“Stay Up Late” is the latest potent R&B/Dance original from @MonsieurAdi” featuring #Red

MONSIEUR ADI featuring RED, “Stay Up Late”

I’m hoping that with “Stay Up Late” we will hear much more from the ever-talented French (but often U.S.-based) producer Monsieur Adi, about whom I’ve written so many times since 2010.  After 2013’s amazing “What’s Going On” with A*M*E, Monsieur Adi’s releases and even remixes were very select (albeit Katy Perry’s “Rise”though…), but when they did arrive we continued to be blessed with top notch original productions with fine vocalists.  “Stay Up Late” though has managed to get the attention of long-time dance label Robbins Entertainment.  It’s almost like Adi picked up where “What’s Going On” started, with “Stay Up Late” featuring another potent but controlled and soulful vocal by Red, and his production being suitably recognizable with its percolating rhythm and synths building with such a distinguished orchestrated effect.  Listen up top and also check out the extended mix.

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La danse va continuer: Le retour de @MonsieurAdi with “All My Life” (featuring Tyson)

MONSIEUR ADI featuring TYSON, “All My Life”

French producer/DJ/performer Monsieur Adi is back, somewhat inauspiciously after his remix of Years & Years’ “Desire” earlier this year, with an original song called “All My Life” featuring powerhouse R&B vocalist Tyson.  Monsieur Adi, about whom I’ve written many times, you will recall, opened for many dates for Beyoncé on her Mrs. Carter tour in the UK in 2014 (he had previously remixed her “Grown Woman” to much acclaim).  And how is it exactly that you beat that?  You don’t – you sequester yourself away for a while and work on your next project, which in this case is his upcoming album After Hours.  “All My Life” is definitely much more of a personal record than Monsieur Adi has recorded before.  It has the same universal effect as K-Ci and JoJo’s 90’s hit of the same name, except with a fierce Tina Turner-esque vocal, but the rhythm is going to get you here.  I hear the music in “All My Life” as the most immediate tribute musically to Prince, and if so, not entirely coincidental since Monsieur Adi bases himself in Minneapolis when stateside and I couldn’t imagine the effect of being nearby after his loss.  “All My Life” is a great introduction to the next phase of Monsieur Adi songs, and you’ll simply want to hear more.  

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Electro-bliss: @MonsieurAdi features @NeginSongs on “Lucky Ones”


MONSIEUR ADI featuring NEGIN, “Lucky Ones”

After pairing with A*M*E for his killer cover of Soul II Soul’s “Back To Life” (reimagined as “What’s Going On”, which got to #2 on my personal chart) last year, and receiving raves as an opener for Beyonce’s UK tour, the amazing French producer Monsieur Adi returns with “Lucky Ones”, featuring U.S.-based Swedish singer Negin.  You’ll know Negin already for her appearances on Avicii’s “Three Million” and a remix of Daft Punk’s “Derezzed”, and her voice perfectly suits a gentle Europop setting, coming across sounding like a mix of Cathy Dennis and Foxes.  “Lucky Ones” is just the kind of song that will fill dance floors everywhere, another notch on the list for our Monsieur, whose full album release is due in early 2015.  “Lucky Ones” should heighten the international profiles of Monsieur Adi and Negin, so be sure to listen for it soon!  In the meantime, you can enjoy it in this link from Hypem.

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BILLCS Top 30 #421 – December 30/13 – Plus, New Songs by Neverest, Remy Shand, and Matt Blue

The last chart of 2013 is also my first chart of 2014, when last year’s favourites start to fade a bit and new ones start to take charge.

  • The Top 4 are exactly the same as two weeks ago:  Bright Light Bright Light’s “An Open Heart” (#11 for 2013) and “What’s Going On” by Monsieur Adi & A*M*E (#17 for 2013) are still too hard to dislodge, with Anton Ewald’s “Can’t Hold Back” (#21 for 2013) about to give way to Travis Garland’s “Easy”.

  • SIRPAUL busts a move right into the Top 5 with “Every Single Moment” (8-5), which not only can swirl you out onto the dance floor but dazzle you with its excellent lyrics.  It’s a grower, but a winner!
  • I am by no means nowhere near done with Martin Garrix’s “Animals” as it continually lodges itself inside my head.  It would have made for some appropriate party music in last night’s festivities.  “Animals” moves up 11-6.

