Norway’s Dyrisk is back with acoustic-guitar driven electro of “Whispers”

DYRISK, “Whispers”

One thing’s certain with Norway’s Dyrisk – aka Vetle Gjøstøl Olsen – is to always expect something unconventional.  He scored big time in collaboration with UK producer Nik Ernst earlier this year with “Smile”, a #1 on my chart that is totally unlike anything you’ll hear this year – witty, smerking, in your face alt.rock,  and you can dance to it if you want to.  “Whispers” seems to take some cues from Radiohead and Beck and offers alt.electro with acoustic guitar folk flourishes in a commonly told tale where you can’t seem to do anything right in a relationship.  There are long pauses and drawn out melodies that totally work even if they’re against the normal grain.  Definitely even more of a change of pace for Tipsy Records, “Whispers” contains lots of soft electronic synth touches and a smoother Dyrisk vocal this time that offers up an earnest protagonist in the song.  Anything is possible in a Dyrisk song and I’m a firm believer that you will enjoy “Whispers”!

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Poland’s @Gromeeofficial has a catchy breakout with “One Last Time” featuring Norway’s Jesper Jenset (@JJenset)


It’s bound to get completely stuck in your head, so don’t say you weren’t warned about “One Last Time” by Krakow-based producer Gromee and featuring the vocal of Norway’s Jesper Jenset.  We last heard from Jesper a few years back with the very different “High”, which was one of my favourites of its year in its Young Bombs remix.  Here we have a slicker vocal that could easily be mistaken for Shawn Mendes, an interesting comparison since Shawn doesn’t make dance music but his songs are often remixed.  Gromee focuses on nailing that chorus with the underlying bass synth, and builds on the urgency of the song with higher notes and guitar riffs.  “One Last Time” is certain to grab you with one listen, so add it to your Future Pop playlist using the Spotify link up top.

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Hypnotic electro alt.rock of “Smile” by Norway’s @Dyriskmusic featuring @Nik_Ernst is a new favourite

DYRISK featuring NIK ERNST, “Smile”

2018 looks to be a year where boundaries of electronic dance and EDM are being pushed out of their comfort zones.  Norway’s Dyrisk is back with something new, and you won’t expect the alt.rock flavour of “Smile”, which he concocted with British producer Nik Ernst.  All of a sudden it’s a big rush back to the early 90’s when Massive Attack and Radiohead were breaking out while Nirvana and Soundgarden dominated the rock market and dance music was more about Madonna, Michael, Whitney, and maybe C+C Music Factory too.  Full of sarcastic lyrics calling out posers, “Smile” moves deliberately through its lilting rhythm and subtle electronics while incorporating crisp percussion sounds and zithery synths.  “Smile” is such an uncharacteristic shift for Dyrisk, and it works so well, that it can make you do nothing but smile.  Check it out at the link above and be sure to pick it up at your favourite digital music store.

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There’s no leaving before the “Last Call” by German producer @listentoLO featuring Norway’s @Elouizofficial

LO featuring ELOUIZ, “Last Call”

“Last Call” is a slick collaboration by former ‘bedroom’ producer, Germany’s LO, along with Norwegian singer Elouiz.  It’s a key song for clubs to play as the evening is peaking, and I guarantee you that patrons will stay past last call just to make a point 🙂 Elouiz’s on-point and often sassy vocal will appeal to those who enjoy singers like Rozes or Verité or maybe even Katy Perry.  LO keeps the pace swift with some ear-catching effects that make the song go by in a breezy three minutes.  “Last Call” plays to club and bar goers but also has loads of pop potential.  Add it to your playlist of late-nite songs on Spotify using the link above.

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Get to know Norway’s @MagBechmann with sly and catchy “Bruises”


21 year old Magnus Bechmann from Norway has already been racking up praises in the UK from the likes of The Guardian and NME for his live shows and his previous EP Loners Get Lonely Too from earlier this year.  His follow up single “Bruises” is sly and witty and will stay between your ears with its diverse melody and irresistible hook.  And it’s set to lyrics about how a certain yellow light causes bruises to Magnus’ eyes – well not literally anyway.  It’s all about self-empowerment and taking risks, and yeah sometimes you do get bruises along the way.  The vocal, with an ever-so-slight accent, is playful in a knowing kind of way.  All of these characteristics should help “Bruises” bring Magnus Bechmann more fans from the rest of the globe.  And maybe a collaboration with fellow Norwegian Jesper Jenset is in order? 😉  Check it out at the link above.


