Laid back electro vibes soar in “Flying High” by @FiveandaDime featuring @YasharGasanov

5 AND A DIME featuring YASHAR GASANOV, “Flying High”

Philadelphia producer 5 And A Dime returns with a 90’s-influenced song that sounds like no other right now with “Flying High” from none other than Lowly Palace.  It features the distinctive vocalizing of Russian singer Yashar Gasanov – distorted, mysterious, not always on key, but ever-so-flowing with the chilled out vibe of the song.  What’s beautiful about “Flying High” is that its melody gets between your ears by not really letting up in its under three minutes length.  If offsets what could be initially a quite polarizing vocal style, making it an intriguing late night alt.rock-flavoured track.  “Flying High” isn’t for everyone, but if you like your dance music on the adventurous side then 5 And A Dime is out to make you soar right along with it.

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Check out creative, progressive “Warped Tides” by Boston’s @CRVE_U

CRVE U, “Warped Tides” (free DL)

“Warped Tides” is a new progressive instrumental EDM track by relative newcomer, Boston’s CRVE U (aka producer/remixer Jared Rapoza) brought to us via Lowly Palace.  It’s a layered, sometimes chilled-out track that takes its time to build, and could sound great in an early evening set to draw folks out on to the dance floor.  It more than sustains its four minute length by coming on full throttle in the last minute when it’s so critical to hold people’s attention, after a middle part that might be a little repetitive.  But stick with “Warped Tides” throughout – it’s one of those songs that you’ll want to hear multiple times before it sinks in.  CRVE U is off to a fine start with this original and you can download it for free at the above link.

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