New Video: @brightlightx2 with “In Your Care”


Over the last month or so, nary a week seems to go by without me writing something about Bright Light Bright Light.  So the EP In Your Care saw release yesterday on iTunes everywhere, and you all should go and snatch it up immediately!  Another of the beautiful songs within has already been previewed a while back, and now there’s the accompanying video to the title song.  “In Your Care” is a poignant, softer song from Rod Thomas about knowing what you have to do that may take you away from the people you love, and what’s left behind is waiting for you and being nurtured.  It’s funny I thought the song had a bit of a double meaning upon first listens but the video gives a loving, straight-forward interpretation, with Rod singing with that New York City (*sigh*) backdrop where I saw him in concert last month.  The In Your Care EP is one of the year’s best delights!

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New Video: “An Open Heart” by @BrightLightx2

BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT, “An Open Heart” (video)

I’m always pleased to write about new Bright Light Bright Light, and I’ve already written about this song, which will be on “In Your Care”, the upcoming EP by BLx2 (Rod Thomas).  But Rod has taken to release a video ahead of the EP as well.  It’s a simple affair, with Rod alone in a bright but barren room, which is in complete contrast to the upbeat melody but on point in terms of the sad lyrics that form part of the song.  Like with many of BLx2 songs, Rod wants you to think about your emotions and then do something about them.  As I mentioned a month ago, this could be one of my very favourites of 2013 (and it sounded oh so great in concert in NYC a few weeks back too).

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Feed Those EDM Emotions: “An Open Heart” by @BrightLightx2



I’m so very pleased to say that he’s done it again, and it’s not of the oops! kind.  Welsh-born London-based Rod Thomas, as Bright Light Bright Light, has many more masterstrokes of words and melody to unleash from his head, so it’s time to tear up a bit while you’re dancing to “An Open Heart”.  But as sad as some of Rod’s songs may be, they often include many happy or joyous moments, which make you feel reassured that everything is all right again at the end.  Co-written with Ian Masterton, “An Open Heart” reminds me most at times of my favourite BLx2 song “Love Part II” with its focus on gorgeous upper scale synth notes that end up embedded in your head after a mere listen.  “An Open Heart” is from BLx2’s forthcoming EP of new songs In Your Care, due in November.  Rod is back in New York City in October, including a full band show at Joe’s Pub on October 25.  Take in FrankMusik’s show the night before you lucky NYCers (I’m thinking of you Jamie Sward!) and your end of the week might never be the same!  Dare I say that this could be one of the best songs of 2013 this early on? 🙂

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