BILLCS Top 75 Songs of 2014

Bill's Top 30 of 2014

2014 has been an interesting and unique year for music. I’m not sure how well the songs will stand up against others in music history, but there has been an incredible variety. What seemed to strike me most were alternately creative EDM songs or ballads that aimed straight for the heart.

I am first and foremost a music fan. I look for songs and singers that are one-of-a-kind. A great hook or chorus will get under my skin fast. The latter explains the presence of the likes of the delightfully naughty Janoskians on my year end list, as well as fellow Aussies 5 Seconds of Summer, who had a million Twitter followers before breaking out in North America and proved their chops with great performances on some televised awards shows.

The performers I listened to most, and even saw in concert, were all Brits – Sam Smith, Jessie Ware, and Bright Light Bright Light. Other North American performers who were heard pretty much on record and have played some gigs but should break out in some way are Adam Tyler, Brandyn (Burnette), Mikky Ekko, Matthew Koma, Tristan Thompson, Nick Hagelin, and Travis Garland. Overseas, look to new voices such as the UK’s Harriet, Eurielle, Sam Dickinson, and James Poole (who hasn’t even released anything officially yet!) and Sweden’s Anton Ewald to make waves. And I was really impressed with the calibre of contestants on NBC’s “The Voice” in the past few seasons. Some of these singers have real futures ahead in the business.

A terrific production helps immensely. The Sam Smith and Jessie Ware albums are pretty much flawless in this department. FrankMusik dazzled us again with his By Nicole release. But there were other individual songs whose overall sound is impressive – the Aron Friedman house-y recreation of Adam Tyler’s “I Won’t Let You Go”, the tight mesh of pop and hip hop on “Get To Know You” by Corey Niles featuring Ish, the delicateness of Eurielle’s “Gold”, and the other worldly dubstep of “Love Space” and “The Day You Left” by San Diego’s Convulsic.

And we could not escape Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”, the simple, old school R&B throwback which was the best selling song of the year everywhere.

So here’s a further recap of my Top 30 Songs of 2014. You can view the full list of my Top 75 Songs of 2014 right here. Onward to 2015!!


Stay With Me the release of Sam Smith’s album In The Lonely Hour by a few months. With its Gospel influences and genuine, passionate performance, the song immediately captured public attention and was soon all over social media, being covered by You Tubers and singers on TV shows like The Voice. Stay With Me is a belwether song for any male singer to try and match, and shows what a unique singer and presence Sam Smith has commanded during 2014, which will continue into 2015 much like Adele cast her spell over 2011 and 2012.


Towards the end of 2013, I wrote that Sam Smith’s Money On My Mind was one of the first great records of 2014. Continuing on the dance tip from collaborations with Naughty Boy and Disclosure, Sam combines old school soul with a high-tek arrangement, as well as some great high register and falsetto work. Who would have thought back then… or what was to follow.


Like in 2010, Bright Light Bright Light (Rod Thomas) has commanded my attention with his thoughtful electronic dance music, and for a second time ranks two songs in my Top 10 of the Year. I added An Open Heart to 2013’s list at #11 prematurely, the song endured for me well through January and only recently became the second single release from the album Life Is Easy. Bright Light Bright Light toured on two legs of Elton John’s tour, in both North America and Europe,and Elton even dueted with him on the single “I Wish We Were Leaving”. But An Open Heart with its larger than life lyrics has become one of my most favourite Bright Light Bright Light songs.


Sam’s eloquent ways of singing about being lonely and unloved really struck a chord with people in 2014, including myself. His debut album In The Lonely Hour is hands down my favourite of 2014. I was able to watch Sam in performance at a small club date in Toronto for only $16!! And now the best seats for his shows are $100+


UK singer Jessie Ware has one of the silkiest, gorgeous voices to arrive in pop music in years. In 2014 she released her second album Tough Love, and put on one of the finest, most intricate small club performances of the year here in Toronto. The big push for the album to start was on Say You Love Me, a song about words that anyone wants to hear from the one they love, but particularly women from men, who often don’t communicate our emotions. It’s a glorious vocal performance and Jessie is touring again in early 2015 so be sure to catch her show.


So what made Animals by Martin Garrix stand out more than any other electronic instrumental of the last several years? It created a groundswell at raves and clubs, and then before you know it near the end of 2013 it reached #1 in the UK, and then #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Play chart. Not bad for the then-17 year old who caught manager Scooter Braun’s attention. Since then it’s been a whirlwind for the young producer/DJ with the unique style as he collaborates with just about every other notable producer/DJ’s and performs on several huge concert bills. And it’s not going to stop just yet for Martin Garrix.


