Hip hop inflected European deep house will have you grooving to “Multiply” by #IDEO featuring @JPaulished

IDEO featuring JPAULISHED, “Multiply”

“Multiply” is one of the more intriguing songs to kick off 2018 that caught me off guard listening to it repeatedly over the holidays.  It brings Italian producer/DJ Ideo together with American hip hop vocalist JPaulished for a hot one-of-a-kind dose of fun that will both engage club DJ’s and listeners.  Although the song is 5 minutes long, Ideo switches it up so much that you want to know what will keep coming next.  JPaulished’s gritty vocals don’t start to appear until about halfway, which is an interesting production angle, but it really makes the song come alive when other songs would be ending.  Club DJ’s can pick or choose what parts of the song to mix into a set, they will all work.  “Multiply” is a surprise that totally slams hard with lots of bounce, from our friends at Balmung Digital Recordings, and you can check it out at the link above.

Eurohouse flair shines through in “Moves” by #BigFish featuring @MikeGomesmusic

BIG FISH featuring MIKE GOMES, “Moves”

If you like your tropical house with add Euro flair, then you will particularly enjoy “Moves” by Italy’s Big Fish for Tipsy Recordings.  Though the artist is new, the song does a great job of selling itself with its totally engaging melody and slick production.  It also has this vibrant vocal by Mike Gomes of American duo Xuitcasecity – not an entirely unexpected place for Mike to show up, as you’ll remember Xuitcasecity’s memorable presence last year on “Runaway” by Spirix.  “Moves” is an easy add for club DJ’s who want to encourage their audience to strut their stuff rather than simply watch the DJ at work.  Check it out at the link above.

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Booty luv gets its due in “Crazy” by @EneaMarchesini_ featuring Robin Marchetti @Robinfortyseven


Not to be confused with any of the numerous other songs of the same title, “Crazy” is a fun ode to a lover’s boo-tay and wanting to get romantic under the sheets, courtesy of producer Enea Marchesini and fellow Italian singer Robin Marchetti for Balmung Digital Recordings.  As slight and silly as it may be, “Crazy” totally works thanks to Robin’s lust-struck vocal which is separated by a most welcome and not too dirty deep house drop that makes the record bounce and more than just a novelty.  “Crazy” is just for you wild ones who like enjoy letting loose on the dance floor.  Be pleasantly surprised as you listen to “Crazy” at the link above.

Big, fun beats from @WhiteLowreal & @DJMirkoB with “Break It Down”

WHITELOW & DJ MIRKO B, “Break It Down”

“Break It Down” is one of those songs where you just need to clear your mind, and let your body flow with the music to have some fun.  It’s deep house Italian-style courtesy of the collaboration of duo WhiteLow and DJ Mirko B through Balmung Recordings.  The song has this comical kind of rhythm in its chorus which starts the song that would allow it to be set well against clips of black and white silent comedy slapstick.  But there’s a big slamming build up midway that is also perfect as a soundtrack to sports events.  The song doesn’t quite sustain over 3 minutes but is definitely a blast while it lasts.  Check it out at the Spotify link above.

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Brisk house-flavoured pop by Italy’s @SAmusiceurope featuring @AvaKingmusic with “‘Bout A Thing”

SA featuring AVA KING, “‘Bout A Thing” (free DL)

“‘Bout A Thing” is the kind of brisk, happy song that will keep the good times of summer extended into the fall months.  It’s brought to you by a relative newcomer from Italy named SA featuring L.A. vocalist Ava King, but it’s not at all what you’d expect when you think of dance music from that country.  SA definitely likes his mix to sparkle with tingly synth and percussion sounds up front but never hiding the house rhythm, while Ava’s vocal acrobatics flow along beautifully with the melody like they were made for one another.  Definitely playlist-worthy, “‘Bout A Thing” is a great start for SA with its global-friendly sound and it’s available as a free download from the link above.

