Sweden’s @MansZelmerlow has a new pop gem with “Come Over Love”

MANS ZELMERLOW, “Come Over Love”

Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw came to international prominence in 2015 when his one-of-a-kind song “Heroes” won EuroVision and Melodifestivalen that year.  I was fortunate to know about this charming, hard-working singer years before when he competed on Melodifestivalen in 2009 with a performance of “Hope and Glory” (below) that just floored me, though the song itself finished fourth.  “Come Over Love” follows up Måns’ recent hosting appearance on this year’s Melodifestivalen, where he performed “Come Over Love” (above), as well as his song for the World Figure Skating Championships, “Circles And Squares”, and the 2019 album Time.   “Come Over Love” is an engaging and uplifting radio-ready midtempo pop song released independently by Swedish label ART:ERY Music Group, which features one of his best vocal performances in years.  His compelling voice is filled with the urgency that this well-written and produced song needs, and I hope that “Come Over Love” will be another international kickstart for Måns so that more music fans will hear his songs.

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A Deserving #Eurovision2015 winner: “Heroes” by @MansZelmerlow


The votes came in loud and clear last night as “Heroes” by Sweden’s 28 year old Måns Zelmerlöw overwhelmingly won the Eurovision 2015 prize.  Also Sweden’s Melodifestivalen winner, “Heroes” features a thoughtful, compelling vocal from the singer that in performance is supported by a unique animated sequence that lends beautifully to the lyrics.  I’m not sure if North American audiences will find the song too off-the-beaten-path, but I’m sure it will also be all over European charts after peaking at #2 in Sweden.  Watch both the original video and the Eurovision final performance above.  “Heroes” will be included on Måns’ upcoming album Perfectly Damaged (artwork below), due June 5.  Also, read what I had to say about Måns back at the end of 2009 when I identified him as a performer to watch 🙂 https://billcsistunedon.wordpress.com/2010/01/02/10in2010/



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Pop Weekend: Cody Belew, Blake Lewis, Mans Zelmerlow, Jerry Reid (featuring P.J. Soles!), and i come in PEZ

Edit:  Here’s a link where you can watch the video:  http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTIwNDQ0NTky.html

Cody Belew “Purple Rain”

Coming as a Top 10 contestant from TV’s “The Voice”, Arkansas native Cody Belew captured North America’s ears and hearts with his brave cover versions and his genuine personality.  At the time, I said that he was the show’s likeable underdog, and later named him one of my 13 Performers To Watch For ’13.  In advance of his album-in-progress comes another compelling cover, of none other than Prince’s “Purple Rain”.  You know the song as an aching pop/rock ballad about love and, especially sex, with its fierce, climactic guitar work.  Cody’s rendition of “Purple Rain” strips it all away, almost akin to what Sinéad O’Connor did for Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U”, a lesser known Prince song that became the #1 song of 1990.  Well almost all of it – Cody’s version is a minimal, similarly aching recording that pulls the heartbreak in the lyrics all the way up for the listener to confront.  And with the barren scene in the video, the blurry camera movement, the expressions of the singer, and the absent rock trappings, the emptiness is accompanied by a profound sadness.  Even if “Purple Rain” doesn’t end up on Cody’s album – I suspect it won’t, but it should – this video performance is extremely memorable.  It’s difficult not to be moved by this beautiful interpretation of heartbreak.  Keep your tissue box handy!

Blake Lewis, “Your Touch”

With his latest music, I am so glad that Washington-born American Idol season six contestant Blake Lewis has continued to build on the power of his EDM audience, which took the title track from his 2009 album Heartbreak On Vinyl to #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Play chart in April 2010.  That song also reached #4 on my chart and was in the Top 20 on my year end list of 2009.  Emotion is a powerful thing with the right arrangement, and though it’s laden in synths and effects, the result on “Your Touch” is a big sounding song that reaches out.  And this is probably what drew Microsoft in to use the song to promote Internet Explorer 10 in its commercials.  Though it perhaps takes a few listens to gel, “Your Touch” could crossover to pop radio with its exposure.  Blake’s third album, Portrait Of A Chameleon will be released by Republic Records and is due later this year.  While his last album was released almost four years ago, Blake Lewis has never been away and this new music should not be seen as a comeback but more as coming into its own.

