Dizzying confusion of “Caving” radiates in a @SpekeroftheHouse remix by @Justin_Caruso featuring @JamesDroll

JUSTIN CARUSO featuring JAMES DROLL, “Caving” (Speaker of the House remix)

While he’s subject to receiving nasty erroneous tweets and messages meant for Paul Ryan, L.A.-based producer/remixer Speaker of the House has a great ear for melody and providing a balanced remix.  Justin Caruso’s latest, “Caving”, is a perfect case, carried by an amiable and expressive vocal by Nashville-based singer James Droll.  Lots of high end sounds make “Caving” sparkle, and the focus on a bright and uptempo rhythm contributes to the confusion that the lyrics in the song are facing.  It’s a well-rounded remix that you should check out and add to your summery Spotify dance playlists at the link above.

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