SoCal’s Inspired & The Sleep @insprdandtheslp is back with positive grooves of “Stay”


SoCal indie duo Inspired And The Sleep (aka singer/songwriter/producer Max and multi-instrumentalist Bryce) get their groove on this time with “Stay”.  And why not – it’s about being deep in the throes of love, so there are nothing but positive vibes here.  Max’s gentle and knowing vocal sets the stage while the groove generates an easy going but funky rhythm to make it all work well.  Picture a late night drive down PCH as the warm winds blow from the deserted beaches while you’re with your special someone.  “Stay” is the ideal soundtrack for those kinds of moments.

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San Diego’s @InsprdandtheSlp creates a timeless melody with honest lyrics in “First Time”


“First Time” is an honest slice of danceable alt.rock from San Diego duo Max and Bryce, aka Inspired And The Sleep, who have already made their name through performances in Southern California.  Max is the singer/songwriter/producer while Bryce is the multi-instrumentalist, who together craft a nuanced, fluid sound that draws from inspiration from music as diverse as Jeff Buckley and Patrick Watson as well as more contemporary rhythmic soul like Daniel Caesar.  And those are all great signs of promise for the duo.  “First Time”, at times, reminds me of 90’s songs by Third Eye Blind (such as “Never Let You Go”), who were always fine tunesmiths developing timeless melodies.  And if anything’s going to stick in your head to get you humming about “First Time” it’s the melodic structure.  Add Inspired And The Sleep’s “First Time” to your Melodic Indies playlist using the Spotify link above.

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