“L.I.L.Y” by Sweden’s @antonewald is splashy, refreshingly sophisticated R&B/pop


Ever since I saw singer/dancer/choreographer Anton Ewald (now billed with his first name) perform “Begging” on Sweden’s Melodifestivalen contest in 2013, I always have thought he has potential for stardom outside of the Nordic countries.  His latest, “L.I.L.Y.” has all the signs to make a big noise if it can get some traction.  The song itself, which pretty much reiterates a verse from Justin Timberlake’s 2002 hit “Like I Love You” (hence also the title) as part of its chorus, is catchy enough for radio to play it next to Justin Bieber, Drake, and Shawn Mendes.  But what this song has that others do not is a sophisticated vocal performance.  It deftly recalls Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” era, and splices its influence mixed with JT and 90’s Jamiroquai and a softer hip hop vibe.  You can feel the work that went into this one.  Paralleling this, its video is 120% Anton, a bright and splashy effort directed by Victoria Fajardo, an American who happens to be Anton’s fiancée and also directed Anton’s spicy “Devil” earlier this year.  She makes him look fabulous, no doubt about that.  While “Devil” may have been an experiment that pushed boundaries, “L.I.L.Y” reels it back but takes it to a different level while doing so.  Watch and listen above – hear and see why 🙂

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