It’s ear-filling funky pop this time for @SleepyTom with “Move” as sung by Sophia Black @sophartso


After a huge dance music world break through with Diplo on “Be Right There” a few years back, and working with the likes of Zed’s Dead and Porter Robinson, another of my fellow Canadians, Sleepy Tom, decided to take a few steps away from the big beats and synths.  One of the results of his short hiatus is his new single “Move”, which neatly underscores his skills as a musician (not just synths but guitar) with some funky bass hooks as well.  Sophia Black’s alluring voice positively shines as she draws club goers onto the dance floor for some fun (and gosh she even shares my daughter’s birthday!).  Not unexpectedly, the production is rich and vibrant, and club DJ’s should waste no time in getting to know another side of Sleepy Tom.

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“Move” is infectious dance/pop from @KohnerRice with a delightfully silly video


A few years back, I was fortunate to hear some catchy songs from Florida-based Kohner Rice, who at the time was in a duo with his brother, but their overall spin on a teen-pop sound seemed to be starting to go out of vogue, and so the songs I heard never saw official release.  Now solo and with a fine-tuned sound that would not sound out of place next to R5 or Conor Maynard, and Kohner returns with a video for “Move” as his re-introduction.  Its fun pop vibe will be sure to hang on to the fans he and his brother won over and likely get even more.  The video is delightfully silly as Kohner and his friends try desperately to teach each other some basic dance moves, culminating in one that you might have seen in “Dirty Dancing” (or, maybe not!).  The video closes with outtakes of said move.  It’s a fine re-emergence for Kohner that should find friends on video playlists, and is definitely on-the-money for Top 40 radio airplay consideratio.  Definitely watch and listen for more of Kohner Rice, but do check out the video for “Move” up at the top.

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Bust it: “Move” by @SaintMotel gets a funk-fueled makeover by @Jenauxmusic

SAINT MOTEL, “Move” (Jenaux remix)

I’ve been following the progress of L.A. quartet Saint Motel since 2010 and more so after seeing a set in front of a small crowd back in about 2012 at the time of their indie album Voyeur.  Now with the revised Elektra label, Saint Motel have broken through the alternative scene and continue to attract the attention of the dance crowd that has known them since the Sam Sparro remix of “Dear Dictator”.  NYC’s Jenaux provides a funk-fueled, but not overpowering, official remix of “Move” that definitely has a club setting in mind at a high point in the evening when everyone should be on the floor moving.  There’s no reason why dance music radio or clubs can’t support this one and bravo for allowing Jenaux to work his magic with it.  Give it a listen above… you can dance if you want to!

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