy Grammer has decided to channel his stage presence into audio form with the release of his EP Live From L.A.  With all of the viral videos covering songs like Rihanna’s “We Found Love”, it’s admirable for Andy to tackle it and still be able to give his own feel to the song, which translates absolutely beautifully through the clip below.  Andy’s been touring actively with the likes of Ryan Star so you might find him on your town’s doorstep sometime soon.

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