You already know Mikky from the Grammy-nominated Rihanna’s Stay, and “Smile” possesses one of the most unique vocal performances of 2014 along with a memorable storyline which you might think is downbeat but is actually quite a happy one that will leave you very content by the end of the song. Look for Mikky’s album Time in early 2015.


Cannonball (Earthquake) is what happens when two songs that truly belong together are mashed up. So we have European DJ’s Showtek & Justin Prime’s instrumental Cannonball mixed with US singer Matthew Koma’s Earthquake. The result is one of the most infectious electronic dance music singles of the year which ended up as a UK Top 30 hit.


Electrify The Night by the collaboration of German DJ/producers House Rockerz and Davis Redfield, and UK vocalist Carl Man, is probably one of the most obscure songs I’ve ever placed in my Top 10 of any year. It was only released in Europe on a couple of electronica compilations. But the song itself is an inviting stunner, one that gets better with every listen, thanks to great songwriting pedigree from Charlie Mason and team, as well as a gem of a vocal by Carl Man.


I Believe is Bright Light Bright Light’s happiest ;pop/dance single to date, from his sophomore album Life Is Easy, and it stands out as one of his finest songs so far. I adore the sad electronic dance songs always written from an interesting perspective but I Believe is simply joyous.


Latch has an interesting history – it got to #11 in late 2012 in the UK. But it’s had long legs, especially after Sam Smith got to #1 in the UK in 2013 singing on Naughty Boy’s La La La. Both songs became belated hits in 2014 in North America hot on the heels of Sam’s solo success. Sam’s partnership with UK producers/songwriters/brothers Disclosure will endure though, as they were heavily involved in Mary J. Blige’s latest album The London Sessions.


He’s 16, Canadian, and has a silky developed voice that straddles styles of both Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Tristan Thompson’s debut single Tidal Wave captured a hybrid style of 80’s Hall & Oates blue-eyed soul meets 90’s heartthrobs like Backstreet Boys or 98 Degrees. With a fine debut album Here For You and a second single Burn Again receiving Canadian radio play, Tristan Thompson is off to a smashing start.


Young Dutchman Martin Garrix gave away his song Proxy for free earlier in the year as a thank you for his success with his previous single Animals, and now appears on the EP Gold Skies. It’s another playful instrumental which helped establish is trap/EDM style on the DJ circuit.


If there’s one record that would have you Oooh Ooohing and Ah Ahhing in 2014, it’s This Could Be Something, a slick duet between Swedish star Anton Ewald and Denmark’s Medina. It perhaps is the best song Katy Perry never got to record. The duo has a wonderful, sensual chemistry in the song, which nicely dances on the bridge between pop and electronica.


One of 2014’s best new arrivals is UK singer Harriet. Her warm, Karen Carpenter-meets-Rita Coolidge voice held my attention throughout the year, and particularly for several months until Afterglow saw official release in Harriet’s debut EP What’s Mine Is Yours in the summer. Afterglow is the best kind of lazy Sunday or classy dinner party music, produced by the reknown Steve Anderson of Kylie Minogue fame.


Easy by Travis Garland is one of the stand out album tracks from Travis’ self-titled album. It’s essentially a Latin-flavoured disco song, quite different from the rest of his songs, and it’s easy to visualize shimmering lights glowing over beautiful people as they dance away the night. To me, anyway!


What can I say about L.A.-based singer Brandyn Burnette? His single for Warner Brothers, Thanks For Nothing, took a while to grow on me, but once that happened I was hooked on how he took a negative situation and turned it into a positive song with a great message. Brandyn is entering 2015 going by only his first name now as his upcoming solo album is on deck for early in the year. He’s posted a lot of new songs on Soundcloud, so be sure to check them out, and follow him on Twitter for wise posts from an old soul with a young mind.


Adam Tyler’s music has had frequent visits to the BILLCS Top 30 over the years. But my very favourite from him is now Electric Valentine. Adam started 2014 giving away this song for free, on Valentine’s Day of course, but the feel good vibe of the song took on a life of its own, and it ended up on his deluxe edition of Shattered Ice. There’s nary a song this year that will put you in a great mood like Electric Valentine.


I can’t say I was a huge fan of Swedish DJ/producer Avicii’s mix of country music with dance music, which had already been done 20 years ago. So going deeper into his album True we find Addicted To You, immensely enhanced by a creative bluesy vocal by singer Audra Mae.


One of the most unusual but addictive songs of 2014 is Time Has Come by new Finnish singer Hannis. The singer’s lush europop vocals mesh well with an inventive, dub-steppy arrangement which makes it memorable for anyone who hears it.


Take Cover by Toronto band Neverest started the year as a free download follow up to their BILLCS Top 30 2013 #1 Rewind. It’s an equally powerful and punchy rocking song that shows that this group can do when they are not writing stellar ballads.


