“Getaway” is jazzy deep house from @Imadmusicoff and #WaveWave featuring @Samiaelharake @White_Trumpet


IMAD & WAVE WAVE featuring SAMIA and WHITE TRUMPET, “Getaway” (free DL)

Another deceptive beginning might make you think “Getaway” is intended to be a jazzy ballad.  But once the rhythm kicks in, it becomes a happy marriage of pop, dance, and jazz styles from a collective from three countries:  17 year old newcomer producer Imad and vocalist Samia, both from Lebanon, with German producer Wave Wave, and White Trumpet from Romania!   A lilting vocal by Samia carries the song all the way through, and I’m such a sucker for live instruments when the work by White Trumpet really stands out, particularly over a key break in the song that becomes a real earworm.  Though I don’t think the song needed the vocal effects, I suppose they help bridge all of the styles going on.  “Getaway” is a free download, so get it while you can at the above link.

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Tasty alt.pop/jazz “Orange Tree Leaves” by Ryan Svendsen (@musicbefore) feat. @missMollyMoore and @UnoHype

RYAN SVENDSEN featuring MOLLY MOORE and UNO HYPE, “Orange Tree Leaves”

Combining pop, jazz and hip hop in this decade continues to sound fresh with well-produced songs like “Orange Tree Leaves”. It’s brought to us by L.A. producer and trumpeter Ryan Svendsen, with principal vocals by Molly Moore of Cosmos & Creature and hip hop flavour from Maryland-born Uno Hype.  It’s music for a sunny, laid back day on a patio with friends.  Fans of Molly know that she is no stranger to the jazzier side of music, having interpreted Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me” on her debut EP Shadow Of The Sun.  Uno Hype’s rap meshes beautifully with the song, not too heavy but just edgy enough to give the song a different kind of boost.  Ryan Svendsen clearly set out for a high-quality recording here which highlights his trumpet work.  You can easy play it back to back with songs by Canadians BADBADNOTGOOD among others. You’ve actually already heard Ryan on songs I’ve written about here, notably Cosmos & Creature’s new “Bad Drug” and the Pluto remix of Molly Moore’s “Imaginary Friends”.  He also happens to be the manager of film soundtracks for no less than Lionsgate so obviously has a great set of ears.  I’m glad he’s chosen to work with independent performers like these and look forward to hearing more.  Check out “Orange Tree Leaves” at the link above.

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High quality musicianship, ear-pleasing melodies all showcase @Cloudchord’s excellent new album “Imprint”


Austin-based Cloudchord (aka Derek VanScoten) has released his first album under that moniker called “Imprint”, and it will definitely leave its mark on you, warranting multiple listens to beautifully layered songs full of striking and bright high end that will leave you in a great mood afterwards.  And it’s more likely to make you want to dance than not!

I’ve mentioned it before, but Cloudchord isn’t just an EDM producer/remixer, he’s a studied musician, and his diverse guitar work kicks Imprint up many notches.  The use of other live instruments like trumpet as well as top notch, complex synth melodies should call attention to other producers and arrangers.  The album is mostly instrumental, and seems to take a lot of cues from progressive ambient musicians like Brian Eno and Jean-Michel Jarre, with a lot of heavy jazz influence too from people like Pat Metheny (specifically his 80’s works).  But there are those slamming beats too, which fall out of deep house, tropical and future bass sub-genres, which should totally win over club DJ’s.

The release of Imprint was preceded by two of its songs, the sunny “Golden XO” (which I wrote about a while back) and “Light U”, with its perky rhythm and vocal effects.  The other songs that stand out to me are the imaginative “Aviator”, with all of its lovely melodic shifts – it could be made into a mini-movie in itself – the playful and complex “Lacuna”, “Sidewalk Spirits” (notable guitar work here), “Lavender Mimosas”, and “Birdbath and Beyond” (definitely loving some of the humour in the titles).  

If you enjoy your EDM drenched in variety within that genre, along with countless other influences, then Cloudchord’s Imprint is meant for you for a thorough listen.  Check it out at your favourite digital store using the link above.

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“Take Me Down” is new from #Toronto powerhouse vocalist @JuliaCarlucci


Following up her 2015 EP For Me is Toronto’s Julia Carlucci with “Take Me Down”.  Regardless of how you find your music – through radio, digital playlists, or online – “Take Me Down” is vocal-driven R&B-inspired pop whose intent is to bring the house down and make you remember who sung it.  And with the video showcase above, Julia has an appeal that could transcend Lady Gaga, Cher, and Céline Dion, even though her most immediate inspirations are the likes of Alicia Keys and Beyoncé.  Set in a classic pop setting with orchestra backing, I’m certain you’ll be hearing more of Julia Carlucci as word gets out about “Take Me Down”, as they already have in other parts of the world (Japan and Indonesia, being two)!

