Enigmatic @Meatportmusic premieres with bold and wild “The Troll”

MEATPORT, “The Troll”

Enigmatic producer/DJ Meatport premieres with “The Troll” via Vinyl City.  It’s a bold, wild ride of a song that straddles fun as much as it might infuriate you with its alternately ominous and goofy chorus.  Musically it surfs a seriously ambitious wave of 90’s techno-house colliding with drum ‘n bass and trap elements along the way – put early Armand Van Helden and DaRude in a room with Martin Garrix and Pegboard Nerds and you might get a sense of where the song might head for you.  And if you’re game – well, welcome to the #MeatFam with much more zaniness to come, meat-helmet included 🙂 There is no second-guessing that Meatport knows his craft well!  Check out the tight radio edit up top or the full enchilada with all of the hot sauce and jalapeño peppers below, and pick it up at your favourite digital store.

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A Norwegian #1 returns: Mysterious new #EDM producer @Meatportmusic revives “Vannski” by #Broiler

BROILER, “Vannski” (Meatport remix) (free DL)

It fit into the style prompted by Avicii’s “Wake Me Up!” in 2013 and soared to #1 in Norway in its more folky original version, but that hasn’t stopped new mystery producer Meatport from taking a crack at a revival of Broiler’s “Vannski” (English: “Waterskiing”).  The folk element is still there but toned down in favour of some fresh progressive sounds, minimal effects, a faster tempo, and emphasis on making it an anthem, even if you don’t understand it.  In almost every year, a song comes from totally afar left field to strike a chord, and if the mystery of the introduction of Meatport (“Meatport began as the brainchild of the FDA”, and all other meat-related puns notwithstanding…) and who s/he is stays under wraps (s/he won’t tell me!), then it could succeed on its own fine merits.  There is a live rendition of the original on You Tube and if you decide to search for it you’ll find it’s quite a big stage production.  But Meatport’s new remix is as good a place to start, so be sure to give it a listen and download it for free at the link above.

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