New York dance club singer SIRPAUL has built a nation-wide reputation for creating original songs that are alternately romantic and touching, or mysterious and even a touch dirty when it comes to what goes down in the bedroom. From his album Seventh Star, Every Single Moment is dedicated to that special person you want to spend all of your time with.


After previously collaborating on 2012’s #1 dance hit of the year “Spectrum”, Grammy-winning producer/DJ Zedd brings back go-to-guy Matthew Koma along with newcomer Miriam Bryant for more crossover emotional dance/pop with Find You. Zedd has remarkable magic with production, melody and vocalists.


Jason Walker’s cover of Taylor Dayne’s Tell It To My Heart came right out of the blue with a powerhouse vocal performance that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. This NYC singer has already been to the top of the dance club play chart many times so it’s no surprise that Jason’s collaboration with UK DJ’s Bimbo Jones became yet another Top 10 dance hit for him.


Shrouded in mystery and an exotic, medieval sound, UK singer Eurielle revealed her EP The Incarnation, which included Gold, an update on renaissance-oriented song stylings brought into the pop world in the past by the likes of Enya and Loreena McKennitt.

26 ADAM TYLER “I WON’T LET YOU GO” (Aron Friedman remix)

I Won’t Let You Go was first released in 2011 and was in my Top 30 for that year too! But the house-inflected Aron Friedman remix gave the song new life again and it appears on Adam’s deluxe edition of the Shattered Ice album.


Veteran Australian duo The Presets only released a few singles in 2014 to whet our taste for a full new album. No Fun was one of them, and fun it certainly is – a whole lot of inventive electronic wizardry that plays off of a more laid back vocal this time.


Carrying over from 2013 with his self-titled album, L.A.-based Travis Garland issued Motel Pool as its second single, a sexy and sizzling piece of R&B pop that continued to showcase the singer’s versatility and made his album one of the finest of 2013.


San Diego’s Erik Hale is also known as EDM/dubstep artist Convulsic, and he released a trio of cool songs in 2014, including Love Space. All of them actually bridge the dance and pop worlds much better than could be expected, which holds promise for new songs from Convulsic in 2015.

30 LITTLE MIX “LITTLE ME” (Steve Smart & Westfunk radio edit)

Little Mix is the all girl vocal quartet that won X-Factor in 2011, and of course went on to great success in the UK with several Top 10 placings. But it was a remix of their song Little Me that got my attention in 2014. The whirling frenzy of a remix by Steve Smart and Westfunk set the song to a new upbeat melody from its original downbeat mix which focused more on its thoughtful message for girls and young women. The combination of EDM remix and message gave “Little Me” an edge in 2014.

BILLCS Top 30 #436 – July 28/14

I’m a tad late due to vacationing in New York City but there’s plenty brewing on the new chart that’s of interest!!

Fancy That, Another New #1

It’s probably one of the more obscure songs to top my chart, but you owe it to yourself to check out “Electrify The Night” by House Rockerz, Davis Redfield and vocalist Carl Man below.  It’s one energetic romp with great lyrics that will connect to the music lover and club goer inside you 🙂  Right now, I’m only aware of it being available on a European dance compilation “House Rockerz – Feiern ist wichtig! Vol. 2” released by Kontor Records.

The Rest of the Top 10

  • That clever, swirling Steve Smart & Wildfunk remix of “Little Me” by Little Mix finds its way to the dance-filled Top 5 at #4!
  • I’m hoping that the fun “This Could Be Something” by Sweden’s Anton Ewald and Denmark’s Medina finds its way to international clubs and radio, it’s too irresistible to pass up.  It climbs 9 to 5 🙂  Watch the video right here!  I don’t know why it can’t be made available on You Tube or Vevo…
  • The last chart’s fastest riser, “Time Has Come” by Finland’s Hannis, makes another big bold move 13-6, and should find itself easily in the Top 5 in two weeks.
  • “Good News (For People Who Love Bad News)” (below) takes Zorro Blakk & fellow vocalist Deniz Olivieri to a new peak of #7!  El Zorro is also moving up the chart further down with “Big City Girls (Don’t Fall In Love With Small Town Boys)” at #18 as well!
  • Also new to the Top 10 are Charli XCX’s soon-to-be-seminal-summer-song “Boom Clap” at #8, and Kongos’ rollicking “Hey I Don’t Know” at #9 🙂