  • “Gold” by UK singer Eurielle vaults into the Top 10 at #7, from her compelling 3 song EP The Incarnation.  Watch the tantalizing video above.

  • “Breathe Me” is a poignant and minimal cover of the Sia song by Portugal’s Carlos Nóbrega, climbing 15-10 and becoming his second Top 10 placing on my chart.
  • The middle of the chart finds songs still on the rise from Jarell Perry, “Glee”/Adam Lambert, Lady GaGa & R. Kelly and Corey Niles & Dru.

  • Debuts from the last chart are all taking off smoothly.  Bright Light Bright Light’s “In Your Care” is the fastest riser, up 24-16, making this a double whammy week for Rod Thomas who also has the #1 song.  Lady GaGa’s “MANiCURE” and Cage The Elephant’s “Come A Little Closer” (coming closer to becoming a pop hit, I think) climb 28-21 and 29-23.

  • I’ve written about both of our newcomers.  It’s no surprise that “Motel Pool” by Travis Garland bows at #22 complete with its damn proper sexy video.  Travis’ self-titled album is my go-to when I don’t know what to listen to.  The song is also from the new Motel Pool EP available on iTunes.  “Talking To The Walls” got a flood of attention right away when I wrote about it in October, but it’s gone a little too quiet.  I’ve not forgotten about this hypnotic song from new singer Své.  Watch the video below, which has some strange twists and a cameo from “Go For Gold” and former Click Five singer Kyle Patrick.  It debuts on my chart at #28.



  • If you thought Neverest might go back to a ballad for their next single, you might not be prepared for the techno/dubsteppy power in “Take Cover”, which was released today as a free download from their Facebook page (you have to “like” it of course) right here.  Like “Rewind” (my #13 song of 2013), “Take Cover” is an ambitious and tight record that will slide into their set list rather neatly.  Can’t wait to hear it in concert!  There’s no link yet for me to provide – just take my word on this one folks!


  • Juno Award winning Canadian R&B/pop singer Remy Shand has eased back into the music scene this year after being away from it for a decade.  He’s very active on Twitter, often providing many links to some great obscure and not-so-obscure songs which obviously shape his styles of music.  His new song released today on Bandcamp, “The Best In Me”, starts off with a low vocal register introduction, but doesn’t venture much beyond what he gave us in the past, which is not a bad thing at all.  Slick production and some amazing guitar work that rounds out the end of the song make it more than worthwhile.  You can hear and purchase the song right here.


  • Dutch singer Matt Blue keeps issuing fine singles that hopefully one day will make an EP or album.  Released on You Tube just before the New Year is “Fireworks”, a bit slighter than past efforts “Can’t Help Myself” and last year’s #32 song “Outta My Mind”, but still in a positive and upbeat vein.  And when there’s such a fine voice singing the song you can’t help but be impressed.

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and details web edition of my chart.

01 01 AN OPEN HEART Bright Light Bright Light
02 02 WHAT’S GOING ON Monsieur Adi F/ A*M*E
03 03 CAN’T HOLD BACK Anton Ewald
04 04 EASY Travis Garland
11 06 ANIMALS Martin Garrix
13 07 GOLD Eurielle
05 08 I HAVE A NAME Osvaldo Supino
07 09 DO I HAVE TO DANCE Simon Curtis
15 10 BREATHE ME Carlos Nóbrega
14 12 4TH OF JULY Jarell Perry
18 13 MARRY THE NIGHT Glee Cast F/ Adam Lambert
09 14 JULIET Lawson
19 15 DO WHAT U WANT Lady Gaga F/ R. Kelly
24 16 IN YOUR CARE Bright Light Bright Light
22 17 ROLLERCOASTER Corey Niles F/ Dru
20 18 KEEP ME RUNNING Andy Suzuki & The Method
21 19 I CAN’T HELP IT Dangerous Muse
10 20 BERLIN WALL Simon Curtis
28 21 MANiCURE Lady Gaga
New 22 MOTEL POOL Travis Garland
29 23 COME A LITTLE CLOSER Cage The Elephant
16 25 ADORN Miguel F/ Jessie Ware
17 26 APPLAUSE Lady Gaga
23 27 IMPOSSIBLE Ryan Star
25 29 HEADHUNTER Parralox
26 30 MA RADIO Osvaldo Supino


