With future house rhythms and from-the-heart lyrics, “Don’t Want Perfect” by @Kayliox and @RobbieRosenlive is a winner

KAYLIOX x ROBBIE ROSEN, “Don’t Want Perfect”

If you’re looking for that great dance song that will ultimately let you end up in a warm embrace, then “Don’t Want Perfect” by Kayliox and Robbie Rosen is just for you! Its fast-paced future house rhythms and pulsating synths are just itching to make you groove, while Robbie’s sincere lyrics and golden vocal performance will pull those heart strings. Both artists are on a roll, with Quebec City’s Kayliox following up his late Spring release “Lighter” with Jessica Chertock, while NYC’s Robbie continues to release at least one song per week in a variety of dance styles, with two songs appearing concurrently recently on my personal chart (“When I Lost You” and/or “Waves” and/or “Habits”). Both artists continue to bring you high quality releases but “Don’t Want Perfect” is definitely among the very best of them.

Quebec’s @Kayliox is back with the chic house groove of “Lighter” with American singer @JessicaChertock


After a few rough relationships, we usually change our focus and start looking for someone better.  “Lighter”, by Quebec City native Kayliox and NYC singer/songwriter Jessica Chertock, chronicles that search and zeros in on someone who has that special light inside them.  We already had a splendid taste of Kayliox’s rich house, melodic sound earlier this year with “Lost Control” featuring the voice of Victor Perry.  Jessica Chertock’s lovely voice and adds the golden touch to this production to make it a winner. The song is co-written by her with best buddy Jesse Blumenfeld, and its hopeful lyrics and gentle strokes are exactly what music lovers need right now.  Expect more great things from both Kayliox and Jessica very soon!

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Canadian producer @Kayliox returns with the melodic deep house of “Lost Control” with Victor Perry @wallflowerperry on vocals


Quebec’s Kayliox cemented himself in the electronic dance music scene in the mid 2010’s with a steady stream of fresh songs and remixes as well as club and festival appearances around the world, including at Tomorrow World and Paradiso.  After a bit of a break and becoming a master sound engineer, Kayliox returns with the soulful deep house of “Lost Control”.  From its piano beginnings till its last sung note, it’s 2:48 of pop bliss – if you’re in the mood for something lyrical and melodic, or a club banger, it’s all tidily rolled into one.  The icing on the cake is Victor Perry’s sweet, varied vocal, which has a few showcase moments unto itself and is decidedly different from his lovely new solo song “Stories”.  The chemistry between Kayliox’s beats and synths and Victor’s singing is of such high calibre that I’m sure we’ll hear it again sometime soon.

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