Måns Zelmerlöw, “Broken Parts”

Spring 2013 brings us a new album by 26 year old Swedish sensation Måns Zelmerlow, who charmed us to pieces in 2009’s Melodifestivalen with a star-making performance of “Hope and Glory”, and hosted the show for its 2010 edition.  His subsequent sophomore album MZW was a diverse and warm pop album, and that summer I grew quite attached to the song “Rewind”, which peaked at #4 on my chart.  The new album is called Barcelona Sessions and looks towards a softer but more honed sound than in the past.  “Broken Parts” is a beauty in which the singer’s brilliant voice actually rises above the fragility of the lyrics.  I love a singer that transforms the lyrics and Måns has that power in his voice to do so.  Barcelona Sessions will be well worth the wait.


Jerry Reid featuring P.J. Soles, “Tell The Night”

Last we heard from Detroit-based singer Jerry Reid, he was jiving with reknown pianist Ben Waters in my favourite song from the delectable 2011 Ballroom Remixed collection called “Out Without Your Boyfriend”, which posted at #3 on my chart.  Since then, some interesting songs appeared and vanished from his website, and it’s taken a while but now we have the supurbly edgy and dubsteppy “Tell The Night” available for purchase on Amazon in advance of an upcoming album.  Jerry’s commanding vocal makes you a believer fast, and it’s augmented by screams from none other than 70’s movie star P.J. Soles, most noted in the rock music world as Riff Randall from “Rock ‘N Roll High School”, but also in roles in big movies such as “Private Benjamin”, “Stripes”, and “Carrie”.  You can hear an excerpt of it on Amazon right here and as soon as I know of a complete version online I will post it.

i come in PEZ, “You’re The One”

i come in PEZ is the recording name for a new Dutch EDM indie performer who not only knows how to make infectious dance music, but has his head and heart in the right places.  It’s really quite a simple record where less is more – there’s a forlorn feel that fuels your emotions, and then it comes forward with a huge, bouncy hook with production by Toby Traxx.  This could do very well in dance clubs that take chances on records like this.  “You’re The One” is available on iTunes and half of its proceeds go to the Dutch Amnesty International Pride Fund.  i come in PEZ also released his eponymous 7 song EP last week containing two versions of the song.

Sweden’s Melodiefestivalen brings us more Måns Zelmerlöw, Meet UK’s Uni5 (featuring one Sam Taylor!)

When I’m not digging round the ‘Net trying to find the scoop on some great new music, I often refer to many fellow bloggers for information.  One of those terrific blog finds is Paul Reynolds’ My Fizzy Pop (also see Blogroll link to the right)!

This week, Paul tips us off to some updates on two of my 10 Performers to Watch in 2010.  Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw stirred up pop delights in 2009 with his stunning performance of “Hope & Glory” on the Melodiefestivalen TV show contest, as well as with a varied bunch of songs on his MZW release, my favourite track from which was “Rewind”.  Måns guested on Melodiefestivalen this year instead of as a contestant, and MyFizzyPop tells us all about his respectable take on Duran Duran’s James Bond theme “A View To A Kill” right here!

Paul’s second scoop was about that wonderful lad Sam Taylor, he of my favourite song of 2009 “Run Away”, who has entered the Eurovision contest this year as part of UK group Uni5.  The vid below gives us an introduction to the quintet.  And if the voices are all of Sam’s calibre, well the UK will certainly have a winner!

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10 Performers to Watch in 2010!