New video: @monsieuradi featuring @theofficialame “What’s Going On”

MONSIEUR ADI featuring A*M*E. “What’s Going On”

A little while ago, I labelled “What’s Going On” as a SMASH.  And indeed it will, come official release by Sony on November 17.  This is great news for producer and remixer extraordinaire Monsieur Adi in teaming up with British singer A*M*E for their rework of the Soul II Soul 1989 hit “Back To Life”.  The two things that drive this song are the magical electronic melodies fashioned by Adi along with the powerhouse vocal by A*M*E, given that Caron Wheeler’s original is so hard to top.  And in the video we get to see A*M*E owning every scene she’s in, plus, at last, le Monsieur himself!  Love the fashion too – a chunk of money was invested in this video and it shows.  In about a month or so, watch for “What’s Going On” to go BOOM.

BILLCS Top 30 #413 – September 9, 2013

Hey!  The BILLCS Music Blog is now 4 years old!  My chart however has been around a lot longer, debuting online 15 1/2 years ago in January 1998.  So without further adieu, here’s edition #413 😀

  • No change to the Top 5 songs.  Kaden’s slick and memorable “Black Light” reigns at #1 again, while contender “As Long As You Love Me” by Ryan Adamés (below) hangs at #3 again.  Only songs by Kylie Minogue and Anton Ewald switch places, with “Skirt” achieving a #4 high matched for her only by last year’s “Timebomb”.

  • One of the best Canadian pop hits of 2013 is Neverest’s smashing “Rewind”(below), which is the fastest riser on the chart, soaring 15-6.  Could a #1 berth in the coming weeks be possible?  Hmmmm…
  • NYC’s Andy Suzuki & The Method are coming to a city near you?  You’ll likely get to hear their indie musician anthem “Dirty Floors” (concert version below), which also continues its climb to #7.
  • Lawson put on a heck of a show with Neverest on August 30, with new single “Juliet” coming in October and a Chapman Square Part II album too (North American release please!).  In the meantime, “Brokenhearted” rises to #8.
  • Yesterday, FrankMusik released a gorgeous acoustic repackaging of his album Between called Between Us, on which you will get to hear a much less driven “Life (Is My Revenge)” still come across with a lot of power.  The song moves up to #9.
  • Also released yesterday is Travis Garland’s self-titled album, which does indeed contain the unique and thought-provoking “Homewrecker”, which is now #10.

  • Look what’s just sitting outside the Top 10?  Why it’s “Turn Back The Night” by Justin Timberlake, which is better than any other song on The 20/20 Experience yet seems to be underperforming.  Think Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall, folks.  It’s #12 on my chart.
  • “Applause” by Lady GaGa is not wasting any time proving that it’s a Top 5 contender on my chart.  It puts the pedal to the metal and ends up at #13.
  • Is Lorde’s “Royals” suddenly overexposed with its pop radio success?  Nonetheless, you’ve gotta give it credit for being what will likely be one of the defining songs for 2013.  It’s up to #14.
  • If you’re in the UK, go out and see Sam Dickinson in concert because this lad can sing his soul out.  His single “Learn To Wait” (below) comes from his top notch album The Stories That Occurred, and moves up to #15.

  • Waiting ever so patiently for the official release of Monsieur Adi & A*M*E’s dynamic “What’s Going On” (below)!  This splendid recreation of Soul II Soul’s “Back To Life” goes BOOM in the best ways and rises to #18.
  • Meanwhile, Natalia Kills’ sophomore release Trouble arrived last week on the heels of second single “Saturday Night”.  The Kat Krazy remix of her first single from the album “Problem” continues to build and moves to #19.
  • Two more of last week’s debuts are well on their way.  “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who jumps to #22, while “Ma Radio” by Osvaldo-with-a-boombox-Supino sails to #24.

Four particularly potent debuts arrive on the chart.

