Progressive dance duo @SayLessmusic return with blistering trap of “Rapture”

SAYLESS, “Rapture” (free DL)

When you think Nashville, you often think of country and pop music more than other genres.  It’s a diverse place musically, so finding a creative progressive dance duo from that city may not be entirely unexpected.  I wrote about the duo SayLess last year, and their follow up song is “Rapture”.  Taking cues from acts such as Say My Name, VVL, Lit Lords, and Bailo, “Rapture” straddles melodic and accessible pop dance music with a heavily creative and dirty side, featuring a blistering drop and impressive instrumentation that should make it stand out within the trap sub-genre.  The song structure is appealing, and not a turn goes by without SayLess keeping you wondering what’s coming next.  I don’t know a lot about trap as a sub-genre, but I do know when songs will ring bells with their intended audience.  “Rapture” will have hard core trap fans sold, and should also draw in dance music fans looking for something a touch different and well done.  Get to know SayLess by downloading “Rapture” for free at the link above.

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Fun Loving Nashville Troupe @TheAquaducks “This Far”


Last September, I introduced you to the relatively newly formed rock/jazz/R&B outfit The Aquaducks, who hail from Nashville.  The band has tightened its sound and with a more professional video to support “This Far”, they continue to get across their fun-loving, live-off-the-floor sound which is pretty well guaranteed to blow the roof off of any small club.   Creigh Reipe’s crisp vocal and Paul Violante’s inviting sax lead the way in the performance part of the video amid the funky jazzy business.  And in the rest of the loosely structured but amusing plot, the band seems to be trying to play in the legendary Ryman Auditorium but ends up running around Nashville under watch.  Quack to that 🙂  I’m hoping that “This Far” is the start of the quality work that you will get to know from The Aquaducks.

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