#BILLCSTop30 #501 – January 23/17

Here at the BILLCS Music Blog, we continue to burn down discos until the morning comes…

The Top 10

  • Or so sing Pet Shop Boys, as “Burn” from their album Super handily continues its reign at the top.  We’ll have to wait to see if any other song challenges in two weeks.

  • “D E E P In NY”, Bobby Nourmand’s brilliant mix of hip hop and EDM, slides up a notch to #2 to try and rival Pet Shop Boys two weeks from now.
  • Don’t discount Brothers by Saxity featuring Strøm, either, as this carefree song about friendship advances to #3.  The duo have a collaboration on deck with American singer Nathalie Archangel too, with the same songwriters no less 🙂
  • “All The Way”, a fun-loving instrumental by Sweden’s Hellberg, continues to rise up 7-5.
  • Tony Moran & Jason Walker know how to have a blast together making songs, and “Say Yes” is the latest collaboration, moving 9-6.

  • Vancouver’s Felix Cartal has his first of two entries cracking the Top 10 with frequent vocal collaborator Ofelia K on “Drifting Away”, climbing 17-9.
  • “Light” by Dutchman San Holo continues to tread in the Billboard Top 20 Electronic Songs chart, and also continues to advance on this chart too, soaring 18-10.

Movin’ On Up

  • It looks like another young Dutchman, Steve Void, is about to get his first Top 10 here with No Mondays with “Chemistry”, featuring a lovely vocal by Clara Mae.  It rises 13-11.  Steve has been in the Top 10 with remixes last year – SNBRN’s “Beat The Sunrise” got to #5, while “False Alarm” by Matoma & Becky Hill reached #6.
  • L.A.’s Mahalo is on a roll with a splendid remix of ZHU’s “In The Morning” following a couple of originals, one being “Be My Love” (featuring Cat Lewis) which climbs 16-12.
  • The fastest riser on the chart is Phil Good’s ode to “Sleeping In”, which in a Sean Turk bedroom bass remix is more than about just that.  It wastes no time rocketing up the chart 22-13.

  • All of the last chart’s debuts are well on their way.  DNCE’s “Naked” bounds 25-19 (above), with Felix Cartal’s second entry “Keep Up” (featuring Steph Jones in a Ben Zamora remix) jumping 27-20 (below), Throttle’s pairing with Michael Buble for a remix of “My Kind Of Girl” rising 26-22, and would-be sports anthem “#Bomber!” by Italy’s BeatmartHz & DJ Mirko B climbing 29-23.

Three Debuts

  • There is no denying that The Chainsmokers were wise to wait till January to unleash “Paris”, now that “Closer” has hit its stride.  The guys know their audience and wrote another song to which anyone can relate, capturing a snapshot and the accompanying emotion to make the song soar.  Once again Drew Taggart’s vocal totally suits the song and the chorus is a positive singalong that will endure throughout 2017.  It arrives at #15, giving it a good shot at the top… soon!  The Chainsmokers did reach #1 here with “Closer”, as well as #2 in 2015 with “Let You Go” (featuring Great Good Fine OK), and #8 with “Don’t Let Me Down” (featuring Daya).
  • Debuting on the chart is Miami producer Alyx Ander with the seductive “Memories Of You” featuring an amazing vocal by Srey Davi.  This one will get under your skin… it arrives at #27. It’s the first appearance by Nettwerk Records on this chart since 2011 too.

  • The last debut belongs to British producer KDA with “Just Say” featuring rising American vocalist Tinashe.  Not much is known about KDA but he did manage to fend off One Direction and scored a UK #1 in late 2015 with “Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)” (featuring Tinie Tempah and Katy B).  “Just Say” is classic American-style house with European flair, and it’s no surprise it’s already in the Top 20 of the Billboard Club Play chart.

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#BILLCSTop30 500th Edition! – January 9/17


It would likely be over 1,000 editions had I published my chart weekly, but from January 1998 to January 2017 and we are at 500 charts 🙂  Thanks to all of you who continue to follow my personal chart, which is exactly that – personal.  No mathematics, very few rules (only to keep the chart fresh with new music), these are my favourite 30 songs of the moment.  This edition has a bit of post-holiday housecleaning with 5 debuts and The Weeknd & Daft Punk give way to a new #1 by some familiar faces…

The Top 10

  • While they would have had several chart toppers in their popularity heyday, Pet Shop Boys make it twice to grace the top of my chart with the disco-tastic “Burn”.  The song is not a single, but I’m hoping it will be #4 from the album Super, following #3 “The Pop Kids” (#17 of 2016), “Twenty-Something”, and “Say It To Me”.  Their other #1 on my chart was in 2013 with “Vocal” from Electric, which was also my #1 song of that year.
  • New to the Top 5 are “Brothers” by Saxity featuring Strøm (above), vaulting 8 to 4 and still available for free download, as well as Stefan Alexander’s compelling “Skeleton” (below) which climbs 6 to 5.