  • There had to be a way for the ever-so-talented Miguel to climb on to my chart, seeing that I arrived so late at Grammy time for his album Kaleidoscope Dream and the Top 20 hit “Adorn”?  Well, thanks to Nick of the Chart Shaker music blog, “Adorn” does indeed land on my chart, in a startlingly grand remix featuring the glorious Jessie Ware at #21.

  • While 2013 year end #1 contender “Vocal” sits pretty at #2 again, the second single from Pet Shop Boys’ Electric sees release, and it’s my next favourite on the album, featuring such classic PSB lyrics and imagery, “Love Is A Bourgeois Construct” at #23.

  • As Parralox’s “Silent Morning” almost ends its run on the chart, another one of the most infectious songs premieres from their choice album of cover versions Recovery.  And it’s an odd choice for a cover but it’s done so well!  “Headhunter” (#26) was an industrial dance hit for Front 242 back in 1988, and John von Ahlen’s vocal provides a perfectly complimentary and contemporary update.

  • The collection of electronica and danceable pop on the collection This Beat Is… Poptronik! Volume Two will keep you dancing through to the winter months.  One of its best songs that HASNT’ already appeared on my chart is the wistful end of summer tune “I Remember” by Nick Pes which bows at #27.  It’s in good company with 7 other performers who are still or have appeared on my chart:  FrankMusik (former #1 “Map”), Adam Tyler (#29), Parralox and Ryan Adamés (#30), Kaden (#1) , Osvaldo Supino (#24), Killian Wells (#11), and Tao Hypah.

BILLCS Top 30 #412 – August 26/13

This edition of my chart blog post is slightly more abridged than usual, focusing on the songs in the Top 10 and making the fastest gains 🙂

  • I warned all of you folks for months on end, and then it happened in July:  “Black Light” by Kaden was released, and it has now popped the top off the lid of my chart, sending the beloved “Vocal” by Pet Shop Boys to #2.  Congrats to Kaden and also to Charlie Mason, Stormby, Ninthwave Records, and the host of wonderful songwriters on their first #1 🙂  It’s gonna be hard to dislodge for a while…

  • No slouch he, that winning singer/songwriter Ryan Adamés, whose interpretation of Justin Bieber & Big Sean’s “As Long As You Love Me” has handily secured third place on the chart (video below).  You can still get it for free by liking Ryan’s Facebook page.
  • Like my last favourite by her, “Timebomb”, Kylie Minogue’s “Skirt” has been big in Australia (natch) and on Billboard’s Dance Club Play chart, and it zips into the Top 5 in these parts.

  • Readying to play more gigs, NYC’s Andy Suzuki & The Method show that their pop/rock has endurance, as “Dirty Floors” moves up to #8.
  • FrankMusik scores his 4th Top 10 placing on my chart from the Between album with “Life (Is My Revenge)” at #10, as the singer prepares to release the double-header Between Us in a few weeks.
  • Lawson & B.o.B.’s “Brokenhearted” grabs #9 this week (video below), perfect timing when I am about to see them perform on Friday again as they premiered their next single ‘Juliet” – due for official UK release in October – last week (listen below).  And that show is opened again by Toronto’s Neverest, who have the fastest riser on the chart with the totally engaging “Rewind” at #15 (action-filled video below).

You can view the full Top 30 using the link under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** to the right, or you can click right hereYou can hear all of the songs on the chart or watch their videos by clicking on the pics on the chart page.  Any free downloads that are identified are sanctioned by the performer.  There’s always a tiny place at the bottom of the blog post with tags and the statement “Leave A Comment” – please feel free to do so :)

  • “Winning Ground” by Eric Saade (video below) has been taking its time building on my chart, but it’s now up to #19 as his new album Forgive Me is launched this week.  Can’t wait to hear his new songs!  The album consists of the Coming Home EP, plus “Winning Ground”, “Miss Unknown”, “Marching (In The Name Of Love)”, and new tunes.
  • Once it sees official release, “What’s Going On” by Monsieur Adi featuring A*M*E will tear up the club charts and perhaps leave an impression at UK radio.  It climbs to #22.
  • Natalia Kills’ new album Trouble is already getting rave reviews, and the Kat Krazy remix of “Problem” continues to score on my chart, landing at #23.

