NYC’s @AdamKahatimusic takes heartbreak via a tropical route with “Let You Go”


21 year old Adam Kahati is a new name for dance music fans and DJ’s to get to know if “Let You Go” is any indication.  Sung with an affecting uncredited female vocal, the story that unfolds recounts a gal, out with her friends at a bar, waiting for her guy to call, or do something, anything… and she makes the brave decision to move on.  The tropical vibes turn celebratory if bittersweet because so many of us know the feeling when a relationship has to end.  “Let You Go” is definitely brisk enough for clubs to spin, I’d suggest either early evening or very late for best effect.

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“Let You Go” is full of Spring vibes courtesy of @bvdKULTmusic and @sound_OT

bvdKULT and OT, “Let You Go”

Enigmatic British producer bvdKULT is back with a bit of a change of pace in “Let You Go” for Tipsy and Epic Oslo.  It’s a spirited, upbeat, tropical-tinged track full of good Spring vibes, with highly complimentary vocals by Belgian singer Olivia Trappeniers, or simply OT to you.  And, along with OT, the mystery producer even reveals himself in the charming video below, which captures the essence of the song very well.  No rocket science here – everything about “Let You Go” is solid and where it ought to be in order grab your ears and not let go.  Remixes could help bring this one even more star power on the dance floor.  Add “Let You Go” to your Spring Fling playlist using the Spotify link above.

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You owe it to yourself to buy @RiverTiber’s alt.soul EP When The Time Is Right

RIVER TIBER, When The Time Is Right (EP)

As I’ve already reported most enthusiastically in my posts about lead off songs (and my favourites) “No Talk” and “Let You Go”, you owe it to yourself to buy River Tiber’s 5 song EP When The Time Is Right.  It’s a slickly done, smooth-sounding EP full of so much creativity that makes you constantly check yourself because you don’t know where the next song is headed.  Multi-instrumentalist Tommy Paxton-Beesley has shifted directions from progressive rock-influenced pop/rock of earlier releases to what is essentially alt.soul full of hip hop blessings.  The other songs within are the bass-laden “Waves”, “Lost”, and the thoughtful title song.  River Tiber’s new sound has also brought Tommy’s excellent voice front and centre although he continues to use it often as an instrument in some of the songs too.  When The Time Is Right is another gem from my city (Toronto) and one of the best records you will hear in 2015.  Listen above and buy it on iTunes.

Toronto’s @RiverTiber crafts R&B/hip-hop flavoured “Let You Go”


Toronto’s River Tiber releases the new EP When The Time Is Right on Wednesday September 16.  “Let You Go” to me is a defining moment for the inauspiciously talented Tommy Paxton-Beesley after following the multi-instrumentalist’s progress these last 3 years.  For “Let You Go” is as soulful as R&B gets.  Plunked right down in a time where fellow Canadians Drake and The Weeknd are ruling the charts, “Let You Go” is beautifully languid alt.soul featuring a personal best vocal from Tommy.  River Tiber creates complex, layered music which draws you in because you never know what to expect.  All I know is that When The Time Is Right should turn even more heads later this week and should be on your must-hear list for the rest of 2015.

River Tiber plays Adelaide Hall in Toronto on Thursday, October 8.

Sweet ‘n soulful @GreatGoodFineOK’s top notch EP and vocals on @TheChainsmokers “Let You Go” (@Tiesto remix)


THE CHAINSMOKERS featuring GREAT GOOD FINE OK  “Let You Go” (Tiësto remix)

I had the good fortune of seeing Brooklyn, New York band Great Good Fine OK when they swung into town opening up for Penguin Prison.  Their recently released EP of originals 2M2H showcased an 80’s flavoured electronic pop sound influenced heavily by R&B/soul – think Michael Jackson, Culture Club, Level 42, Style Council – with plenty of keyboard wizardry.  Singer Jon Sandler has a multi-octave voice that can go up against the best singers!  He hits those sweet high notes like Mika but has a beautiful, full low register as well.  “Something To Believe In”, featuring St. Lucia, is your go-to song on the EP, though all of the songs form a great introduction to GGFO, including “Carried Away”.  Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman are also DJ’s so not only do they sing and play their music so well with a full band, but they know how to work a versatile mix.  Stream the entire EP above.

So while I was checking out their music on Soundcloud, I came across their featured appearance on a song by fellow New Yorkers The Chainsmokers!  “Let You Go” once again features Jon’s high register in full force, and it’s highly complimented by Tiësto’s progressive house remix which truly kicks up a storm for the dancefloor.  It’s irresistible – you won’t be able to help yourself from moving.  A bonus – it’s a free download!  Play it along your favourite house tracks and don’t say you weren’t warned!  Listen to “Let You Go” and download it below.