There may be other performers about to breakthrough in 2010, but these are 10 that caught my ear and attention in 2009.  With the right support behind them and the fanbases to get them through, I can see all of these performers being better known by the end of 2010!  They’re listed alphabetically.

DAN BLACK resident music mad scientist

After teasing us with a home mix unauthorized Notorious B.I.G. and Rihanna samples in 2008 on “HYPNTZ”, Dan Black’s musical scientifics found their way onto a debut CD in mid-2009 called UN.  This Englishman based in Paris (hence the title of the CD, the French word for ‘one’) creates breathtaking melodies wrapped in many studio tricks, which he then surrounds with intelligent, playful words and emotions.  “HYPNTZ” begat the lush “Symphonies” which caught online attention, as well as subsequent European singles “Alone” and “Yours”, which all feature creative and interesting videos.  Dan came across the pond to NYC for a showcase in the Fall, and just as the year ends we saw UN released in North America with “Symphonies” as the free single of the week on iTunes USA.  Club dates will follow in 2010.  Justin Timberlake and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic have both tweeted about him, so I’m sure that in 2010 the world will find out that Dan Black is the real deal.

CHARLIE BROWN sensitive rapper or edgy soul singer?

There was quite an online to-do about UK  soul singer and rapper Charlie Brown during the summer.  He was featured vocalist in one of those shoulda-been-a-hits called “The Rain” by Bless Beats and Wiley with the kind of vocal that makes a song really shine.  Then he released a free mixtape through his MySpace site that showed the edgy vibe that was only hinted at in “The Rain” – a particular standout is “Don’t Make Me Over”.  Charlie Brown is definitely well worth the chat – I’d like to see him catch on with international artists in a similar way to fellow countryman Jay Sean (but I’ll skip the duets with Lil’ Wayne and Sean Paul).

AGNES CARLSSON the new voice of Sweden

Agnes has been a star in her native Sweden these last few years, after triumphing on their own edition of American Idol.  In late 2008, Agnes released the CD Dance Love Pop, full of well sung pop trifles and dance ditties to tweak your ears and feet.  One of those ditties, Release Me, was a domestic success and attracted international ears, first starting in the U.K., where it was released, reaching #3 on the pop charts.  Then it spread to North America, where DJ’s and clubgoers grabbed it and sent it to #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Play chart.  Oft compared to Leona Lewis, and deservedly so, Agnes Carlsson proves that the right voice matched with the right song will create a launching pad for success, something that should grow for her internationally in 2010.

SIMON CURTIS a new breed of pop male vocalist

Though I had heard of Simon Curtis through a song or two that was featured in the Nickelodeon movie Spectacular! early in 2009, I did not find out what was up this Tulsa-raised multi-talent’s sleeve until later this year.  In fact, I caught on to all happenings Simon Curtis via Twitter just as his followers numbered over 6,000.  As his followers grew, he began to release new songs online for free, to preview the upcoming free ‘pop mixtape’ that he’s been working on called 8Bit Heart.  First up was “Delusional”, a complexly produced song about heeding (unwanted) advice that features crafty, soaring vocals (hello Darren Hayes high notes!) and 0ther moments of music magic.  In a different world, this song would be all over pop radio, but these days enough exposure online will grab new fans eager for great songs like this.  Next up was “Diablo”, a bit of entertaining but hyperkinetic vitriol at romance gone waaay wrong that you might not expect from Simon – it successfully flips Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” upside its head, and also makes a statement for the kinds of songs not being produced by young male pop singers of today.  So now we have 8Bit Heart to watch for in 2010.  Aside from the songs, I’m looking forward to whatever Simon offers next!

