L.A.’s @Shuhandz releases classical-tinged electronic dance instrumental “Deliverance” as remixed by @sirJosephThrash

SHUHANDZ, “Deliverance” (Joseph Thrash remix)

Although he’s been making music for the better part of the last decade, you may have only encountered the music of Shuhandz recently, as it was for me with last year’s “Sweet Spot” with Mahalo.  The L.A. producer definitely has a flair for the chill side of electronic dance music as would be evidenced by the original version of “Deliverance”. The recent remix by Joseph Thrash is less deliberately paced and much more fluid, kind of like a rhythmic and cinematic travelogue, which you can hear in music of similar producers like Tez Cadey and Cloudchord.  I really appreciate the classical-oriented piano in “Deliverance” which really stands out and brightens the mix. This is hardly background music – there’s lots here to tweak your ears.

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Sweden’s @DimitriVangelis and @Wymanofficial go big and majestic with Toronto’s @Dzekoofficial in “The King”


“The King” is definitely an intriguing instrumental release that will go a long way at festivals.  Swedish duo Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman truly go big and majestic with this one in partnership with my fellow Torontonian, the Juno Award-nominated Dzeko (whose set I got to see back in March in Miami).  “The King” could easily be a set opener, with its sweeping start which leads into a minute and a half of solid A+ trance… and then it comes to a halt, taking its well-paced time to build up again after 40 seconds or so.  If this wasn’t done so right, the audience could easily bail on the song, but one could visualize some kind of royal making his or her pointed and quiet walk, only to raise his/her hands to let the proceedings recommence.  And so, let the crowd go wild for the rest of the song’s 3:29.  “The King” is one unique song for the electronic dance music world so be prepared to hear it all summer and into the winter festival months.

Listen to atmospheric “Off To Get Lost” by French duo @Kultursound

KULTUR, “Off To Get Lost”

“Off To Get Lost” is an ideal song to end off an evening of clubbing, where you might head off into the night, with or without others, to wander among the darkness and light, and gear up for that 24 hour diner breakfast that awaits.  I can’t say that French duo Kultur (more members of the Slow Hours collective) really offer anything new here, taking a lot of cues from progressive electronic and ambient music that might go back to the early 80’s.  But “Off To Get Lost” is a very well produced instrumental indeed with trippy vocal effects and melody that will draw out some positive and emotional reactions.  Check out “Off To Get Lost” at the link above.

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L.A.’s @djTeffler has a potential floor-filler with future bass of “The Spectre”

TEFFLER, “The Spectre”

“The Spectre” is an easy add into the mix for club DJ’s looking for a daunting future bass instrumental to rev up a set.  It’s brought to you by L.A.’s Teffler, who most recently offered up a piano-driven slice of classic house with pop potential called “Never Let You Go”.  “The Spectre” definitely deserves to be revisited at Hallowe’en for the party circuit at that time.  While you’ll wait for that key drop, it doesn’t get too down and dirty, and has a sly underlying 90’s flavour recalling German Eurodisco of the day.  I think some remixes would be beneficial to add to the mystery of the song.  Add it to your playlist of dark electro-dance instrumentals at the Spotify link above.

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“Spook” marks a trippy, melodic turn for the masked @Meatportmusic with @DJDeniZer


MEATPORT & DENIZER, “Spook” (free DL)

If you like your meat à la crunchy, spicy bass house with strong melody for dessert, then the seasonal instrumental “Spook” by US masked producer Meatport and Austria’s DeniZer is just for you courtesy of Diverge Records!  Combine a James Bondian framework with a trippy-trappy coating where all of the tender pieces and juicy drops fall and jump out at you at the right times.  Then add a sweet dose of synth melody throughout, and “Spook” could be your meat (ear) candy for October and beyond.  Following up this past summer’s goofy but hard-hitting “The Troll” and “Noobs”, Meatport and DeniZer have taken a few more steps ahead by creating something equally as fun for the season but their credibility is not to be underestimated.  Become the latest member of the #MeatFam by downloading “Spook” for free at the link below.

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“Hi” on a happy vibe, courtesy of @SpkeroftheHouse


He had a great year in 2016 opening for The Chainsmokers as well as remixing for them, as well as for Elephante and Marshmello, and then releasing his own top notch originals like “Awake, Asleep” and “Wide Awake”, so L.A.-based Speaker Of The House (Dylan Orvell) continues with new originals with the progressive-influenced instrumental amusingly titled “Hi”.  Quite different from his other songs, this one takes ear-catching simplicity like we heard with Hellberg’s “All The Way” and makes it bright and joyous-sounding, with unobtrusive vocal samples, which is sure to put a smile on your face.  I really enjoy how the melody progresses and the song structure unfolds, which keeps you interested with its 4 minute plus length.  Give it a good solid listen at the link above and sway away!

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Check out creative, progressive “Warped Tides” by Boston’s @CRVE_U

CRVE U, “Warped Tides” (free DL)

“Warped Tides” is a new progressive instrumental EDM track by relative newcomer, Boston’s CRVE U (aka producer/remixer Jared Rapoza) brought to us via Lowly Palace.  It’s a layered, sometimes chilled-out track that takes its time to build, and could sound great in an early evening set to draw folks out on to the dance floor.  It more than sustains its four minute length by coming on full throttle in the last minute when it’s so critical to hold people’s attention, after a middle part that might be a little repetitive.  But stick with “Warped Tides” throughout – it’s one of those songs that you’ll want to hear multiple times before it sinks in.  CRVE U is off to a fine start with this original and you can download it for free at the above link.

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Another journey into sound: “Bon Voyage” by @Droeloemusic

DROELOE, “Bon Voyage”

Dutch production duo Droeloe are definitely out to let you hear the many reasons why they might be considered one of the most diverse and adventurous EDM acts on the bubble.  From a futuristic remix of Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore” through to the sonic delight of a strange instrumental that is “Shibuya”, we arrive at “Bon Voyage”, essentially another instrumental that at first doesn’t really seem to know where it begins.  However it more than makes up for a humble start by adding in some memorable voice clips and showing off the same sense for varied melody that we heard in “Shibuya”, with many similar percussive rhythms and Asian influences.  So we’ll be happy to take that trip around the world in an air balloon – with key stops at EDM venues 😛 – with Droeloe playing the soundtrack 🙂

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Slay your own dragon: “Balmung” by @Alexandrius_ and @DJMirkoB


“Balmung” is the stuff of Nordic legends, a sword used to kill a dragon.  So if you’re going to use imagery like this to be the face of your EDM instrumental, it had better be over-the-top.  And “Balmung” by Italian producers/DJs Alexandrius and DJ Mirko B is just that, it is out to slay you and make you react instantly on the dance floor.  It’s fist-pumping, floor stomping, battlefield-dirty electronica that can only be borne out of Europe.  It simply does not let up, a real crowd-pleaser among many solid instrumentals that have arrived in 2016.  While you can only preview “Balmung” at the link above, it’s well worth the trip to Beatport or your favourite digital store to pick it up.

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“The 90’s” is brought to you by @AeroChord with a twist – or ten

AERO CHORD, “The 90’s”

Greek producer/remixer/DJ Aero Chord returns with something unexpected and totally on point instrumental called “The 90’s”.  He takes several futuristic twists and somehow marries it to some melodies that will definitely make you recall the last decade of the last century, and the one that keeps popping into my head is “Nightmare” by Brainbug, which was all over clubs in the last part of that decade.  So be prepared to slide back and forthfrom slick ’16 rhythms to retro techno and europop.  “The 90’s” is worth the trip back in time through your stereo speakers.  Listen at the link above.

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