“Without You” offers a bright showcase for new Oregon-based singer @AUSTNofficial via Dutch producer @SteveVoidmusic

STEVE VOID & AUSTN, “Without You”

Dutch producer Steve Void is having a great year not only with music from his Strange Fruits label, but also with his own releases.  Continuing the trend is “Without You”, a fine song that could have had a perfectly happy life as a sullen ballad.  But Steve had other things in mind and brought in charming new Oregon-based singer AUSTN, who gives the song a lot of why-is-this-happening-only-to-me personality and dimension.  Sure it’s still a sad song, but it’s also given a lift by a few bars of melodic house, which allows the relationship in the song to achieve full closure (cue another Steve Void song…).  Anyway, “Without You” to me has pop and dance music radio potential in the many ways by which it draws in a listener who will ultimately be quite satisfied in the end.

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“Walk Alone”, the latest by Dutch producers @TheHim, revels in sharp melodic house recalling earlier in the decade

THE HIM, “Walk Alone”

Easily one of my favourite purveyors of top notch house music, Dutch producers The Him are back with one of their best songs to date in “Walk Alone”.  After critics tried to bury the melodic house genre of the early part of the decade, smart producers like The Him are gradually reviving its influential presence, largely inspired by the late Avicii.  It makes “Walk Alone” a brisk 2:51, where you just wait for those magical melodic drops and hooks.  The uncredited male vocal is also appealing ear candy, and “Walk Alone” should become one of The Him’s big fan favourites in concert.  Side note: If you didn’t know, Jeroen (J) will no longer be performing with Steve in order to focus on production, and we’ll miss J at the shows, but The Him will continue to be a constant force in the house music scene.

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“Six Feet Under” by young @Billie_Eilish gets a slick melodic house remix by @Vastamusic

BILLIE EILISH, “Six Feet Under” (Vasta remix)

For a different kind of remix full of an immense variety of sounds, check out what Florida’s Vasta has created to refashion teen-on-the-rise Billie Eilish’s “Six Feet Under”.  He actually plays off her uniquely expressive somewhat Lana Del Rey-ish style in the quieter, emotional parts of the song and adds a bass undercurrent, sharp percussion, and other soaring synths with a driving rhythm that takes the song to different places than the original.  It might take a little longer to arrive at in the second half but it’s definitely worth your while to stick with it.  Take a listen above to Vasta’s melodic house remix, and download it for free.

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