THE MIDWAY STATE no holes in their plans

These aren’t just any four nice guys from the Toronto area looking for domestic success.  They’re a talented bunch, led by singer/songwriter Nathan Ferraro, who toured the hell out of their debut album Holes back and forth across Canada and back again in 2009 and managed to score not only two Juno Award nominations, but also a duet with (of all people) Lady GaGa on a cover of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush’s “Don’t Give Up”!!  It all started with an unassuming song called “Never Again”, which took its time in late 2008 to catch on.  But it’s that song’s raw edges and extremely catchy chorus that grabbed me, enough to send me to two of their concerts.  Then came a domestic Top 20 success with “Change For You”, which was later remixed into a duet with Carly Rae Jepsen.  And after Michael Jackson passed way, they posted a free download of their sensitive cover of “Man in the Mirror”.  Like with Canadian rockers Marianas Trench, The Midway State has more to them than meets the eyes and ears, giving them enormous potential for an international breakout.

MIIKE SNOW their lucky rabbit’s foot

Towards the end of 2009, Miike Snow are becoming less of a mystery to me.  They’re a trio featuring Swedish DJ/producers extraordinaire Grammy winners Bloodshy & Avant (aka Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg) of Britney Spears (“Toxic”) and Madonna fame, and New York vocalist Andrew Wyatt.  It’s definitely an eclectic mix but I found remixes of “Animal” very playful with the year closing with a potentially massive club hit with “Black and Blue”.  The trio toured internationally throughout 2009 to extensive critical raves, which undoubtedly will continue in 2010.

RYAN STAR how to breathe right now 4 other people

After some limited success after appearing on RockStar:Supernova a few years back and releasing a CD with a band called Stage, New Yorker Ryan Star has led the indie journeyman rock star life.  With the advent of MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, Ryan has got the message out to fans interested in his earnest, hard-working style and vocally and lyrically powerful songs.   “Last Train Home”, featured in the film PS I Love  you, first caught my attention in 2008, leaving me begging for more.   Then I learned that Ryan had a CD called 11:59 in the works, and from those sessions in early 2009 came “Right Now”, which I initially thought was just so much of a rock-oriented cheerleading song… until the sentiment underneath grew on me.  Now I see that song as a major source of positive encouragement and reinforcement.  Later in the year Ryan released “Breathe”, accompanied by a video of actual people looking for work in the downturn of the U.S. economy.  Through hashes on Twitter and rapid word-of-mouth, this song and all that’s positive about it reached many ears and may have actually helped some of the people in the video get jobs.  So Ryan Star is U.S. Rock Star and Everyday Good Samaritan – a great combination well worth watching in the coming year!

EVAN TAUBENFELD welcome to his takeover

You may know him best right know as the blond-haired Baltimore-bred guitarist and songwriter from Avril Lavigne’s band in its “Complicated” days, but for the past few years, Evan’s had nothing better in mind than conquering the world one fan at a time.  He’s about to release the CD Welcome to the Black List Club through Warner Brothers, and gave us a few tastes of that CD in 2009.  “Boy Meets Girl” took a witty pop culture approach about meeting members of the opposite sex, while “Cheater of the Year” (my favourite song of Evan’s thus far) made no bones about calling out a previous object of desire.  And at year’s end, Evan shot and scored with the festive season by offering up “Merry Swiftmas” right at the time Taylor Swift is at her most popular, suddenly making her a more-than-welcome gift under young men’s Christmas trees!  Evan makes sure there’s always something going on via his website, MySpace site, or on Twitter to draw in even the most casual music listener.  He also endears himself to his live concert audience, as I discovered in Toronto in September – small crowd, lots of energy on stage, and plenty of opportunities to connect one to one with his audience members.  Be sure to check out Welcome to the Black List Club and a live Evan show in 2010!

