Always listen to those voices: “Sounds Like An Anthem” comes from Canadian-German synth duo @LolaDutronic

LOLA DUTRONIC, “Sounds Like An Anthem”

It’s been a while since Richard Citroen and Stephanie B. have graced us with new music as Lola Dutronic, but they return with the engaging “Sounds Like An Anthem”.  They encourage us to listen to the voices in our heads because they could certainly mean something important to either ourselves or someone else.  The duo continue to provide chic 60’s style and sensibility paired with contemporary dance rhythms which seem to be influenced by 80’s artists like Talk Talk or OMD.  While I think “Sounds Like An Anthem” is infectious, if a little long, it might benefit from a remix or two which might help it find its way deservedly into clubland where I would hear it as an anthem for the nightlife.

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A New Ode to Berlin: “My Name Is Lola” by @LolaDutronic

LOLA DUTRONIC, “My Name Is Lola”

Veteran Toronto electronic duo Lola Dutronic keeps it simple with their ode to their city of choice, Berlin, called “My Name Is Lola”.  Despite what you might think, no, it’s not an answer song to Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” 😛  It follows up the duo’s summer redux of Man2Man’s 80’s delight “Male Stripper”.  Musically “My Name is Lola” takes its almost classic melody in a cue from “Prayer In C” by LillyWood & The Prick and Robin Schulz, with even perhaps some lingering traces of 80’s Kraftwerk underneath.  Its video above, featuring singer Stephanie B., as well as some shoutouts in German, is a snappy travelogue that will please fans of the city.  “My Name Is Lola” is easy to sink between your ears and get under your skin and down to your toe-tapping feet, and you can download it on Lola Dutronic’s Bandcamp page right here.

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2K17 remix: “Male Stripper” by MAN2MAN (@PaulZoneNYC) featuring @LolaDutronic

MAN2MAN featuring Lola Dutronic, “Male Stripper” (Lola Dutronic 2K17 remix)

The 1987 UK Top 5 hit “Male Stripper” by MAN2MAN Meets Man Parrish was everywhere there was dance music that year, it was a positively inescapable guilty pleasure of sorts.  2017 seems like the right time to revive it, and MAN2MAN vocalist Paul Zone has worked with Canadian duo Lola Dutronic to make it shine once again.  With added production and vocals by Lola Dutronic’s Stephanie B, the remix really embraces the fun side of the song.  And given that it’s pretty well skipped an entire generation of music fans, “Male Stripper” is bound to sound as fresh and outrageous to dance music fans as it did 30 years ago.  Don’t be at all surprised if you hear this at a club sometime soon – long-serving DJ’s will embrace it and get the word out.  Check it out above and pick it up at your favourite digital store.  And for fun, also watch the original “Top Of The Pops” clip below which really teased the hell out of its studio audience 🙂

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