  • Two newcomers to the Top 10 are the Fastest Riser on the chart, “Say Yes” by Tony Moran & Jason Walker (ab0ve), which rises 16-9 and their second Top 10 following last year’s “So Happy” (#3 and #20 of 2016), followed by Victor Perry’s lovely take on Everything But The Girl’s “Missing” (below), also his second Top Tenner following last year’s “Rainbows” (#7 and #42 of 2016).  It’s still available as a free download too!

Movin’ On Up

  • “False Alarm” by The Weeknd encroaches on the Top 10, but it’s a powerful song that’s been in the shadow of “Starboy”.  We’ll see what the next single from the album will be.  “False Alarm” jumps 13-11.
  • Big things are coming from young Dutchman Steve Void in 2017, and his pairing with No Mondays featuring vocalist Clara Mae on “Chemistry” leaps 19-13.
  • Right behind is Canada’s Felix Cartal with “Drifting Away” (featuring vocalist Ofelia K) as we all daydream about driving down the east or west coasts of the States in perfect warm weather.  It moves up 22-17, and Felix has another song debuting on the chart below…
  • “Light” by The Netherlands’ San Holo is raising a lot of ears with its infectious but low key EDM, and it rises 23-18.
  • The last chart’s other two debuts make fine inroads, both climbing 7 notes to #19 and #20.  #19 is Molly Moore’s “Imaginary Friends” (above), also in Telykast and Pluto remixes, and #20 is JPB’s “For You” (below) featuring a soulful vocal from British singer Luke Cusato.

5 Debuts

  • As his remix of “Closer” by Brandyn Burnette (#7 and #51 of 2016) departs the chart, another Sean Turk remix arrives with the sexy ‘bedroom bass’ style of EDM in “Sleeping In” by Phil Good at #22.  And of course the song is more about what we do when we’re ‘sleeping in’ rather than actually sleeping… it’s also a free download for now.

  • And keeping sex centre stage at #25 is an excellent album track by DNCE from their self-titled album called “Naked”.  I saw them first perform this one in November 2015 and I’m glad it made the cut for the album because it was one of the least things we thought Joe Jonas might be singing about 😛  DNCE’s “Cake By The Ocean” reached #2 on my chart well before it was in the Top 10 nationally, and was my #15 song of 2015.
  • Definitely something a little different for us in 2017 comes from rising young Australian producer Throttle (aka Robbie Bergin), who has taken Michael Buble’s cover of Frank Sinatra’s “My Kind Of Girl” and juggled the jazz rhythms with some riveting house beats.  While it’s not to everyone’s taste, it’s a whole lotta fun and arrives at #26.  “My Kind Of Girl” was Throttle’s Christmas present to his listeners, and it’s a free download.
  • At #27 is the second entry from Felix Cartal, this time featuring prominent session vocalist Steph Jones on “Keep Up”, as an official remix by fellow Canadian Ben Zamora.  Felix is on a roll with much more to come in 2017.  This remix and others are also available as free downloads for now.

  • And the last debut at #29 is a real rebel-rouser, perfect for sporting events… It’s “#Bomber!” by Italy’s BeatmartHz and DJ Mirko B, a classic mix of Italohouse and techno.  

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“My Kind Of Girl” as remixed by Australia’s @Throttle returns @MichaelBuble to clubland


Young Australian producer/remixer Throttle is showing why he is becoming increasingly in demand and performing at concerts like Tomorrowland, with his reshaping of Michael Bublé’s lovely “My Kind Of Girl” for clubland.  What’s great about this remix is that it retains the jazzy flavour of the original, and actually works it up against the playful drops and torrent of synths that are added – Throttle calls it Dirty Disco.  Think of “We No Speak Americano” or “Mambo #9” without the novelty; Throttle’s remix of “My Kind Of Girl” is an immediate dance floor filler.  It will draw out the romantics for the jazzy side of the song, and if they have some moves, they can bust them right along those who do not.  Club DJ’s would be wise to incorporate Throttle’s remix of “My Kind Of Girl” at the height of a busy evening.  You may recall Michael Bublé’s songs were in dance clubs from the getgo, through 2004’s Ralphi Rosario mix of the classic “Sway” 🙂  If you have a Bit Torrent client, you can download it for free from the link above.