SAM TAYLOR torch singer for a new generation

One of many beautiful voices out of the UK, Sam Taylor came to my attention while checking out the mostly kitschy soundtrack to the UK television series Beautiful People.  Amid the retro pop dance tunes came two gorgeous ballads with the BBC Orchestra, “Sometimes I Need You” and especially “Run Away”.  The latter song is my favourite of 2009 and one of the best of the decade, a largely unheard torch song for a new generation.  Sam’s voice will charm even the most casual listener of any age.  He’s got a London stage background to send him through, a penchant for taking risks (a smouldering version of “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from “Jesus Christ Superstar”), and a connection with online bloggers who have showcased him at small select club dates in London and New York City in 2009.  But as of yet… no album, and I believe, no record contract.  His MySpace site is only teasing us with a couple of other new and unreleased songs (like “Talk Me Down”, which quickly appeared and disappeared, and left me wanting more!).  He may not need that contract – once the online world gets to know Sam Taylor, his music will be everywhere and so will he to support it.  I’m sure Sam’s records will be on many Christmas lists a year from now!!

MANS ZELMERLOW our new mister charisma

2009 was a great year for male vocalists on the rise.  And though they didn’t keep the same pace as the female singers way out in front, they certainly held their own.  And though we haven’t yet seen Sweden’s Mans Zelmerlow break out much beyond the domestic success he’s had during the past few years – in fact similar to that of Agnes Carlsson, and they have recorded together – his star-making performance in the Swedish music contest Melodifestivalen singing “Hope and Glory” attracted many online music listeners.  While the song itself is lyrically kitschy, Mans’ performance was absolutely stunning, full of charm and personality that doesn’t exude from many performers these days.  His CD MZW was released in the Spring, when it became a #1 album in Sweden.  MZW is an above average showcase of ballads and uptempo pop songs, but you can hear Mans’ personality the most in “Rewind”, a throwback to summer months that you would swear has been recorded by a laid back guy from the L.A. beaches instead of a Nordic country.  If Mans Zelmerlow’s songs can be marketed successfully outside of Sweden, he will join the likes of Agnes Carlsson and Robyn as one of the few untapped talents to reach international audiences in the next few years.

Tuned-On! Best of 2009, Part 2 (25-1)

To complete my thoughts on the best songs that I heard in 2009, here are a few words about each of my 25 favourites:

25. NELSON CLEMENTE “You Want Me Don’t You (Spekr Freks mix)”

My #22 favourite from 2008 received a blistering remix from Spekr Freks in 2009 that’s perfect for the crack of midnight at a club.  It bodes well for new music in 2010 from this South Africa based, Australian talent.

24. MARIANAS TRENCH “Masterpiece Theatre Part 1”

To me this is the showcase track from the Masterpiece Theatre, the first part of an intriguing rock opera that surrounds their other hits “Cross My Heart” (#37 on this list), “All By Myself”, and “Beside You”.  These west coast Canadians far exceeded my expectations with this well-produced and extremely well done record.


A new Swedish star who should be on the international tip sometime in 2010.  This breezy reflection on summer is only one reason for that.

22. GARY GO “Wonderful”

I missed this new UK singer opening up on Mika’s Fall tour but hopefully he’ll make the rounds again.  “Wonderful” is an urgent, heartfelt tune to turn to when you feel down in the dumps – it will certainly pick you up.

21.  RYAN STAR “Last Train Home”

The second song in this list from 2008 to receive a re-release, and the first of two in the Top 25 from this singer.  Ryan Star’s from NYC and this striking rock ballad commands your attention.  Few male rock singers these days have voices this good.

20. BEYONCE  “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

Yes it was a little tired by year’s end with even Alvin & The Chipmunks getting in on the act, but there’s no denying the hook or the impact that it had on women at the start of 2009.  Songs like this show why Beyoncé is a superstar.

19. EVAN TAUBENFELD “Boy Meets Girl”

The first of two songs in the Top 20 from this talented LA-based singer/guitarist.  The mix of 80’s and 90’s pop culture references and playful vocals make “Boy Meets Girl” a unique gem looking to be uncovered a little more in 2010.

18. PRESETS “If I Know You”

I missed their Toronto concert so I caught it when I was in California in April.  This Australian duo creates such an intense show, more reminiscent of dark and dangerous 80’s acts like Shriekback and The The than anything else.  “If I Know You” is a little less dark and dangerous, focusing in on a great melody and story while maintaining that relentless beat that pervades their live show.