Movin’ On Up

  •  UK alt.rock performer E-Mute’s intense, rocking “Miracle” climbs up a few more notches to #12!
  • Don’t be surprised if more songs from Adam Tyler’s deluxe edition of Shattered Ice start appearing on the chart soon!  In the meantime, “Knew You Better” continues to rise up 18-13.
  • Sam Dickinson’s deluxe edition of The Stories That Occurred is coming soon, and just ahead of that is the classic-sounding “When You Left Me”, moving up the chart 19-14.
  • The fastest riser on the chart is no surprise at all, “I Believe” (27-16), the new single by Bright Light Bright Light from his album Life Is Easy.  North American audiences will now be able to see Bright Light Bright Light open for Elton John on select dates 😀
  • We should see Simone Denny’s new album The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Volume One later in the year, but for now enjoy the change of pace for her with the torch ballad “Your Love Fades Away”, climbing 20-17.  It’s available on iTunes.
  • Two of the three performers at #1 this week have their own collaboration jumping up 28-23 – “Music Gods” by Davis Redfield and UK singer Carl Man.  This one’s available on iTunes.

New to the Chart

I’ve written about all three recently, so that’s always a good sign for songs to start appearing on the chart 🙂

  • Dutch producer/DJ Afrojack and American singer/songwriter (Stephen) Wrabel collaborate on “Ten Feet Tall”, bowing at #20, it’s gorgeous and affecting lyrical dance-pop which I still think you will hear soon on your local Top 40 radio station.
  • “No Fun” by Australian duo The Presets is more fun than a lot of songs you will hear right now.  It’s got a great playful funky groove to it that’s different from the lads’ last efforts, while retaining the big stadium-like anthemic feel of many of their songs.  It arrives at #21 as a single available on iTunes.
  • Another slice of funky business, early 80’s style, is “Stranger” by New York producer/DJ Chris Malinchak, pairing up with versatile Mikky Ekko, who has never sounded so soulful.  It debuts at #22.

The full chart can be found further down the page…

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The Full Chart

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and detailed web edition of my chart.

02 01 ELECTRIFY THE NIGHT House Rockerz featuring Davis Redfield & Carl Man
01 02 TIDAL WAVE Tristan Thompson
03 03 TELL IT TO MY HEART Jason Walker featuring Bimbo Jones
06 04 LITTLE ME (Steve Smart & Wildfunk radio edit) Little Mix
09 05 THIS COULD BE SOMETHING Anton Ewald featuring Medina
13 06 TIME HAS COME Hannis
08 07 GOOD NEWS (FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE BAD NEWS) Zorro Blakk featuring Deniz Olivieri
11 08 BOOM CLAP Charli XCX
12 09 HEY I DON’T KNOW Kongos
04 10 STAY WITH ME Sam Smith
07 11 THE DAY YOU LEFT Convulsic
14 12 MIRACLE E-Mute
18 13 KNEW YOU BETTER Adam Tyler
19 14 WHEN YOU LEFT ME Sam Dickinson
05 15 PROXY Martin Garrix
27 16 I BELIEVE Bright Light Bright Light
20 17 YOUR LOVE FADES AWAY Simone Denny
21 19 TRUST IT Nick Hagelin
New 20 TEN FEET TALL Afrojack featuring Wrabel
New 21 NO FUN The Presets
New 22 STRANGER Chris Malinchak featuring Mikky Ekko
28 23 MUSIC GODS Davis Redfield featuring Carl Man
10 24 BACK HOME Andy Grammer
29 25 LOVE IN THE 21ST CENTURY Neon Trees
15 26 NOT IN THAT WAY Sam Smith
17 27 TEENAGER IN LOVE Neon Trees
26 30 SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT 5 Seconds Of Summer

BILLCS Top 30 #435 – July 14/14

The new chart has four debuts and the Top 10 is all shaken and stirred…

The New #1

  • He did it!  It’s not easy to trounce Sam Smith from his 7th week at #1 this year (albeit with three songs), but 16 year old British Columbian Tristan Thompson has done just that.  The 70’s through 2000’s retro appeal of “Tidal Wave”, plus the fact that young Tristan has already got a great voice, have it leading the pack, at least for the next two weeks, because there’s a bit of a dance club storm brewing underneath.  I’ll have my thoughts on Tristan’s full album Here For You in the week, in the mean time check out his video for “Tidal Wave” above 🙂

The Rest of the Top 5… Changing Places

  • The rest of the Top 5 is the same as two weeks ago, but all of the songs have changed places.  Imminent challengers for #1 are “Electrify The Night”, the hard-to-find Europop gem from House Rockerz, Davis Redfield and vocalist Carl Man, which plugs into #2, and Jason Walker & Bimbo Jones’ brillo Hi-NRG-inspired take on Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It To My Heart” at #3.  Sam Smith slides to #4 with “Stay With Me” while Martin Garrix’s “Proxy” slowly tumbles to #5.

