“Everyday, Everyday” is radio-worthy pop/dance from @ManilaKilla featuring #Nevve

MANILA KILLA featuring NEVVE, “Everyday, Everyday”

“Everyday, Everyday” is certainly a bit more of a pop-oriented affair than what might expect from one half of Hotel Garuda, Manila Killa.  But his ears are definitely glued to the right places as he employs the versatile voice of Nevve – who we just heard on Robotaki’s “Together We’re Screwed” – to bring the some home.  “Everyday, Everyday” therefore goes for the gusto, and I would expect no less than dance music radio stations – and I’m calling it, since they helped turn a song like Sofi Tukker’s “Best Friend” into a massive hit – to jump on it soon.  2018 does appear to be a year for solid midtempo, emotional pop/dance and “Everyday, Everyday” finds its place in that mix.  It’s a gentle pop song at its roots that slams big when it should, very reminiscent of the same appeal as San Holo’s “Light”.  Add it to your favourites using the Spotify link above.

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In it for the win: @Robotaki brings you “Together We’re Screwed” featuring @Nevvemusic

ROBOTAKI featuring NEVVE, “Together We’re Screwed”

If mid-tempo emotional dance pop is going to be a big thing in 2018, then leading the way out of the gate is “Together We’re Screwed” by Montreal’s Robotaki (aka Preston Chin) and featuring another winning vocal from Nevve, heard most recently with DNMO in the dark track “Hollywood”.  This one is an enjoyable slice-of-life song that keeps the arrangement rather simple, with intermittent dazzles of synths, allowing things to focus most appropriately on the bittersweet humour of the song as well as Nevve’s gracious vocal.  We can all be ‘beautiful losers’ at times in our relationships and stand there staring at each other knowing we have totally screwed up.  Robotaki’s “Together We’re Screwed” allows us all to wear those moments unashamedly.  Check it out at the link above.

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You’ve never liked “Hollywood” as dark and intense as brought to you by @iamDNMO featuring #Nevve

DNMO featuring NEVVE, “Hollywood”

At only 16, British producer DNMO has already been named by Soundcloud as one to watch for in 2018.  And if there’s a record to help crush that honour in only the best ways it’s his latest called “Hollywood” for Deadbeats Records.  It’s a dark, intense, grinding feat of electronica featuring the always resplendent vocals of Nevve, whose best recent work has been with the likes of Illenium and Elephante among others.  “Hollywood” goes by in such an instant at only 2:18 but it’s crammed with everything hard and loud that a lot of lovers of the genre enjoy.  Maybe some remixers should be enlisted for an extended version or two?  In any event, DNMO’s “Hollywood” is an enticing signpost of what’s fresh and defiantly futuristic.  Check it out at the link above.

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The Groove gets into “Fractures” by Denver’s @Illeniummusic featuring #Nevve

ILLENIUM featuring NEVVE, “Fractures”

It’s all about the fight in desperation for the right kind of change, but as thoughtful and lyrical as it may be, “Fractures” by Denver’s Illenium has also got its grooves all in the right places, like what Illenium has brought to you in some of his remixes, particularly Flume’s “Say It”.  Featuring a far-reaching, poignant vocal by Nevve, who you heard most recently on two songs on the I Am The Elephante! EP, “Fractures” has splendid almost R&B-ish rhythms to keep it moving through its wordscape.  It’s a beautiful song for a whirl under the big lights but perfect for those who have their ears attuned to more than the beat. With already over 2 million plays (!), check it out at the link above.

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Funky house music from @iamtheElephante featuring #Nevve “Catching On”

ELEPHANTE featuring NEVVE, “Catching On”

Just about everything that Elephante touches in 2016 turns golden on the EDM scene.  He’s back with another original following the still-amazing “Closer” and his wild, progressive remix of “Crossfire” by Stephen with “Catching On”.  Dropping the pace to a jaunty and funky house rhythm, it brings out a sultry, ear-catching vocal by Nevve that recalls early Lana del Rey and Amy Winehouse without the edge.  If you love music this year from his contemporaries The Knocks or Penguin Prison, then Elephante’s “Catching On” will find a happy place in your music set.  Pick it up on iTunes.

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