17. JON McLAUGHLIN “You Can Never Go Back”

I’m not sure if it was entirely intended, but this track from this Indiana-based singer channels the Electric Light Orchestra so much for me.  With ELO-like musical flourishes and melody, and even a reference to “Xanadu”, I was sold!  It’s one of the highlights of Jon’s OK Now CD even if I think so for all the wrong reasons.

16. NADIA ALI “Love Story”

This former iio singer released her debut solo CD Embers, which includes this #1 club hit.  Nadia has a great voice that’s been missed these past few years after the demise of iio (who appear a few times on my Top 300 of the decade), and this gentle dancefloor filler has hopefully kickstarted a long solo career.

15. PIERRE  “Broken”

Pierre Lewis is one of several new singers I enjoyed from England, and his emotional ballad “Broken” has endured throughout the year for me.  It also works just fine as a dance tune in a snappy remix by Joe 90.  Look for more songs from Pierre in 2010.

14. MIKA “We Are Golden”

“We Are Golden” is the anthem of 2009 and a great start to a sophomore effort following Mika’s success in 2007.  The Boy Who Knew Too Much is top notch ear candy that occasionally goes over the top – and enjoyably sol.

13. THE SCRIPT “Before The Worst”

It’s hard to believe some of these Irish lads were once in the boy band MyTown… they have come a long way to make a debut CD that appeals across the pop, rock and alt.rock genres.  “Before The Worst” is their second song on this list, and was released as a free iTunes single early in 2009.  It’s the best track on their CD, wearing its emotion on its sleeve while allowing the listener to empathize.  The journey for these guys has just begun!

12. FLORENCE & THE MACHINE “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”

Florence Welch is a unique new voice for the next decade as heard in the powerful songs on her band’s debut CD Lungs.  “Rabbit Heart” for me has the most memorable imagery in a chorus of any song on this list and that combined with its gothic pop trappings makes it one of the finest records of the year.

11. MIKA “Blame It On The Girls”

If the triumph of “We Are Golden” was not enough, next up from Mika in 2009 was this simple and snappy pop/dance tune with a story.  It’s theatrical qualities make it pretty much irresistible.  I’m looking for Mika to take his show on the road again in 2010 so that I can see it all brought to life!

10. AGNES CARLSSON “Release Me”

The biggest breakout of the year from Sweden is Agnes Carlsson, who acquired an international #1 club hit and Top 5 UK pop hit with “Release Me”.  Great vocals, commanding performance, this song had it all.

9. DAN BLACK “Alone”

The first of two Top 10 entries from the talented Mr. Black from England is “Alone”, which is not a ballad but an uptempo dance track.  It’s one of several reasons to watch to see what Dan Black has to offer in the next few years.  The world needs more of his kind of musical alchemy.

8. RYAN STAR “Right Now”

The second of two entries for Mr. Star, could there be a more positive and upbeat song released in 2009?  This song makes you feel your mortality through your bones.

7. THE FRAY “You Found Me (Lenny B mix)”

Back in the Spring, I was listening to my car radio and a syndicated radio show was on.  As I was listening, all of sudden ‘YOU FOUND ME” resonates through the speakers – and instead of a softer AC melody what follows is a throbbing dance beat before the vocals cut in.  You see, I didn’t , and still really don’t, like the original version of this song.  But Lenny B transformed it and brought out the meaning of the song for me.  When remixes are great, they really work.  This one made my heart pound.

6. EVAN TAUBENFELD “Cheater Of TheYear”

“Cheater of the Year” was my introduction to Evan Taubenfeld in 2009, and is his second appearance in the Top 20.  Lyrically, this song pulls no punches about its subject, but Evan makes it fun and entertaining for the listener, and simply makes you want more.

