“Trust” by Sweden’s @_themakproject and vocalist Sabrina Ali is classy and melodic Europop

.mak and SABRINA ALI, “Trust”

Swedish producer .mak follows up his fine remix of “Slow” for Bankii and Billy Otto with a shimmering change of pace called “Trust”.  It’s classy, melodic Europop that features a captivating vocal by newcomer Sabrina Ali, and I think we’ll be hearing much more from her.  Along with Sabrina and “American Idol” contestant Robbie Rosen, .mak has crafted an easy-going electronic delight that succeeds on its own merits. It’s full of personality and a great antidote to bangers and heavier house tracks.

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New Swedish producer @_themakproject elevates “Slow” by Australian producer Bankii and vocalist Billy Otto

BANKII and BILLY OTTO, “Slow” (mak. remix)

In its original form, “Slow” by Australian producer Bankii and fellow Aussie ‘dream pop’ vocalist Billy Otto is a beautiful and quiet electronic song with ethereal qualities.  New Swedish producer mak. elevates the song with some pitch changes, additional layers of unintrusive synths, and at times a faster tempo.  He manages to keep the dreamy, exotic elements of the original intact which makes it appealing to its fans.  mak. has already had some streaming success with his remix of Coopex’s “Don’t Look Back”, and with “Slow” he definitely continues in a positive and progressive direction.

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