Feel Good Pop & Electronica: Vincent Did It aka Frankmusik, Herve, Scissor Sisters, Cascada,Theophilus London, and more…

With my recent Canadian Music Week and other rock ‘n roll distractions lately, you may have thought that electronica/dance was taking a backseat with me – with that having been said I think Eric Saade would think otherwise since his rocking electronic song of the same name is up top of my chart.  So the next few weeks will turn primarily back to one of my favourite genres, especially with the upcoming release of what will be the electronica soundtrack of the summer, This Beat Is Poptronik Volume 1 – more on that next week!  So on to catching up with some songs I’ve been listening to for the last while…

Vincent Did It, The SOPA Opera EP

Frankmusik, aka Vincent Frank, or recently Vincent Did It, constantly delivers great music to us.  Throughout the past few months, he’s shared the songs “Dynamo”, “Somebody”, “So You’re Alive”, and “Notice Me” with us in various renditions and formats to start off his new era in music.  But it looks like the plan was always to share the songs as a complete package, hence we now have The SOPA Opera EP, which Vince has made available for free download for us on his revamped FreeFrankmusik site.  These are the sort of songs that major record labels should be killing themselves over:  Engaging, creative, playful, and positive dance/electronica with all kinds of variations, including a rap by Jay White in “Somebody” and Vince’s gal Quigley carrying most of the gorgeous vocals in “Notice Me”.  Plus there are remixes of “Dynamo” and “So You’re Alive” by the likes of Digiraatii, Leisure Council, and Hervé (which is just as enjoyable as Vince’s own mixes).  Get it while you can!!

Hervé “Better Than A BMX”

Speaking of Hervé, aka British producer Joshua Harvey, his own release of Pick Me Up Sort Me Out Calm Me Down is due in May, and to precede that album have a listen to “Better Than A BMX” below.  You’ll find a similarly effects-laden and uplifting feel to the songs of Frankmusik here – and isn’t it so appropriate that the guest vocalist on the song is none other than one Vincent Frank.  Sounds like an engine getting ready to revvvvv….

Scissor Sisters “Only The Horses”

Finally!  After the misfire that was “Shady Love” earlier this year, Scissor Sisters have returned to supurb form with their upcoming single “Only The Horses”, from their album Magic Hour due later this year.  It was a darned shame that engaging songs from 2010’s Night Work kind of came and went, but if the rest of the songs from Magic Hour are anything like “Only The Horses”, it will be an album that resonates throughout the rest of the year.  “Only The Horses” is specifically designed to fill the dance floor but will probably translate to pop radio play as well.  Jake Shears has never sounded so good.  This may be the group’s best single to date, it’s so very refreshing.  Listen below.

Cascada “Summer Of Love”

Lest I be the one who thought he’d be writing about the German trio whose massive pop/dance hits of “Everytime We Touch” (2007) and “Evacuate The Dancefloor” (2009) quickly bored me.  But “Summer Of Love” is just one of those irresistible confections that draws you in whether or not you know who the performer is.  “Summer Of Love” is a joyous and anthemic pleasure.  Listen below and purchase it on iTunes if it’s available to you (the song is not available in Canada yet).

Theophilus London “Lightning” (Jeffrey Jerusalem remix)

Brooklyn rapper Theophilus London proves once again why his diverse music finds an audience everywhere with a sly Jeffrey Jerusalem remix of “Lightning”, originally from last year’s album Timez Are Weird These Days.  Rarely does R&B/rap sound so comfortable in an electronic setting, and the mid-90s vibe that Jerusalem pulls (I hear sound effects from Chemical Brothers’ “Setting Sun” in there) will fill the bill for a late night club crunch.  Listen and download it for free at the link below.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs “Tapes & Money”

I wrote about T.E.E.D. last Fall, when I introduced you to their free download of the sublime “Dream On”.  The duo continues to build its reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the electronica world with “Tapes & Money”, which dances to its own trippy club tune to make a difference to your ears and feet when enjoying your nightlife.  Think of T.E.E.D. as the disembodied offspring of 80s electro outfits like Yazoo and Blancmange.  I wanna say there’s a sample within – a cover of The Trammps’ “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”?  Listen below.

And if you think you’ve heard all that the boy band world of pop will offer us in 2012 in the forms of One Direction and The Wanted, well be sure to hold that thought, for there will be much, much more.

Lawson “When She Was Mine”

The four British lads of Lawson are going to make you think twice with their equally tight hit-bound melodic pop/rock of “When She Was Mine”, from their forthcoming album.  These guys have the goods as I previously wrote about last year when they did a most pleasant and striking acoustic version of Lady GaGa’s “Marry The Night”.  And unlike other boy bands, Lawson up the ante by not being a strictly vocal band.  While the official single release isn’t due till end of May, you can listen to the song below.

It Boys! featuring Jeffree Star and Lacey Schwimmer, “Burnin’ Up”

Just looking at the featured performers made me want to listen to this song.  But before I get to that, I’ll introduce you to It Boys!, a five piece band from L.A. consisting of Matt, Tommy, Jeff, Judah, and Duck (he’s the drummer).  The band jumps a few steps to the left of the boy band scene that is more reminiscent of the Fall Out Boy/Panic At The Disco rivalry of a few years back.  Nonetheless they’ve toured recently with the likes of Breathe Carolina and released “Guys Don’t Like Me” for free (which you can get from their website).  But the highly entertaining video for “Burnin’ Up” has captivated me 🙂 if not so much the song itself.  It’s well-directed, contains great “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” kind of effects, features some sultry verses from Dancing With The Stars/So You Think You Can Dance fave Lacey Schwimmer, and a most well-placed interlude from on-the-bubble celeb Jeffree Star.  Watch below – and be sure to stay for the ending!  It Boys! look to have enough of the goods to make heads turn.  You can get this on iTunes.