Right backatcha: “Karma” by @BrandynBurnette


I’m loving the previews from Brandyn Burnette’s upcoming EP State I’m In.  Preview #3 is “Karma”, in which Brandyn continues to posit his older-than-his-years-wisdom through song.  What I also enjoy about “Karma” is an arrangement that switches it up several times and keeps you guessing as to where it might be heading.  What starts as what might seem like a fairly straight forward pop song segues into an electronic backdrop with subsequent additions of some streetwise R&B vocals from Brandyn, and ultimately ends with a slight synthpop flourish.    The flavours and vibes are all here folks, keeping you entertained as you chill.  Even if you have your own definition of “Karma” you’ll definitely appreciate how Brandyn can make you relate.  While State I’m In is not long to arrive, you can pick up “Karma” right now on iTunes.