Your new catch phrase? “Oom Zigga” brings the beach party courtesy of @itsPapaYa with @_MalcolmAnthony

PAPA YA featuring MALCOLM ANTHONY, “Oom Zigga” (free DL)

If you find traces of sand on your floor despite not being anywhere near a beach, then it may be the result of listening to LA-based duo Papa Ya with “Oom Zigga”, featuring New Jersey hip hop performer Malcolm Anthony.  It’s the follow up to the toe-tapper “Sunny”, and where “Sunny” got you dreaming about the beach, “Oom Zigga” takes you to the party along with some rhythmic chanting that you might find more in a campfire song from yesteryear.  But like “Sunny”, “Oom Zigga” is straight up fun that you don’t want to think about too much, otherwise you’ll simply prevent the title phrase from getting stuck in your head.  The beach boy pop/hip hop blend goes down easy, and you can get your own copy of “Oom Zigga” for free at the Soundcloud link above.

Papa Ya is touring with MAX in some of his upcoming US shows so watch out for them!

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Diverse collective: @TastyTreatmusic x @KidLizardmusic featuring @Madimakesmusica and @_MalcolmAnthony with “U And Me”


There’s hardly a more diverse song out there both vocally and musically than this easy-going EDM love song simply called “U And Me”.  It features a bevy of relatively recent talent too.  I’ve already written about L.A.-based duo TastyTreat this past summer with “Sideways” (featuring Marco Foster) as well as highly recognizable vocalist Madi from KSHMR and Felix Snow’s “Touch” (Brevis remix).  Newcomer Kid Lizard co-creates the soundscapes while hip hop vocalist Malcolm Anthony offers contrast and connection (I would prefer less autotune though).  So with a feast of sounds and voices to your ears, you have a romantic mid-tempo dance song that is quite prepared to leave summer behind in favour of autumn.  Be sure to give a listen at the link above.

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