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“Lies” by Jesper Jenset (@jjenset) is infused with EDM, R&B and Hip Hop vibes


Following up his success with “High” (still flying near the top of the BILLCS Top 30 in its Young Bombs remix), Norway’s Jesper Jenset continues to mix it up with “Lies”.  It’s a pretty worthy and straight-forward song, but given a jazzed up wash of style that’s full of EDM, R&B, and Hip Hop flavours.  It’s clear that Jesper’s team is listening to a lot of The Weeknd and Drake, as well as perhaps Martin Garrix and Skrillex too, and the result is a refreshing concoction that could play well on any radio station while being at home in a dance club too.  Can’t wait for the remixes.  Give it a listen at the link above.

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Lost love, EDM style: “Faded” by @iamAlanWalker


I have to through my endorsement behind “Faded” by Alan Walker before I become too much of a latehead on it.  This 18 year old Norwegian EDM whiz has “Faded” at #1 in Sweden right now and it’s breaking big time in the UK and the US.  The theme of lost love is explored with a lush backdrop and a breathtaking vocal courtesy of a fellow Norwegian, a new singer by the name of Iselin Solheim.  But all pop and EDM ears on Sweden, those folks know what they like and it serves as a springboard for international breakout.  Watch for “Faded” by Alan Walker to score worldwide.  Get it on iTunes.

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Sweeping, cinematic “Reality” by Jim Bergsted @Jimcalories of Cars & Calories


In a solo step away from his duo Cars and Calories (who I wrote about last year), Norwegian singer Jim Bergsted has one sweeping, cinematic tune with “Reality”.  It’s an uplifting, grand melodic sensation with a great storyline that to me could put the singer on the international map.  Jim has a unique, appealing voice that seems to portray the underdog that we like to root for.  Listen very closely above and let Jim Bergsted take you off to a different “Reality” for 3 minutes!  I don’t believe this one’s available in North America yet but watch for it on your iTunes.

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Electro-Rock-Feel: “To The Extreme” and “Runner Up” by Cars & Calories @carscalories

CARS AND CALORIES, “To The Extreme” and “Runner Up”

Never underestimate the power of Norwegians, especially when a song so riveting like a-ha’s “Take On Me” became the classic it deserved in 1985 and evermore.  Other Norwegian acts that come to mind include M2M (featuring Marion Raven, who duetted with Meat Loaf on “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” in 2006), The Caesars (remember the iPod commercial set to “Jerk It Out”?), and Annie.  Cars And Calories is a duo which has nothing in common with any of the above other than their native country.  In fact upon hearing their songs you’re more apt to compare them to North American groups like Hot Chelle Rae, All Time Low, or Neon Trees, with emphasis on power(ful) synths.  Michael Markussen and Jim André Bergsted comprise the duo, who perform “To The Extreme” equivalent to making power pop on the side of a cliff, whereas “Runner Up” (which I somehow didn’t write about last Fall) puts its heart right out on its sleeve still frantically beating.  With a marvelous international cadre of help to put the pieces together behind the scenes, Cars And Calories creates music that stands out with full intent on leaving its mark behind.  a-ha are in very good company indeed 🙂




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Hummable Hook: “United In Scream” by @ChaseForceMusic

CHASE FORCE, “United In Scream”

Sometimes all a great song needs is a winning hook to make you lend it your ears.  “United In Scream” by 26 year old Norwegian singer and law student Chase Force has just that.  To us in North America, this doesn’t sound like anything you would hear on the radio or in a club.  In fact it reminds me of a lot of fun European records I heard in the early 80’s.  “United In Scream” is synth-driven but with folky elements and a powerful vocal when it needs to be.  But that “oh oh oh” hook followed by a perky sax riff will become embedded in your brain and I dare you not to find yourself humming it for days!  Watch the lyric video above, and you can buy “United In Scream” on iTunes.

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