Dutch producer @SteveVoid takes @StephenPuth’s “Look Away” to new heights with his fanciful remix

STEPHEN PUTH, “Look Away” (Steve Void remix)

Stephen Puth has definitely followed brother Charlie into the pop music scene on his own terms with three engaging and original singles, particularly “Sexual Vibe” from earlier this year which got to #5 on my personal chart.  While “Look Away” is another top-drawer release, it is lifted to new heights to the attention of dance music fans in Steve Void’s insanely catchy official remix.  The forlorn vibe of the song, which captures regret after a failed relationship, is countered by some significant bounce alongside of acoustic guitar and a simple set of piano riffs.  Stephen’s gentle vocal will win you over too and Steve’s tropical tinges are unexpected but most welcome.  It’s a total winner overall!

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@SteveGrandmusic and @EliLieb team up for heart-wringing “Look Away”


Readers of this blog are already well acquainted with both Eli Lieb and Steve Grand, about whom I’ve written about many times in the last two years or so, and both have graced my personal chart with their stellar songs.  Each singer is decidedly different from the other, but “Look Away” is both a co-write and a duet that brings the best of both worlds together.  Essentially, if you loved A Great Big World’s “Say Something”, then “Look Away” is its companion song.  It brings together all of the emotions and racing thoughts about what to do next, just before a breakup occurs, and the realization that it is likely all ‘never again’.  I’ll be very happy if this is the start of a regular songwriting and/or singing thing for both Eli and Steve, the former breaking away from infectious danceable pop and the latter veering further away from country than ever and into pure pop where he really belongs.  You can pick up “Look Away” on Steve’s bandcamp page right here.  You can also enjoy the resulting amusing online antics on their respective social media pages 😀

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