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@Harrietsmusic Sparkles With Her Cover of “Home” (@MichaelBuble)



I can’t wait until new UK singer Harriet releases more new music to purchase.  Her partnership with reknown producer Steve Anderson showcases her far-from-modest vocal talents, this time in her cover of Michael Bublé’s “Home”.  It’s an interesting choice because Michael is so known as an interpreter and this was his first hit as an original co-write.  Harriet in turn puts a pristine but earthy spin on the song.  Her voice is still bereft with Karen Carpenter comparisons (including from me), but I would throw in a big dash of Rita Coolidge on “Home”.  It conveys the longing to be home in an assured manner without being bigger or louder like the original, and without being too subtle which would have made it unmemorable.  Bravo to Harriet and Steve – please keep these gems coming 🙂


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17 of My Favourite Musical and Lyrical Moments of 2010











As a precursor to my annual Best of 2010 list, I’ve borrowed an idea from xolondon’s blog to focus on some of my favourite musical and lyrical ‘moments’ of 2010.  These 17 ‘moments’ are just pieces of songs and performances that struck me for one reason or another, and are listed in no particular order.

  • The glorious and inspired – 90’s not 80’s, since I for one thought I heard Erasure – in the instrumental intro to “Love Part II” by Bright Light Bright Light.
  • The big, big dramatic introduction to Michael Bublé’s rendition of “Cry Me A River”.
  • When Simon Curtis first suggests ‘Tell the DJ drop the beat / Don’t play some mother fuckin’ band’ at the :25 mark, and then proceeds to brilliantly shout out and sample the then-very fresh  “Bad Romance” by Lady GaGa at 1:01, in “Beat Drop”.
  • The final crushing realizations of the sadness of ‘Head over heels for you no more’ at 3:29  in Bim’s “Head Over Heels”.
  • The celebration of ‘Before you, my whole life was acapella’ at 1:04 and then repeated several times in “Acapella” by Kelis.
  • The jaunty Doobie Brothers inspired melody starting with the the chorus in “The Worse It Gets” by Penguin Prison at :54 – ‘I’ve got a car that I call Jenny’…
  • Finally realizing the entire point that The Temper Trap was making while repeating “Imma dig that grave’ at 4:22 in the Penguin Prison remix of “Resurrection”, which changed my entire viewpoint of that song.
  • The updated disco backdrop, which takes off at :35 and seems to be borrowed almost verbatim from 1980’s “Love Sensation” by Loleatta Holloway, in the Penguin Prison remix of Jamiroquai’s underrated “White Knuckle Ride”.
  • The glorious chorus of Mika’s “Rain” beginning first at :47 – a song which is not to me so much about rain as it is other things.
  • Elouise belting out ‘Pretend you’re mine’ in “Pretender” at 3:04.
  • ‘When you let the darkness go, everything glows’ at :52 of “Glow” by Richard Barone, the new unofficial theme song of New York City for me.
  • The chorus first kicks in with ‘Here we go…’ at :33 and then the immediate Q&A ‘Is this love or just sexual desire? We’re gonna start a fire’ at :41, in “Start A Fire” by Ryan Star.
  • Adam Tyler’s raw and excited vocal when he sings ‘With a look we bait the trap and wait’ at 1:01 in the Ricardo Autobahn edit of “Friction”.
  • Christian Burns’ acapella vocal break ‘And I love it when you fall to me, suddenly’, followed by the same verse accompanied by instantly thunderous keyboards, at 2:51 in the radio edit of BT’s “Suddenly”.
  • The first dramatic keyboard riff which transforms Reni Lane’s “Place For Us” in repetition into a sexy late-night dancefloor stomper in its Will Eastman remix.
  • The final few bars of lonely toy piano at 2:33 in Simon Curtis’ “8-bit Heart”, which made my eyes well up on the first few listens.
  • As with “8-bit Heart”, when Blake Lewis first sings ‘I wish we could just go back there tonight’ at :22, referring to the closed record store in “Heartbreak On Vinyl”.

Please do reply with yours 🙂

Quirky & Quiet Retro iTouch Shuffle Mix

Sometimes letting the iTouch go to shuffle comes up with some interesting mixes of music that you wouldn’t put together yourself.  Here’s what I heard on the drive to work this morning.  Pretty quirky and quiet until the last songs – makes me wonder what I’ll hear on the drive home 🙂

Michael Buble “Sway (Ralphi’s Salsation vox edit)” (2004)

Andy Bell “Crazy” (2005 – Electric Blue album)

Tony Stone “This Is Serious (extended mix)” (1988)

Fashion “Dressed To Kill” (1982 – Fabrique album)

Steve Winwood “The Finer Things” (1987)

Jai “Cry Me A River” (1998 – Heaven album)

Book Of Love “I Touch Roses” (1986)

Kaiser Chiefs “Thank You Very Much” (2007 – Yours Truly, Angry Mob album)

Madonna & Justin Timberlake “4 Minutes” (2008)

I’ll try and post links to a few of the more obscure songs later.

