#Toronto’s @Aphrosemusic has a wicked set of pipes to be heard in bluesy “Move On”

APHROSE, “Move On”

It’s not often that I get to write about talent that is literally in my neighbourhood, which in Toronto is the former city of Scarborough.  Following folks like The Weeknd and Francesco Yates,  Aphrose has arrived, ready for you to be compelled by her powerful and soulful voice in “Move On”.  There are many parts to this young woman’s voice but most strikingly you will want to say Amy Winehouse, Pink, Adele, Fiona Apple, Alicia Keys, and a few others, just to start.  Aphrose (aka Joanna Mohammed) has the command and restraint in her blend of blues, R&B, rock and pop to keep your attention in “Move On”.  This is a great start and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Aphrose during the rest of 2018.  Check out the unique video for “Move On” above.  Perhaps you’ll make out more of its intent than I did but it’s an interesting introduction for Aphrose.

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The end of summer is nigh with “Move On” by @Marbinbelgium to take you there featuring #ChiaraQuintens

MARBIN featuring CHIARA QUINTENS, “Move On” (free DL)

“Move On” is one of those definitive end-of-summer songs like The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” and Anna Yvette & Laura Brehm’s “Summer Never Ends”, with affecting straight-forward retrospective lyrics.  The song brims with vibes that recall late night walks on the beach before heading back to our day-to-day realities, and feeling accomplished with inspiring lyrics like “we keep up the fight” and “we reunified”.  Belgian duo Marbin are off to a great start here with this atmospheric slice of downtempo deep house, and vocalist Chiara Quintens acquits herself well, making you want to sing along.  You can download it for free at the link above.

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