@BrightLightx2 pairs up with German producer @FinalDJs with the disco throwback “Lost In Feelings”

FINAL DJS featuring BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT, “Lost In Feelings” (free DL)

Even while his latest single, “Blood Moon”, is more chilled out and laid back electronica, you cannot keep Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light) away from a dance song too long.  In this case he’s paired up with German producer Final DJs (aka Sebastian Stuetz) for “Lost In Feelings”.  It’s a heavenly Nu Disco 70’s throwback full of classic rhythms and melodies that will leave you swooning on the dance floor, and of course comes with a thoughtful emotional side courtesy of our Rod.  Don’t let this one sneak by you – it’s available as a free download too – it’s all the more reason to keep you going until the next full set of Bright Light Bright Light music!