Mixing it up with two recent duets with Florida’s @3letterznuk – “I Wonder” with NYC’s @MarcoFoster_, and a reboot of “Fool’s Gold” with @AaronCarter


AARON CARTER and 3LETTERZNUK, “Fool’s Gold” (remix)

I’m one for connecting the dots with music, and sometimes it takes me to interesting places whether in person or with the songs themselves. 

So I had got word that NYC’s rising and talented singer/songwriter Marco Foster – always on my radar – had a new song out called “I Wonder”.  It offers a sweeter-than-usual vocal by Marco that works in beautiful contrast to a fun rap by Florida’s 3letterznuk, newly signed to Sony.  Both styles come together to make the song really gel memorably. 

And in discovering this winning pairing, I found that 3letterznuk’s re-emergence on an earlier single this past summer latched on to another performer’s own re-branding  – fellow Floridian, Aaron Carter.  “Fool’s Gold” was initially released a few years ago and was included on Aaron’s first album in 16 years (and first as an adult!) called LØVË, released earlier this year.  A remix was an awfully good idea, letting 3letterznuk’s verses flow freely over the beginning of the song, allowing a segue for the lush production and a sincerely restrained and bright vocal by Aaron that has a lot of delightful breathy qualities about it too.  

Both “I Wonder” and the remix of “Fool’s Gold” happen to have 3letterznuk in common, but they’re true 2018 sleepers waiting for you to discover them.

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UK-based producer @iamEmbody revives a classic 90’s hit as “Be Cool” with vocalists @MarcoFoster_ and #Bailey


It’s been a while since Lithuania-born, UK-based producer Embody has graced us with original music, after creating one of my favourite songs of Summer ’16 with “Dreamin'”.  He continues on a light tropical house vibe with “Be Cool”, which is actually a surprise cover of Des’ree’s huge 1994 hit “You Gotta Be”.  Great songs will often translate well to any setting, and “Be Cool” keeps a lot of the same familiar flavour of the original.  It’s aided immensely by the male/female duo talents of US singer Marco Foster (about whom I’ve written several times), no stranger to contributing to dance tracks himself, as well new singer Bailey.  Their voices have similar qualities that are fused together well in the production.  “Be Cool” should be a no-brainer for dance radio and clubs (remixes will help) as the original will attest to its timeless popularity.

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Pop/R&B singer @MarcoFoster_’s live NYC show, and his new romantic single with @TastyTreatMusic “Selfish”

TASTY TREAT featuring MARCO FOSTER, “Selfish”

I’ve been listening and writing about 23 year old NYC singer/songwriter Marco Foster these last few years and got to witness his talent as an acoustic performer last week in NYC on the eve of his new single with L.A. producers Tasty Treat called “Selfish”.  Marco exudes plenty of confidence whether he’s also playing guitar or keyboards or singing a duet with promising newcomer Mia Gladstone.  He can shift seamlessly between pop and R&B, featuring several other new songs that could veer in either direction.  But he really cleaned up the floor with a bang-on rendition of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”, a song that you don’t mess with unless you can sang it!  “Selfish” (above) is a deliberately sparse-sounding but romantic song that is easy to warm up to.  Following last year’s “Sideways”, Marco and Tasty Treat seem to have a good thing vibing together.  Timing is everything even for independent performers, but it looks like Marco’s time to weigh in to the pop/R&B scene is coming soon!

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A Charismatic vocal by @MarcoFosterworld graces “Sideways” by @TastyTreatmusic

TASTY TREAT featuring MARCO FOSTER, “Sideways” (free DL)

Rising L.A. based EDM duo Tasty Treat (aka John and Devin) have wisely enlisted the talents of NYC’s Marco Foster for this laid back ballad called “Sideways”.  Camp Flo Rida is being very good in support of on-the-bubble Marco these past few years, and what we have here is a confident R&B vocal that will appeal to fans as diverse as Bryson Tiller, Justin Timberlake, and Justin Bieber.  While I think an acappella version would likely cause jaws to drop, nonetheless Tasty Treat have created deliberately sparse but classy electronics behind Marco’s vocal.  It reminds me of a jazzy 60’s R&B song that’s been transported in time to pick up tender electronic rhythms and a vocal with that same kind of classic retro appeal.  Give it a listen and download it for free at the link above.

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Marco Foster @Marcomusicworld takes @Flumemusic’s “Never Be Like You” on an acoustic trip

MARCO FOSTER, “Never Be Like You”

In an interesting change of pace, an EDM song gradually turning into a left-of-centre pop hit gets an acoustic remake, courtesy of 22 year-old NYCer Marco Foster.  Yup, this is the same Marco that I wrote about back in 2012 when he had just climbed aboard Flo Rida’s bus.  And while he’s been keeping busy with Flo, timing is indeed everything:  Marco’s take on Flume & Kai’s “Never Be Like You” immediately brings to mind “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber in both vibe and appeal.  I suppose when the first song you think of is a huge worldwide #1 then that has to be a good thing.  While the cover has gritty values in acoustic format, Marco’s voice has gotten smoother and soulful, too… the kind that heartbreakers are made of… more good things are coming, I think!

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