“Hello” is the first taste of the new progressive electronic project by L.A. producer @Prizmofficial with vocals by @McEwenofficial

THE PRIZM and McEWEN, “Hello”

Last year I previewed some songs by L.A. mystery electronic producer The Prizm which showed a lot of interesting potential while he figured out where this new project was heading.  So I’m now pleased to introduce you to the first single from his upcoming untitled release, which is “Hello”.  It’s a rather uncomplicated first taste of what’s to come, with a straight forward melody which finds its way through some complex synths and heavier beats.  The pitched up, unrecognizable vocal belongs to McEwen, otherwise known as Adam Tyler, a long-time favourite in these blog pages.  The Prizm uses McEwen’s appearance to unlock the door to the rest of his release, which fans of Illenium or Seven Lions will want to hear.  So say “Hello” to The Prizm, with much more to come in 2020.

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“Love That About You” is beautiful, thoughtful ode to love from @McEwenofficial

McEWEN, “Love That About You”

Following his return earlier this year with original music with “Neon”, the former Adam Tyler is now McEwen with “Love That About You”.  The song is a seriously touching and thoughtful ode to love, being that he wrote it about his husband Erik for their wedding three years ago.  Their recent experiences as parents of twin girls are also well-documented and very entertaining as McHusbands on You Tube.  I’m so glad that “Love That” is released to share with everyone as you can feel the joy that it radiates from your speakers.  It’s also got slick enough production and a swirling rhythm to help you kill it on the dance floor with your special someone.  Although I enjoyed Adam’s darker and edgier dance music from earlier in the decade (well documented in these blog pages), “Love That About You” is as fresh as a reboot that anyone could want, and I’m hoping it’s a launching pad for similarly marvelous songs to come.  Adam and Erik also set the song to clips from their wedding, which you can enjoy below (and expect to finish very misty-eyed) 🙂

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He’s back! @AdamTylerx is now @McEwenofficial with beautiful new original “Neon”

McEWEN, “Neon”

With his first original song in more than 3 years, L.A. based singer/songwriter Adam Tyler has returned as McEwen – previewed here last year with his EP of cover songs 90’s Kid – with a beautiful new original called “Neon”.  It’s a logical extension of Adam’s fine earlier album Shattered Ice, with pristine production by Aron Friedman.  It features a passionate vocal by McEwen, definitely one of his best, full of positive words about the person/people around him that make him how he is today.  “Neon” is pure pop heaven, that also comes to you in EP format with two remixes, by McEwen as well as his buddy The Wookie, along with an a cappella version on McEwen’s Bandcamp page right here (with additional artwork featuring his 3 month old twin daughters!).  Add it too your pure pop bliss playlist using the Spotify link above and pick up your own copy of “Neon” on iTunes.

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A Splendid cover of @Haddymusix’s “What Is Love” highlights @McEwenofficial’s debut EP “90’s Kid”


McEWEN, “What Is Love” (free DL)

After all of the play that Haddaway’s “What Is Love” received on radio and in clubs in 1993-94, plus the over-the-top use of it in 1998’s “A Night At The Roxbury”, I never thought I could listen to the song again with a straight face.  Initially, yeah the expressive vocal in the original worked well with the Eurodisco that was popular at the time.  But nearly 25 years later, L.A.-based Adam Tyler, now recording under his last name of McEwen, manages to nail it and update it on his new EP 90’s Kid.  

I can’t think of a better person to do this, with Adam’s similar reverence for 90’s and onward songs to my own from the 70’s and 80’s – except he can sing and I can’t 😛  McEwen wrings out the drama of “What Is Love” in favour of focusing on the ponderous question at hand, and then continuing to elevate it into a contemporary club banger with production by our mutual friend The Wookie.  

Delve into 90’s Kid further and you’ll also be impressed by the mystery of “Your Clown”, originally recorded by Eiffel 65 (those “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” guys), and there are also renditions of George Michael’s “Too Funky”, “Missing” by Everything But The Girl (keeping the club vibe), Ace Of Base’s “Don’t Turn Around” (which I wrote about recently), and even the more obscure throwback “Supernova Girl” from the Disney Channel movie “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century”.  

You can download 90’s Kid for free from the McEwen Official website.  Listen to “What Is Love” and the entire EP below.

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Meet MCEWEN: @AdamTylerx is @MCEWENofficial with inspired cover of @AceofBase’s “Don’t Turn Around”

MCEWEN, “Don’t Turn Around” (free DL @ http://www.mcewenofficial.com)

I can’t think of anyone better to cover an Ace of Base hit successfully than L.A.-based singer/songwriter MCEWEN, written up many times in these blog posts as none other than Adam Tyler!  Celebrating his two year marriage anniversary on May 24 to Erik (soon to be parents of twins too) and using their last name to launch the MCEWEN project, “Don’t Turn Around” receives a reverent, appropriately bouncy rework of the Ace of Base version, which was previously also a hit for Aswad in 1988.  It’s Adam’s first new music in a few years – so great to hear the playful enthusiasm in his vocal – and as MCEWEN he will issue the EP 90’s Kid in June.  I can’t think of many people who know or are inspired by 90’s music much more than Adam after we met up when I was in L.A. last year – we could talk for hours about anything to do with music, particularly the 90’s!  I’m looking forward to the next preview of 90’s Kid but in the meantime I know you’ll have lots of fun bopping to “Don’t Turn Around”, available for free at the MCEWEN official website above.

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