“Inside Out” is more new must-hear pop from @thisisMokita

MOKITA, “Inside Out”

Can Nashville’s Mokita do any wrong with his slew of singles since the start of the year?  Right now, I simply cannot get enough of his songs! Following “London”, “Kiss And Tell” (currently #9 on my personal chart), and the brief taste of “Til I Don’t”, is another thoughtful release in “Inside Out”.  This one goes straight for the same songwriting camp as fans of Lauv might enjoy.  It’s a reflective song about the frustrations of self-doubt when you’re in a relationship and someone could find out how you truly feel.  It’s mainly an acoustic pop adventure where the production emerges at the bridge but does not intrude, and instead reinforces the strong emotions of the song.  With a few more winners like “Inside Out”, Mokita will have enough songs for an incredible album or EP release.  They all need to be packaged together and heard consecutively.  Listen to “Inside Out”, as well as the others I’ve mentioned, and find out why.

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French duo @KLYMVX put a unique stamp on @TheChainsmokers’ “Inside Out” (featuring @Charleenotes)

THE CHAINSMOKERS featuring CHARLEE, “Inside Out” (KLYMVX remix)

Rarely do I write about the same song twice.  I never actually got to write about the original, and then shortly after release the excellent, inventive Not Your Dope x Spirix remix came along.  A little while later, and French duo KLYMVX has put their unique stamp all over their official remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Inside Out”.  While I’m waiting for this to become the official follow up hit to “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses”, the KLYMVX remix of “Inside Out” is full of subtleties which you won’t find in other remixes.  This one goes up and down a bit, alternately with busy effects and classical-inspired moments, but from one extreme to another this remix sustains itself by being totally captivating.  The last 40 seconds or so are worthy of applause.  Download it for free at the link above.

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