New To The Top 10

  • That whirling dervish of a remix by Steve Smart & Westfunk of Little Mix’s “Little Me” soars to #6, while Andy Grammer’s “Back Home” (below) continues to find new fans and could take the song through the entire summer, and it’s up to #10.  There’s also a chart debut in the Top 10…

Shakin’ Up The Chart

  • Is it everywhere yet?  “Boom Clap” by Charli XCX vaults up the chart 18-11.
  • Those 4 Kongos lads make a great case for infectious rock songs on their album Lunatic.  “Hey I Don’t Know” climbs 15-12.
  • It’s following a bit of a pattern set by Martin Garrix and Convulsic already, but Finnish singer Hannis has a strange gem of a Europop/Dubstep single with “Time Has Come” charging up the chart as the fastest riser, 23-13!  I’d LOVE dance clubs to make this one their own!!
  • “Miracle” by the UK’s E-Mute is not slowing down as this memorable slice of alt.rock moves up 17-14.
  • Last week’s new entries, “Knew You Better” by Adam Tyler and Sam Dickinson’s “When You Left Me” both make impressive gains, rising 25-18 and 27-19 respectively!

Chart Debuts

  • Could Anton Ewald outdo last year’s “Begging” (#2) and “Can’t Hold Back” (#3)?  The talented young Swedish singer met his match with Danish star Medina, and all parties connected and co-write and recorded “This Could Be Something” from Anton’s new EP On My Way.  All I can say is that Katy Perry would probably kill for this song!  It’s a strong and summery pure pop record with an engaging video that bows on this chart at #9!!

Watch the video here!  For some reason the Internet powers that be are really fussy about You Tube/Vimeo links for videos by Swedish pop stars! 😮

  • Yes, it’s time for another Bright Light Bright Light song on the chart!  Rod Thomas has just released his sophomore album Life Is Easy, which has debuted well on the UK charts, and from it is the follow-up single to his Elton John duet “I Wish We Were Leaving”, but like “Love Part II” from his first album it’s a smashing and breathtakingly upbeat take on the power of love.  “I Believe” starts out at #27.

  • Why look, it’s Davis Redfield and Carl Man, together again (along with some of , if not all of, those same spot-on songwriters)!  Actually I wrote about “Music Gods” a while back but like any good song, you keep coming back to it.  Besides, I’ve always liked the Music Gods myself 😀  “Music Gods” arrives at #28.

  • More Neon Trees?  Yes please, especially after their engaging July 3 concert here in Toronto (and yes, Tyler did crowd surf us 😀 )!  I’m not sure if it will be the next official single or not, but “Love In The 21st Century” joins “Teenager In Love” (#17) on this chart at #29.

The full chart can be found further down the page…

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As many of you are already aware, after many years away from the microphone, I am now pleased to be back as a voice on Canada’s National Internet Radio Station, which mainly plays a selection of oldies, mostly from the 50’s to the 90’s, with soon to be more intrusions from the 2000’s and other new music.  

I was asked to do a pre-recorded weekly New Music Pick of The Week, and a number of the songs on this chart – specifically those by Tristan Thompson, Adam Tyler, Zorro Blakk & Deniz Olivieri, Sam Dickinson, and Anton Ewald – have all recently graced the station, every three hours for a week beginning Mondays at 2:05 a.m. EST.  

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The Full Chart 

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and detailed web edition of my chart.

02 01 TIDAL WAVE Tristan Thompson
05 02 ELECTRIFY THE NIGHT House Rockerz featuring Davis Redfield & Carl Man
04 03 TELL IT TO MY HEART Jason Walker featuring Bimbo Jones
01 04 STAY WITH ME Sam Smith
03 05 PROXY Martin Garrix
11 06 LITTLE ME (Steve Smart & Wildfunk Radio Edit) Little Mix
07 07 THE DAY YOU LEFT Convulsic
10 08 GOOD NEWS (FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE BAD NEWS) Zorro Blakk featuring Deniz Olivieri
New 09 THIS COULD BE SOMETHING Anton Ewald featuring Medina
12 10 BACK HOME Andy Grammer
18 11 BOOM CLAP Charli XCX
15 12 HEY I DON’T KNOW Kongos
23 13 TIME HAS COME Hannis
17 14 MIRACLE  E-Mute
06 15 NOT IN THAT WAY Sam Smith
20 17 TEENAGER IN LOVE Neon Trees
25 18 KNEW YOU BETTER Adam Tyler
27 19 WHEN YOU LEFT ME Sam Dickinson
21 20 YOUR LOVE FADES AWAY Simone Denny
22 21 TRUST IT Nick Hagelin
13 25 LOVE SPACE Convulsic
14 26 SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT 5 Seconds Of Summer
New 27 I BELIEVE Bright Light Bright Light
New 28 MUSIC GODS Davis Redfield featuring Carl Man
New 29 LOVE IN THE 21ST CENTURY Neon Trees
19 30 DEAR NICOLE FrankMusik


BILLCS Top 30 #434 – June 30/14

The end of June edition of my personal chart sees plenty of upward movement and four debuts, so I’ll be focusing on those this time.  Plus I have three winning chart ‘extras’!