Tuned-On! Top 30 #317 – Jan 4/10

We return now to our usual blogging, after all of the Best of 2009 and Decade lists, to find that Simon Curtis’ “Delusional” continues to have a tight grip on my bi-weekly list of favourites.  It’s one of five songs available on my chart for free download, and you can download “Delusional” right here.

I was given bothMika’s “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” and Lady GaGa’s “The Fame Monster” as gifts during the holidays, and they are both truly splendid records. So while both artists have songs in my Top 5, they both also debut with outstanding tracks that could bound closer to the top of the chart in a few weeks. Mika’s glorious “Rain” debuts at #19 while GaGa’s sensational “Speechless” bows at #21.

Fast risers on the chart include Pet Shop Boys’ “Viva La Vida/Domino Dancing” moving up the most, followed by great songs by Miike Snow, Michael Buble, Timbaland and Friends, and Joshua Radin.

Also new to the chart we find British theatre singer with a rocked up version of the song she sang on Broadway and in London. Kerry Ellis’ “Defying Gravity”, from “Wicked” and produced by Queen’s Brian May arrives at #25, while The Crystal Method indeed come back after an over 11 year absence from my chart. Having Metric singer Emily Haines in tow for “Come Back Clean (Kaskade radio edit)” is a huge plus – her own effort “Doctor Blind” was one of my favourites of the last decade and was on this chart exactly 3 years ago, where it eventually rose to the summit. The Crystal Method’s last song to appear was “Comin’ Back” (featuring vocalist Kirsty Thirsk) (peak #19).

You can view the full chart at the link on the right side bar under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** or right here. I’d appreciate any comments you have to share! 🙂

Tuned-On! Top 300 of the 2000’s – FINAL (#50-1)

Here it is, the final 50 of the complete list of 300 songs, a list that I fussed over for the last few months.  I may have been a little generous overall with songs from the last year, but time will only tell, since 2009 was to me a great year for new music.  I think the best way to introduce this list is with some of my favourite lyrics.

I won’t worry my life away…

I’d go extra miles to show that you are the one thing that I’ve got…

Gimme gimme symphonies, gimme more than the life I see…

I know that after tonight you don’t have to talk about the stars no no…

If I have understood correctly velocity equals the distance traveled, divided by time…

Step into the light, this dog doesn’t bite, oh, just want to be your friend…

Simply being loved… is more than enough, yeah yeah…

I’m living for the only thing I know, I’m running and not sure quite where to go…

My baby’s got the lonesome lows, don’t quite go away overnight…

Feathered hair and lame heels, what turns me on is so surreal…

And I’m only makin’ it worse when I let her go, then I come on back every time I leave…

And I won’t call you baby anymore, won’t call you baby like I did before…

I’m miles from where you are, I lay down on the cold ground, I pray that something picks me up…

You know in 1987 I was dancin’ in a discotheque, and people were coming up to me and sayin’ “What is this shit??”…

The full updated list is available right here – please leave your comments and observations!!  Onward to the new decade… 🙂

Today’s iTouch Shuffle Playlist and Flashback Video

Today’s hour-plus drive to work yielded the iTouch shuffle playlist below.

K’naan featuring Adam Levine “Bang Bang”

Eve 6 “Promise”

DJ Tatana featuring Jael “Always On My Mind”

Chris Cornell “You Know My Name”

Alcatraz “Give Me Luv” (all 8 wonderful minutes of the extended mix)

Michael Buble “Georgia On My Mind”

Danity Kane “Damaged”

Level 42 “Eyes Waterfalling”

Donnis “I Am Me”

Newton White “Breathless”

Al Green “Let’s Stay Together”

Gibson Brothers “Cuba”

Lindsey Buckingham “D.W. Suite”

Faith Brothers “A Stranger On Home Ground”

And today’s flashback video song was heard on shuffle a few days ago – Adamski featuring Seal with “Killer” from 1990 (before Seal’s first solo CD was released, and, of course, when he had hair).  Great pop ‘mad scientist’ video!

Michael Buble live clip “Haven’t Met You Yet”

I was pleased to win tix to see Michael Buble live in concert in Toronto for a television show broadcast earlier this week.  He’s a fantastic performer, I saw him a few years ago.  He looks like a lean, mean fighting machine, and really delivered the goods with his new single “Haven’t Met You Yet” from his upcoming CD Crazy Love.

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