Montreal’s @Frameofficiel will turn heads with “Bad Decisions” featuring @Bijoudream

FRAME featuring BIJOU, “Bad Decisions”

The dance music world can seem so closely knit together when you find a song by Canadians released through an Italy-based label.  So chalk another one up for Manifesto with “Bad Decisions” by producer Frame featuring fellow Montrealer Bijou on vocals.  What starts off kind of like dreamy Billie Eilish-meets-Gwen Stefani with a lazy vibe somehow transforms into a darker, minimalist electronic song that is entirely captivating and something Lana Del Rey might appreciate.  You’re not entirely sure if the subject of the song is actually making bad decisions because she wants to, though she sings about not knowing why, making it an interesting and convincing puzzle.  “Bad Decisions” will keep those heads nodding and toes tapping in the wee hours at a club.  Make a good decision by getting your free download for now at the link above.

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“Heavy Hearted” by UK producer #Murky features a dazzling vocal by @Anukamusic

MURKY featuring ANUKA, “Heavy Hearted” (free DL)

After a brief tease of a start, “Heavy Hearted” by producer Murky featuring vocalist Anuka has liftoff big time thanks to the singer’s spot-on high register delivery.  And as the song continues, you may find yourself singing along… to another song.  For if you didn’t catch it, the initial melody instantly recalls the 90’s dance floor classic “Free” by Ultra Naté.  Regardless, it just lends to the charm of the song as by the halfway point it will have already secured your interest with its beautiful flow and understated, complementary backdrop.  The song tends to end prematurely but that only makes you want to hear it more.  Courtesy of Manifesto, check out “Heavy Hearted” at the link above and download it for free.

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