Well perhaps except for the songs by the performer of our #1 and #6 songs…

  • Sam Smith is entrenched at #1 for a third appearance with “Stay With Me”, which will go down as a classic for which 2014 will be remembered.  Sam’s also at #6 with the beautiful “Not In That Way”.  Sam’s album In The Lonely Hour is thoroughly enjoyable, though I had already heard most of it anyway, and it’s not entirely a sad song affair, though that does seem to be his specialty 🙂
  • New Canadian boy wonder Tristan Thompson is poised to steal away #1 from Sam Smith in two weeks with “Tidal Wave”.  A great new voice plus a classic melody and infectious arrangement makes “Tidal Wave” an easy sell.

  • Jason Walker’s rendition of “Tell It To My Heart” (up top) moves up 10-4 and is just one of those records that smacks you in the face and changes your mood for the better, every time.  I absolutely adore it!  And whatta voice 🙂
  • Carl Man is a voice to get to know better on his collaboration with House Rockerz and Davis Redfield, “Electrify The Night”, which soars 12-5.  And it’s a great song all ways around too!
  • Convulsic’s crazy pop-inflected one-of-a-kind dubstep of “The Day You Left” climbs 9-7!

  • Attention, attention!  DVBBS & MOTi have arrived in the Top 10 with EDM that commands your attention, “This Is Dirty”, up 11-9.

  • Mr. Zorro Blakk (aka Daniel Volpe) also lands in the Top 10 with the pop-culturiffic “Good News (For People Who Love Bad News)”, climbing 15-10, and features a nice blend of voices with singer Deniz Olivieri.  More on El Zorro later!


  • Stuck. In. My. Head.  That’s a very good reason for it to be the fastest riser, blazing up the chart 23-11.  It’s the Steve Smart and Westfunk radio edit of “Little Me” by Little Mix!

  • While radio is still giving attention to “Come With Me Now”, my preferred song by Kongos at this time is the bass-laden, playful “Hey I Don’t Know”, which moves up 19-15.

  • “Miracle” by E-Mute is no unassuming song, no sirree.  It keeps building and building, carried by Theo Mak’s riveting vocal and a classical piano melody that sticks in memory long after the song ends.  “Miracle” rises 20-17.

  • “The Fault In Our Stars” is a huge hit with the teen crowd, and it’s no surprise that Charli XCX’s “Boom Clap” is about to be a defining song of summer.  It climbs 24-18.


I’ve already wrote about the four debuts in one form or another…

  • One of the most impressive songs I’ve heard in a while is the hybrid of Europop and dubstep in “Time Will Come” by new Finnish singer Hannis. It bows at a high #23!
  • As the deluxe edition of Adam Tyler’s Shattered Ice continues to resonate with me, the first single from the album premieres at #25, just as the long lasting “Electric Valentine” (also on the album, and Adam’s highest charting song to date, peaking at #3) is about to exit the chart.  “Knew You Better” is another Adam Tyler song about to make its mark on my chart 🙂
  • This one just makes you want to dance!  It’s the second entry by Zorro Blakk, taking lessons from hits by Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco with his penchant for long song titles!  “Big City Girls (Don’t Fall In Love With Small Town Boys)” will leave you equally breathless while you’re dancing, and it lands on the chart at #26.
  • Sam Dickinson’s debut album The Stories That Occurred is about to get a 37 song reboot, and the first single is an excellent choice that grabs you right from its guitar opening, carried by Sam’s potent voice.  “When You Left Me” debuts at #27.  Sam’s “Learn To Wait” reached #8 on my chart last Fall.  “When You Left Me” gets its official single release on July 7!



As “Fall Into Love” is about to leave the chart after peaking at #8, the duo of Simon Curtis and Wolfy released their second single together today, “Angeles”.  It couldn’t be a more different affair than “Fall Into Love”, but showcases the power of the pair.  “Angeles” has this beautiful, wistful melody, where you can picture a late night camp fire on an L.A. beach.  But the lyrics are bittersweet, arriving in L.A. with stars in your eyes only to find that the city is remote and disenchanting when all is said and done.  “Angeles” is a pleasing, personalized distraction, and will fit in nicely with this year’s end of summer songs.

ANTON EWALD featuring MEDINA, “This Could Be Something”

“This Could Be Something” is part of 20 year old Swedish singer/dancer/choreographer Anton Ewald’s latest fine EP On My Way, and it’s a danceable pop outing that definitely has designs on radio worldwide, and it could get there.  The talented singer duets with Danish singer Medina, and their combined forces really give an edge to the song’s chorus.  A song full of ‘ooh oohs’ and ‘oh ohs’ might not seem so favourable but for the enthusiasm of these two talents.  Katy Perry watch out, “This Could Be Something” could definitely be just that!