  • It’s no surprise that Lady GaGa’s totally gangbusters “Applause” arrives at #20 on the chart.  It’s her first appearance on the chart since late 2011’s “Marry The Night”, and coincidentally hits the chart almost 5 years to the day that “Just Dance” debuted (we had dibs on the latter song first here in Canada, folks, even she will tell you that!).
  • Then at #27, Australian U.S. transplant Betty Who has this gleaming, upbeat pop that has stayed the course over the summer, and “Somebody Loves You” bows at #27 (video below).  You can download the songs from her fine EP The Distance for free right here.
  • And the last entry on the chart begins like the first one.  I gave you a warning a few weeks back that Italy’s Osvaldo Supino had a boombox that was a major fun force to be reckoned with.  So it’s fitting that his crunchy “Ma Radio” arrives on the chart at #30 to keep us a-moving as we head into Fall.

BILLCS Top 30 #411 – August 12/13

My new Top 10 song listing has had such a major overhaul in the last two weeks that leaves some rising songs temporarily stranded below the Top 10.


  • The Top 3 songs remain the same by a considerable margin.  Would I have ever imagined a Pet Shop Boys holding at #1 in 2013 (with “Vocal”) for a fourth appearance (eighth week)?  Get the entire Electric album, it’s excellent.
  • No longer a teen as of this past week, Swedish sensation Anton Ewald hangs at #2 again with “Begging”, while Dan Black & Kelis cannot break through the roadblock with “Hearts” to advance beyond #3.
  • It happened back in June, and it’s happened again.  The highest debut on the chart bows at #4.  The song that did just that 10 weeks ago – “Vocal” by Pet Shop Boys!  This bodes very well for L.A. singer Kaden, as my long wait to have “Black Light” officially on release ended, as I wrote about last week, leaving the song that I heard and loved many months ago to arrive at #4 (particularly the Stormby remix below).  PSB and Anton Ewald, your competition has arrived.  Kaden will also appear with new music on Volume 2 of the dance compilation This Beat Is…Poptronik!
  • After premiering at a smashing #8 two weeks ago, “As Long As You Love Me” by Ryan Adamés can only climb to #5, but should continue to move forward.  This is one cover version that has received more positive reaction from people for whom I’ve played it than any other in recent memory.
  • Even though Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” slips to #7 because of this fierce competition, don’t overlook the fact that it might climb back up… just saying.
  • Kylie Minogue’s “Skirt” continues to make its presence known even if the rest of the world isn’t falling head over heels for it outside of dance clubs.  It’s the fastest riser, again, vaulting 19-8.
  • On the eve of some brand new music in the form of new song “Concrete”, as well as a recent cover of Zedd’s “Clarity”, L.A. singer Adam Tyler climbs up to #9 with his dance delight “Fade Into The Light”.   Like Kaden, Adam appears on Volume 2 of This Beat Is…Poptronik!
  • After performing a free show this weekend in New York City, Andy Suzuki & The Method will soon announce a tour.  Their gritty song “Dirty Floors” moves to #10 on the chart (listen below).

You can view the full Top 30 using the link under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** to the right, or you can click right hereYou can hear all of the songs on the chart or watch their videos by clicking on the pics on the chart page.  Any free downloads that are identified are sanctioned by the performer.  There’s always a tiny place at the bottom of the blog post with tags and the statement “Leave A Comment” – please feel free to do so :) 

Though songs like “Black Light”, “As Long As You Love Me”, and “Skirt” are charging into the Top 10, there are some mighty fine songs waiting to get there…