5.  100 AKRES FEATURING ROZ BELL “Pink Cadillac”

“Pink Cadillac” is the best completely free download of the year.  UK based 100 Akres had a hand in producing Canadian Roz Bell’s 2008 hit “Yesterday Man”, but this time he brought Roz into his territory, this being a funky track that is highly reminiscent of some of the best blue eyed soul of the 80’s, such as songs by The Kane Gang and Paul Young.  That such a great track was given away to us music fans made me hungry for similarly great online freebies.  And you know what, they’re out there!

4. NOAH “Mannequin”

Other bloggers discovered Ottawa-based Noah before I did, but I’m so glad that I found this song through them.  Noah certainly has his own unique scat-type vocal style that when mixed with electronic dance music, creates an even more extraordinary blend.  I’ve read that he’s put on energetic shows in Ottawa and NYC.  While I couldn’t hear anything else quite as riveting from his CD Human Geometry, I’m looking forward to hearing more from Noah in 2010.


Norwegian producers Royksopp meet Swedish star Robyn for a brilliant moment in electronic dance music that had online musicphiles raving, and then there was the live performance video too.  It takes you to one of those magical places in music history that you know can’t be repeated.

2. DAN BLACK “Symphonies”

The second of two Top 10 entries for Dan Black found him taking two or three steps ahead of his 2008 download “HYPNTZ” by forgetting about the Notorious B.I.G. sample he tried to acquire and instead transforming it into this sweeping contemporary piece of electronica.  It’s one of the most beautiful songs of 2009 and the decade.

1.  SAM TAYLOR “Run Away”

“Run Away” takes my breath away every time I play it, and I first heard it back in February, so it has held court over the entire year.  UK singer Sam Taylor is such an understated talent, he has a voice and delivery that can make anyone melt, yet he’s only had a handful of songs appear online, and the only ones commercially available are through the “Beautiful People” TV soundtrack from which this song comes.  Watch out 2010, it could be Sam Taylor’s year!!

You can view the full list right here.

Tuned-On! Top 300 of the 2000’s, Part 3 (200-151)

Let’s see – a few amazing dance anthems/comebacks (“It’s All True”, “Stamp Your Feet”, “Night Of My Life”), a solo debut (“Like I Love You”), two songs that re-entered my chart (“Last Train Home”, “You Want Me Don’t You” – the latter as a remix), doubles from Rufus Wainwright, Coldplay, Kanye West, and Marianas Trench, plus wondrous stuff from Tyler Hilton, iio, Darin, Blue Man Group, Mans Zelmerlow, Gary Go, Jamiroquai, Josh Kelley, and more!

You can find the updated list right here – don’t forget to leave your comments!

Mix Pod Playlist

I discovered My Space has a new playlist compiler called Mix Pod, so I thought I’d give it a shot today.  The playlist has 20 songs that are current (mainly on my chart, and the usual suspects) or recent within the last few years.  Click on “Get Tracks” below, which will take you to the playlist page where you can hear the songs!  The tags below this post will tell you who’s on the playlist 🙂

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

You Like to Watch, Don’t You?

For your viewing entertainment, here are some videos of some of my current favourite performers and/or songs.

MANS ZELMERLOW “Hope and Glory”

It’s a pretty cheesy song compared to others on this Swedish singer’s CD MZW, but his performance has major WOW factor.  Do I smell international breakout?  Now he needs a website in English!

DAN BLACK “Symphonies”

Our resident UK music scientist with an equally imaginative video.

FLORENCE & THE MACHINE  “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”

The song has one of the most memorable choruses in recent memory, as well as great imagery, captured in fine fashion in the video.


Baltimore native Evan’s out to take over the pop music world, one fan at a time.  Songs with amusing lyrics like “Boy Meets Girl” will definitely help him get there!  Here’s a live clip.

MIKA  “We Are Golden”

The 2000’s version of the Tom Cruise underwear scene from “Risky Business”???  If not, it’s bright, colourful and fun!


– Bill

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