JAKE BARKER, “Stage Fright”

I was really pleased when Jake Barker was added to “The Voice” tour, even though he didn’t finish in the Top 10.  His talent and personality are unmistakeable.  The title song from his independently released EP is an up close recounting of that thing singers dread, whether on stage or about a relationship, and the cure is having his girl by his side.  Remember, Jake had never performed in concert before appearing on “The Voice” – and you’d never know it from the confidence he displays on stage.  The EP doesn’t mince any words, and Jake’s soothing R&B-influenced style makes it both romantic and easy to take in many doses.  You can hear an excerpt of the song only on iTunes.

The Full Chart 

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and detailed web edition of my chart.

01 01 STAY WITH ME Sam Smith
02 02 TIDAL WAVE Tristan Thompson
03 03 PROXY Martin Garrix
10 04 TELL IT TO MY HEART Jason Walker featuring Bimbo Jones
12 05 ELECTRIFY THE NIGHT House Rockerz featuring Davis Redfield & Carl Man
08 06 NOT IN THAT WAY Sam Smith
09 07 THE DAY YOU LEFT Convulsic
15 10 GOOD NEWS (FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE BAD NEWS) Zorro Blakk featuring Deniz Olivieri
23 11 LITTLE ME (Steve Smart & Wildfunk radio edit) Little Mix
13 12 BACK HOME Andy Grammer
05 13 LOVE SPACE Convulsic
07 14 SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT 5 Seconds Of Summer
19 15 HEY I DON’T KNOW Kongos
20 17 MIRACLE E-Mute
24 18 BOOM CLAP Charli XCX
06 19 DEAR NICOLE FrankMusik
21 20 TEENAGER IN LOVE Neon Trees
25 21 YOUR LOVE FADES AWAY Simone Denny
26 22 TRUST IT Nick Hagelin
New 23 TIME HAS COME Hannis
New 25 KNEW YOU BETTER Adam Tyler
New 27 WHEN YOU LEFT ME Sam Dickinson
16 28 BE MINE Kendal Thompson
17 29 FALL INTO LOVE Wrathschild
22 30 LATCH Disclosure featuring Sam Smith

BILLCS Top 30 #433 – June 16/14

My new personal chart this week sees some longer lasting songs peaking with no shortage of great new songs to replace them down below.  So while it’s an active chart, movement is slow and steady 😉

The Top 10

  • Tuesday June 17 is release day for Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour in North America at last!!  So I’ve picked that up and will be listening, but in the meantime Sam’s “Stay With Me” gets a second appearance in at the top, while “Not In That Way” climbs to #8.
  • It’s looking highly like young B.C. native Tristan Thompson could succeed Sam Smith at the top in two weeks with his debut single “Tidal Wave” (below).  It moves up significantly, from 5 to 2!  I’ve also included a link to the new Boomtang mix radio edit!

  • Convulsic now has two of his songs in the Top 10, which is amazing for a new performer.  “Love Space” still climbs up to #5, while “The Day You Left” enters the Top 10 at #9.  Unique and infectious dubstep just waiting for your attention!
  • FrankMusik’s “Dear Nicole” rises to #6, as the third video from By Nicole is released.  Watch “Stabilizher” below – such a well shot video, full of great colour and effects.  Plus, it’s a feelgood video, harkening back to “No I.D” or “Do It In The A.M.”  Well done to all!

  • Bounding into the Top 10 at full velocity is the massive cover of Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It To My Heart” by Jason Walker featuring Bimbo Jones.  If you want a song to lift you up and make you feel great, Jason’s fierce rendition will do just that!!  Below is a video re-edit featuring the Toy Armada and DJ GRIND club mix.

Moving On Up…

  • They’re from the nearby town to the north-west of me called Orangeville – the DVBBS brothers (with MOTi) are Top 10 bound with the powerful and rollicking “This Is Dirty” at #11.

  • “Electrify The Night” by the team of House Rockerz, Davis Redfield and singer Carl Man is a song that resonated with me out of the blue.  It only has limited availability, but you can listen to it through the link below from Soundcloud.  I predict great things coming for the song on the chart in the next few weeks, and it moves 16-12.


  • The pop culture references and the feel good vibe make Zorro Blakk & Deniz Olivieri’s “Good News (For People Who Love Bad News)” a treat for your ears and feet!  The song is from the mysterious Zorro’s debut album The Fairy Tale of Zorro Blakk and climbs 19-15.
  • SIRPAUL smashed it last weekend at Long Island Pride (along with the likes of Debbie Gibson and Robin S!).  The singer lays it all out bare 😉 with “Black Leather” rising 22-18 from his album Seventh Star.
  • The fastest riser belongs to the quartet of brothers who go by their last name of Kongos.  The gritty and bassy “Hey I Don’t Know” moves up 25-19.