  • We have the story of the two point rise happening on this chart.  Participating in this event are songs by Lawson, Killian Wells (& Kristinia DeBarge, FrankMusik, Kim Smith, Travis Garland (songs 12-16 respectively), Amelia’s Fault with Color Theory at #18, Sam Dickinson at #20, and Eric Saade (whose new album Forgive Me is coming soon) at #22.  Slow and steady keeps the pace!  Both FrankMusik and Killian Wells also have songs on Volume 2 of This Beat Is…Poptronik! making it four performers on what will be a crazy collection of contemporary dance pop and europop!  The stylishly futuristic Liam Curry album cover is above.
  • In-between this activity, we have our second debut, “Take Back The Night” by Justin Timberlake (above) at #17 (while “Let The Groove Get In” slips to #19), from the upcoming Part II of The 20/20 Experience.  To me this song is better than any song within Part I.  Its roots appear to be based in Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album, and the results are more than just slick, they are exquisite.  
  • Lorde’s “Royals” advances only four places to #21, but should gain more in the coming weeks.  The song will be on everyone’s tongue by the end of the summer and she will advance to play bigger gigs – her show at the small venue The Hoxton in Toronto sold out quickly, among others.
  • Third of five debuts belongs to Canadian quartet Neverest, with their tough new single “Rewind” at #23, which I wrote about a while back.  Watch for what looks like an intense video coming soon!  Listen above.
  • After my chronicle of the recent success of French electro-meister Monsieur Adi, it’s appropriate that his pairing with A*M*E arrives on the chart.  “What’s Going On”, essentially a rework of Soul II Soul’s 1989 hit “Back To Life”, debuts at #28.
  • I haven’t written about her before, and I’m a bit behind on this one, considering there has already been a subsequent single, but there’s no time like the present to help turn you on to British singer Natalia Kills with “Problem”, from her upcoming album Trouble, at #29.  It’s the Kat Krazy remix that gives this one the boost for me 🙂


Remixes Galore: The Rise of @MonsieurAdi

MONSIEUR ADI, Remixes and “What’s Going On” (featuring A*M*E)

Beyoncé, “Grown Woman”; Mikky Ekko, “Kids”; Bastille, “Pompeii”; Capital Cities, “Safe & Sound”; Seal, “Crazy”; Jamie N Commons, “Rumble Away”; Say Lou Lou, “Julian”; Swiss Lips, “U Got The Power”; Laura Mvula, “Green Garden”; Lana Del Rey, “Summertime Sadness”; Don Diablo featuring Noonie Bao, “M1 Stinger”; Lana Del Rey, “Born To Die”.

I’m so very pleased to have heard the rise of 26 year old French producteur, remixeur, et magicien des electroniques, Monsieur Adi, over the past three years with his own songs like “We Are The Romans” and the aggressive instrumental “Chariot”, as well as initial remixes like the heavily 80’s flavoured “Situation” by New York singer Javi Silva.

Since that time, le Monsieur has gradually become the go-to-guy for unique and very personalized remixes for the likes of Ellie Goulding, Darren Hayes (who have both lavished praise upon him in social media), and Lana Del Rey among others.  He released his own EP last year called Fire Fire Fire, and it’s all resulting in an hour long A-list of remixes (which you can hear streamed above) as well as enhancing songs by newer performers like Swiss Lips and Say Lou Lou.

In particular, I’m really impressed with his takes on the new Beyoncé song “Grown Woman”, and Mikky Ekko’s solo bid for stardom after being featured in Rihanna’s “Stay”, “Kids”.  His remix of “Pompeii” by Bastille got me into that song, and it looks like the same will happen with the current hit “Safe & Sound” by Capital Cities.  But most outstanding of late has been his collaboration with young UK-based chart topper A*M*E, “What’s Going On”, below, which completely transforms one of my favourite late 80’s smashes, Soul II Soul’s “Back To Life”, with A*M*E amply filling the big shoes of Caron Wheeler.  SMASH.  And more to come, OUI OUI! 🙂

January Goodie Bag featuring David Bowie, Ed Drewett, Hurts, Stefan Galea, Parralox, St. Lucia, and Davis Redfield

Yes, it’s a goodie bag, because you know when you reach inside one, you will find something that you reeeaallly like 🙂

David Bowie, “Where Are We Now”

It’s now an Internet event when a classic rock star releases new material after 10 years, and as you recall David Bowie was one of the first celebs to embrace the Internet wholeheartedly.  On his 66th birthday, David has bestowed us with “Where Are We Now”, a sullen pop song accompanied by an unsurprisingly stylish but static video.  It will be interesting to hear David’s voice on other songs on his upcoming album The Next Day due in March.  Here it crackles in the only way that age can provide.  It has the potential for sounding like a reconfigured David Bowie, while in the same breath making it hard to determine if his dulcet tones of songs like “China Girl” or “Wild Is The Wind” are in the past.  If the lyrics pass you by, then the great thing about a David Bowie song is that the melody does stick.  It will be hard to keep an objective mind looking back on some of my favourite songs by him like “Fame”, “Golden Years”, “Young Americans”, “Ashes To Ashes”, “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)”, and “Time Will Crawl”.  But “Where Are We Now” provides the impetus to do just that.