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Livin’ Large: “This Is Bounce” by Italy’s @WhiteLowreal

WHITELOW, “This Is Bounce”

“This Is Bounce” is the kind of song that will dominate a DJ set and take no prisoners.  Wait what was that we just heard?  Forgot about it already? All you remember is “This Is Bounce”? 😛  Bologna, Italy production duo WhiteLow (Enrico and Stefano) take their cues perhaps from songs like DVBBS and MOTi’s’ “This Is Dirty” or Dimitri Vegas/Martin Garrix/Like Mike’s “Tremor” as well as the Melbourne Bounce style and effortlessly create a song that will sweep under your feet and make you ride a fast, crazy wave till it’s over.  I recently wrote about Garmiani’s intense remix of Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s “Dream Bigger” and “This Is Bounce” is a great companion to that remix.  It’s the first release for new label Balmung Digital Recordings, off to a fantastic start with a real zinger!  Just Bounce 🙂  

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Slay your own dragon: “Balmung” by @Alexandrius_ and @DJMirkoB


“Balmung” is the stuff of Nordic legends, a sword used to kill a dragon.  So if you’re going to use imagery like this to be the face of your EDM instrumental, it had better be over-the-top.  And “Balmung” by Italian producers/DJs Alexandrius and DJ Mirko B is just that, it is out to slay you and make you react instantly on the dance floor.  It’s fist-pumping, floor stomping, battlefield-dirty electronica that can only be borne out of Europe.  It simply does not let up, a real crowd-pleaser among many solid instrumentals that have arrived in 2016.  While you can only preview “Balmung” at the link above, it’s well worth the trip to Beatport or your favourite digital store to pick it up.

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“Infinity” is saucy and sexy Italodisco from @OsvaldoSupino


It’s been a while since I’ve written about Italy’s super nice but ever bold Osvaldo Supino, but continuing with single releases from his most recent album Behind The Curtain is “Infinity”.  The song itself is  saucy and spicy with only every naughty intention in mind, and is a must for dance clubs to embrace with another direct Osvaldo vocal that I can only compare to SIRPAUL.  Accompanying the single release is the above video where Osvaldo gets it on and more with his hunky co-star, with lots of body contact for those of you who enjoy that.  It’s quite the travelogue, with an ever-familiar looking Miami backdrop, only spoiled a smidge by 15 seconds which seem to be tacked on to provide an ending that was hardly necessary.  No matter, Osvaldo has enough going on in the song itself to keep listeners overflowing with far too many sexy thoughts 🙂

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Never stop to “Never Drop” with Italy’s #DRYdjofficial and @DJMirkoB

DRY. & DJ Mirko B, “Never Drop”

There’s a lot of Italian club music out there and some of it becomes indistinguishable sometimes.  “Never Drop” is one of those exceptions, brought to us by two established Italian DJ’s, DRY. and DJ Mirko B (who you read about previously here  in the Spring with Sweden’s Anton Ewald on “Higher”).  “Never Drop” is one of those records that keeps you guessing as to what will come next.  It shifts comfortably from contemporary progressive Eurohouse to some funky 90’s throwback jamming.  But underneath is a beautiful, classic Europop melody!  “Never Drop” is a real crowd-pleaser.  Listen to an excerpt above, and you can also buy the full version from the Beatport link right here or get it on iTunes.

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Dance music bliss pairs @DJMirkoB with @AntonEwald for “Higher”

DJ MIRKO B featuring ANTON EWALD, “Higher”

Well this fortunate pairing came somewhat out of the blue, but works like a dream.  Italian producer DJ Mirko B features Sweden’s current golden boy Anton Ewald on “Higher”.  The song has already made significant dents in the European dance market, and by all rights North America shouldn’t be far behind (though the song doesn’t appear to be available in Canada yet).  It’s high arpeggio-laden progressive Italo-disco that will easily have dance club patrons jumping.  But the song is more accessible than that – it will have you immediately recalling recent releases by the likes of Nervo, Nicky Romero, or even Calvin Harris.  “Higher” deserves to be a smash – well done to both fine talents for putting it together.  Watch the lyric video above.

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