Reflective and enlightening, “The Reason” is the latest by SoCal’s @JayB1rdmusic with singer @DanniCarra

JAY BIRD and DANNI CARRA, “The Reason”

With every release from talented Southern Californian producer Jay Bird, I hear measured growth in quality and production, which is helping to complete the framework more than with his releases from early last year.  “The Reason” is a lovely, reflective and enlightening song which inspires you to act on those inexplicable moments in life that compel you to make change, even if just to find out to which things that change might lead.  Jay enlisted the fine vocals of Danni Carra, whose tones alternately represent the gentle, thoughtful side of the story, as well as the exhilarating and exciting part.  “The Reason” is a delightful package as a whole – sway to it on the dance floor, or find a secluded space outdoors somewhere just to stare at the stars or city lights (like the artwork above) and dream away.

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“Overboard” by California-based producer @JayB1rdmusic mixes candor with big rhythms and bright synths

JAY BIRD, “Overboard” (free DL)

“Overboard” is the latest single by California-based producer Jay Bird.  It’s the first recent single where Jay uses another vocalist, and the results are probably his most well-rounded record yet while still harvesting a distinct, bright synth sound that becomes part of his brand.  It’s interesting to hear a British (but unnamed) vocal on what in what is clearly a west coast vibe, but it connects an earnestness that compliments Jay’s important lessons-learned story.  “Overboard” is all about regrouping and moving on after deciding to throw life to chance and feel what it’s like not to be grounded.  While being an intangible force, life is full of both tangible and intangible elements that need to be satisfied, and which can’t always be achieved when casting oneself adrift.  Jay’s production, full of big rhythms and sparkling synths, drives home all of the positives, and “Overboard” comes across as not only a delightful dance/pop song but also one with a provocative story that unfolds in a friendly, often subtle way.   Get it for free for now at the Soundcloud link above.

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A soaring @JayB1rdmusic remix enhances dreamy “Wasted A Moment” by Pink Lemonade @PinkLemon4ever

PINK LEMONADE,  “Wasted A Moment” (Jay Bird remix)

Sometimes it does take a remix to show another side to a song, or to bring a little more flavour to it that works in harmony with the intent of the original.  Such is the case with UK duo Pink Lemonade’s “Wasted A Moment”, which in its original version is an atmospheric mid-tempo ballad.  You’ve read a few posts this year about Southern California producer Jay Bird’s songs, and he brings his distinct melodic flair to the dreamy landscape already created by Pink Lemonade in the song.  It’s a rich-sounding production that accentuates high end drum beats, and really soars in key places in the song, so it doesn’t come off as busy or over-produced.  “Wasted A Moment” becomes more of an anthem for savouring those special times in your life.  Check out the remix at the link above and download it for free!

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Indie singer/songwriter @FreddyFate teams up with electronic producer @JayB1rdmusic for “Light Now”

FREDDY FATE x JAY BIRD, “Light Now” (free DL)

Prefacing his upcoming full release is Washington indie artist Freddy Fate with “Light Now”.  It’s a gentle but compelling and hopeful song full of soulful urgency in its vocal, that should grab ears of alt.rock fans looking for something a bit left of centre.  It’s given the added bonus of washes of synths and some vocal effects courtesy of producer Jay Bird, which sometimes offer an other-worldy vibe, making it also instantly appealing to electronic and dance music lovers as well.  “Light Now” is an odd and likable hybrid that will continue to get under your skin with its emotional qualities, so it’s best to take advantage of downloading it for free at the link above.

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California singer/songwriter @JayB1rdmusic keeps inspiring with the synth-pop of “Calling”

JAY BIRD, “Calling” (free DL)

“Calling” by California singer/songwriter Jay Bird is about finding what inspires you and following your instincts.  It could be music, as it is clearly for Jay, but for others it could be something else, including a special someone.  “Calling” is equally as uplifting as Jay’s preceding single, “Up Here”, which I wrote about not long ago.  He makes both songs personal by using his own vocal, which is not note-perfect but conveys the passion in his craft.  “Calling” is much lusher than “Up Here” with a more complex electronic arrangement and fine harmonies that fill the gaps.  “Calling” has that power of a great pop bop – to make you feel good and want to hear more.  You can celebrate your own “Calling” by giving a listen up top then downloading the song for free while you can.

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Meet Southern California’s @JayBirdmusic with folk-inspired electronica of “Up Here”

JAY BIRD, “Up Here” (free DL)

Taking his years of playing in folk/rock band The Jaybirds and applying that style to future bass electronica isn’t an easy feat, but California producer, singer and songwriter Jay Bird has achieved it with “Up Here”.  It’s a song that requires multiple listens to embrace its authenticity around the need for escape and fantasy in our lives.  We’re still the same people even if we dive into our hobbies and interests for a while, despite what others may think, and you can always find the ‘real’ us – if you really want to.  The production is smooth and top notch, you’ll definitely want to sway away to “Up Here” while you hold your significant other tight.  However the vocal is raw, not what you’d expect in this kind of production, and you’ll understand why when you listen closely to the lyrics.  Jay Bird’s “Up Here” is an out-of-left-field indie alt.electronic charmer and you can add it to your inspiring mid-tempo dance playlist using the Spotify link above.  It’s also available as a free download at the Soundcloud link below.

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