Ed Drewett, “Good Morning” (Monsieur Adi remix) and “Drunk Dial”

Sometimes it does take a new record deal to get back in the public eye, even if you’re not out of the public ear.  For 24 year old UK singer/songwriter Ed Drewett has already had a few slices of fame come his way, first as vocalist on Professor Green’s Top 5 UK hit “I Need You Tonight” 3 years ago, but more recently as a songwriter for The Wanted (including “Glad You Came”) and Olly Murs.  The BlogVerse has been touting Ed’s praises from the release of his solo single “Champagne Lemonade” back in 2010.  With a new deal with Polydor/Universal in hand, Ed has recently brought us the glimmering “Good Morning” (free from his website), which in turn was given an outstanding eye-popping remix from the  creatively reliable Monsieur Adi.  Then, we’ve heard a somewhat more produced Ed in “Drunk Dial”, which to me is a supurb song that doesn’t need all of the maddening acoutrements and is the most fun on the subject of drunk calling since Ro Danishei’s “Drunk.Txt”.  These are both fine introductions to an album that’s due later this year.

Hurts, “Miracle”

UK duo Hurts return with a huge sound that is razor sharp and one that might make devoted fans wonder where they’re headed.  Not surprisingly, the first comments I read about “Miracle” was that it sounded way too much like “Princess Of China” by Coldplay and Rihanna.  Well, yes to start… but this song lives its own life quite nicely in all around compelling way that takes you deeper, this coming from someone who appreciated their songs from 2010’s Happiness which alas did not resonate with me.  The expressive Bono-ish vocals take first fiddle, even with production that desperately wants to go boom.  “Miracle” is a solid release from Hurts that should put Theo and Adam even more on the international map.

Stefan Galea, “Disco Lemonade”

Maltese teen Stefan Galea could be to 2013 what The Netherlands’ Jeronimo was in 2012 for me.  Stefan has a unique and highly recognizable voice that could help “Disco Lemonade” find its way onto international dance floors.  Despite a middle break that doesn’t really work, Stefan is the star of the show here and I’m sure there will be more coming like this from him later in the year.   After all, who needs plain old lemonade when it can be disco-flavoured 🙂  You can get this one on iTunes.


Parralox, “Silent Morning”

If Australian duo Parralox (who I wrote about not long ago, featuring their song “Sharper Than A Knife” as some Autumn Popervescence) have anything to do with it, the evolution and resurgence of Miami freestyle dance music will take place in 2013.  What better way to start with their Christmas present to us, a cover of Noel’s seminal 80’s smash “Silent Morning”.  This version has a slighter but brighter sound that doesn’t make you forget about the original but instead is clearly a tribute to it.  Download it for free at the link below.

St. Lucia, “September”

I might be a little late to the table for this crackerjack slice of dance music, but “September” glides along like a fancy sports car on a hot summer night on the French riviera.  It’s a terrific companion to music by the likes of The Presets, Russ Chimes, or FrankMusik, atmospheric without being too big for its britches.  Led by South Africa-born, New York-based Jean-Philip Grobler, you can find an upcoming show by St. Lucia on February 11 in Santa Ana, California on a double bill with none other than JMSN.

Davis Redfield, “A World Apart”

Sometimes we have to make choices (like the not-so-subtle lion and lamb imagery in the video), but if you can dance to the song that captures that theme well, then you’ll be all the better for it.  Producer/remixer/songwriter Davis Redfield has created an energetic, slamming electronic house track with “A World Apart” that is further enhanced by a stunning female vocal (and who is this mystery vocalist, I do not know).  “A World Apart” will surely muscle its way onto international dance floors.