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The Netherlands’ @Jeronimomusic boldly transforms @BritneySpears’ “Toxic” into an acoustic jazz adventure


It’s been a while since I’ve written about the many talents of Dutch singer and entertainer Jeronimo, who dazzled me so much with “One Kiss” (below) back in 2012.  Now billing himself as Jeronimo DaSilva, he continues to please his many fans this time with an intriguing choice for a cover, Britney Spears’ 2004 smash “Toxic”.  In order to showcase the much richer tones of his voice, Jeronimo and his team have stripped back “Toxic” and married it with an acoustic jazz arrangement.  The results are simple but way more effective than I would have anticipated.  Plus the video also continues to show off the singer’s natural charm in front of the camera.  I for one would be very happy with an ‘unplugged’ EP of clever cover choices like “Toxic”.  Watch the video above.

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“My Kind Of Girl” as remixed by Australia’s @Throttle returns @MichaelBuble to clubland


Young Australian producer/remixer Throttle is showing why he is becoming increasingly in demand and performing at concerts like Tomorrowland, with his reshaping of Michael Bublé’s lovely “My Kind Of Girl” for clubland.  What’s great about this remix is that it retains the jazzy flavour of the original, and actually works it up against the playful drops and torrent of synths that are added – Throttle calls it Dirty Disco.  Think of “We No Speak Americano” or “Mambo #9” without the novelty; Throttle’s remix of “My Kind Of Girl” is an immediate dance floor filler.  It will draw out the romantics for the jazzy side of the song, and if they have some moves, they can bust them right along those who do not.  Club DJ’s would be wise to incorporate Throttle’s remix of “My Kind Of Girl” at the height of a busy evening.  You may recall Michael Bublé’s songs were in dance clubs from the getgo, through 2004’s Ralphi Rosario mix of the classic “Sway” 🙂  If you have a Bit Torrent client, you can download it for free from the link above.

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Check out the sophista-sax of “Holding You” by France’s @Slowzmusic in Germany’s @Stan_Sax edit

SLOWZ, “Holding You” (Stan Sax edit)

“Holding You” in its original version is a chilled out but jazzy and soulful instrumental with some 90’s flavour by France’s Slowz.  To enhance it for clubs, remixer/producer Stan Sax (one half of Germany’s Saxity) weaves his magic following up his edit of Fabian Luttenberger’s “Vague” by adding his insightful saxophone work to the proceedings, retaining its loungey/laid back approach but adding a romantic side to enhance its appeal.  Clubs looking for the right song for early evening as the lights begin to dim will want to add this edit of “Holding You” into their mix.  Download it for free at the link above.


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Toronto octet @GoldComplexband fires up rich soulful jazzy pop with “Backbone”

GOLD COMPLEX, “Backbone”

It’s hard enough alone to keep eight members of a band in sync and focused on a consistent overall sound, but when it’s as tight and polished as what Toronto’s Gold Complex brings us with “Backbone” then you know you will have a great time with it.  I can’t say what they offer is new – jazzy soulful pop – but it’s exceptionally well done.  Lead singer Will Bowes has one of those riveting voices that makes his songs more powerful than if someone else sang them.  The instrumentation, including all of those luscious horns, is all on-point, and “Backbone” is a fine example of a song about staying true in relationships that will resonate with the most casual listener.  Watch the video above to get a flavour of what Gold Complex might be like in concert.  “Backbone” comes from the recent deluxe edition of Gold Complex’s self-titled EP.


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How to make #EDM swing: “Thrill” by @TRI_zero_music

TRI, “Thrill”

“Thrill” is a playful new song that knows how to make EDM swing.  I really don’t know anything about its mysterious artist TRI, but no matter the droll French lounge jazz vocal married with some simple but standout horns and swinging percussion all work very well together.  But adding some well-placed electronic effects gives the song added dimension and helps direct “Thrill” to an entirely different audience.  “Thrill” is as quirky and adventurous as what Toronto’s Uninvited Guests attempted to do last year with updated renditions of classical Glenn Gould songs (read my post).  It’s full of spirit and sustains its four minutes well.  Be sure to give TRI’s “Thrill” a listen at the link above.

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@MattDusk is back in a duo bilingue with Montreal’s @Florence_K in “Somethin’ Stupid”

MATT DUSK & FLORENCE K, “Somethin’ Stupid”

After Juno Award-nominated success with his album My Funny Valentine: The Chet Baker Songbook, which featured a number of duets, Canadian pop/jazz singer Matt Dusk is back in a full album of duets with Quebec singer Florence K called Matt & Florence: Quiet Nights, due February 12.  From that album comes their cover of “Somethin’ Stupid”, a song popularized as a father-daughter duet in 1967 by Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra, produced by Nancy’s guy Lee Hazelwood.  But that song was written and originally performed by a couple, and the other well known version is the UK 2001 #1 by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman.  Matt and Florence put a jazzy bounce into their rendition with an effortless, breezy set of vocals.  It’s complimented by a lovely slice-of-life video that captures a lot of carefree, affectionate moments that we all have sometimes.  And it’s even more appealing to hear the lyrics sung alternately in English and French, giving it a prelude-to-romance vibe that only the French language can do.  The only thing better would be hearing Matt and Florence sing it in concert! 🙂


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