  • E-Mute’s “Miracle” gets easily stuck in your head with a compelling vocal and classical piano work.  It climbs 24-20.


  •  I haven’t been a fan of their past efforts, but even months after its original release “Little Me” by Little Mix has won me over with the swirling carousel of a remix by Steve Smart and Westfunk.  It gets down and deep but the keyboard melody and the vocals which build up the chorus are the selling points.  Plus the song has a very important and positive message for young women about beauty and image.  It debuts at #23.

  • Next at #24 is another great new female voice and songwriter – Charli XCX.  Her song “Boom Clap” from “The Fault In Our Stars” will immediately remind you of a more pop-edged Lorde, but it’s immediately catchy and memorable, and certain to be a huge pop hit as we head into summer, given the singer’s success as appearing on Iggy Azalia’s “Fancy”.

  • I wrote about this next song recently and now here it is on my chart.  Simone Denny was the voice behind great dance hits like Love Inc.’s “Broken Bones” and “You’re A Superstar”, as well as Wide Life’s “All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)”.  She’s never been away and is back with something a little more subdued which is perfect for her wide-ranging voice.  “Your Love Fades Away” bows at #25 from the upcoming album The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Volume 1.

  • The last debut belongs to Atlanta-based Nick Hagelin, with another choice song for summer from his free download EP City Lights.  “Trust It” scores all the way around – great rhythm, story, and one of Nick’s best straight ahead pop vocals.  It arrives at #26.

Extra, Extra… Give ‘Em A Listen (or Five)

HANNIS, “Time Has Come”

The more I hear songs like “Time Has Come”, the more I enjoy the EDM dubstep experience.  This song by the Finland native, who got into listening and singing to EDM at the request of her boyfriend, starts off like many great European electro records of the early 2000’s with a soft introduction with Hannis’ inviting voice.  And then right before the minute and a half mark, this huge layered wall of dubstep hits and lulls you in like it’s your best friend 🙂 This is truly amazing production work from Alwegs, who hails from Latvia.  If his name gets out there, he’s gonna be noticed!  “Time Has Come” is a terrific but unassuming start for Hannis, and big things could happen if word of mouth gets out about the song and its unique hybrid EDM style that totally works.  You can download the song for free using a link from Hannis’ Soundcloud page.

TANYA THE SAVAGE, “We Were Once Built There”

It’s somewhat of an interesting recording name, but Tanya The Savage records songs which are guaranteed to embed a mark on your listening experience.  She’s based out of Miami, and has been performing since she was a child violinist age 8!  “We Were Once Built There” is gorgeous, emotional British/European-flavoured EDM that would be much different without her affecting and powerful vocal.  It’s another song to hit you square right out of nowhere and then make you want much more.  Tanya The Savage is currently recording an album with Grammy-nominated producer Chris Rodriguez.  “We Were Once Built There” is available on iTunes.


And Now, The Full Chart 🙂

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and detailed web edition of my chart.

01 01 STAY WITH ME Sam Smith
05 02 TIDAL WAVE Tristan Thompson
02 03 PROXY Martin Garrix
06 05 LOVE SPACE Convulsic
07 06 DEAR NICOLE FrankMusik
09 07 SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT 5 Seconds Of Summer
10 08 NOT IN THAT WAY Sam Smith
11 09 THE DAY YOU LEFT Convulsic
13 10 TELL IT TO MY HEART Jason Walker featuring Bimbo Jones
16 12 ELECTRIFY THE NIGHT House Rockerz featuring Davis Redfield & Carl Man
15 13 BACK HOME Andy Grammer
19 15 GOOD NEWS (FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE BAD NEWS) Zorro Blakk featuring Deniz Olivieri
18 16 BE MINE Kendal Thompson
08 17 FALL INTO LOVE Wrathschild
25 19 HEY I DON’T KNOW Kongos
24 20 MIRACLE E-Mute
23 21 TEENAGER IN LOVE Neon Trees
12 22 LATCH Disclosure featuring Sam Smith
New 23 LITTLE ME (Steve Smart & Wildfunk radio edit)  Little Mix
New 24 BOOM CLAP Charli XCX
New 25 YOUR LOVE FADES AWAY Simone Denny
New 26 TRUST IT Nick Hagelin
17 27 I WISH WE WERE LEAVING Bright Light Bright Light & Elton John
26 29 BACK TO CALIFORNIA Steve Grand
27 30 MONEY ON MY MIND Sam Smith