Lush and dreamy production highlights “My Position” by @Prince_Paris and MindTrix @trixyourmind


What I like best about “My Position” is that it really bowls you over from all directions with its lush, dreamy soundscapes, creating its own “Wall of Sound” vibe.  It’s one of the new releases from Montreal producer Prince Paris, previously known as one half of the worldwide success called Paris & Simo, with Simo now behind the scenes and all eyes on Paris.  Prince Paris is paired with NYC producer Mindtrix and they make more than the most of what would be an average song in other hands.  It’s also represented by a powerful, diverse uncredited vocalist whose tones ride the masterful production.  It’s no wonder that this ended up as a Tipsy Records release – a high calibre record that wastes no time in making you groove right along.

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Freestyle dance music star @LisetteMelendez is back in a big way with empowering “Rise”


One dance music sub-genre that still has many fans around the world is Freestyle, which was prominent particularly in NYC and Miami from the mid-80’s through the mid-90’s.  NYC singer of Puerto Rican heritage Lisette Melendez had a number of charted hits in the early 90’s such as “Goody Goody”, “Together Forever”, and my favourite “A Day In My Life (Without You)” (I’ve still got the 12″ vinyl!), and she’s back with “Rise”.  It’s an engaging and empowering song dedicated to anyone who’s going through a difficult time, but particularly women, hence the “Rocky” or “Karate Kid” inspired video with a young woman as the lead.  “Rise” works because of its sparkling contemporary production, which incorporates many elements of Freestyle which Lisette’s fans enjoy.  The singer sounds just great and club DJ’s should embrace “Rise” and its many remixes.

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New partially-masked producer @Aadysimusic offers up wild and futuristic “Myth”


AADYSI, “Myth” (free DL)

Joining the mystique of fellow producers like Alan Walker by wearing a partial mask, the otherwise NYC-based Aadysi (say it like ‘odyssey’), who’s a student of the ICON collective (like Jauz or NGHTMRE), has a lot going on in his instrumental “Myth”, which is available below for free while it lasts.  It’s a striking song that has a lot of different movement within, from isolated piano sounds to grinding, wild ‘forbidden bass’ trap and almost industrial flavours.  “Myth” somehow all works because it’s so unpredictable and makes you anticipate that Aadysi’s music could be a lot of fun in the offering.  Its nearly 3 minutes come and go in a flash, so I’ll definitely be interested in hearing what’s coming from Aadysi.



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“Your Love” is big-sounding deep house with retro flavours from NYC’s @MishaKmusic

MISHA K, “Your Love”

Continuing to be a regular name to watch on the club and festival circuits is NYC’s Misha K.  Like a growing number of producer/DJ’s these days, Misha K is also a trained musician on piano, born into a family of Russian classical musicians.  So a steady ear-catching melody is a given, but what drives “Your Love” home is its simple chorus of only a few, but big-sounding, synth notes.  Surrounding it all is an uncredited soulful vocal that seems to be borne out of early 2000’s British or Chicago house music.  Misha K is already a known protégé with the best of them – lately Hardwell and especially Galantis – so “Your Love” is definitely a big attention-getter for clubs.

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“Ride” is NYC singer @Reigenmusic’s alt.pop ode to escapism, friendship and first attraction

REIGEN, “Ride”

Ever experimenting and challenging boundaries within the pop music realm, NYC indie alt.pop/dance singer Reigen follows up this year’s “Rollin'”, “Smoke Drink Party”, and his winning cover of The Cranberries’ “Dreams”, with “Ride”.  It seems simple in the video – two teen guys hanging out on a quiet night after midnight when they’re out for bike rides on deserted streets for everyday escapist fun. But of course as life constantly throws complicated curves to us, friendship for one is obviously turning to more of an attraction, leading the other to ponder at the end, and you can sense the exhilaration.  Reigen’s singing is bold and impressive, working with a complex and busy but uplifting arrangement that works well with the lyrics.  While the song sings about a ‘ride or die’ relationship that for some of us ends up being forevermore with the best of friends, for others it takes another path.  Watch the video at the link above.

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Pump that bassline: “9 To 5” has spicy retro flavours from NYC’s @TruthxLiesmusic and @Holymanmusic

TRUTH x LIES and HOLYMAN, “9 To 5”

It’s been a while since I’ve written about NYC duo Truth x Lies, but they have a winner for clubs with “9 To 5” in collaboration with fellow New Yorker Holyman.  There’s not much lyrically to the song but its chorus is consistent with what club goers want to hear because there is no “9 To 5” in the dance music world 😛  What gives this one edge is its sly, retrotastic synth bassline, which sounds like it was inspired from some of the best disco and dance records of the 70’s and 80’s.  It all works together well, making the Truth x Lies and Holyman a collaboration that could be repeated, and club DJ’s should appreciate the extended mix.  Add “9 To 5” to your Dance The Night Away playlist using the Spotify link above.

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“Anxious” is soulful pop with all the gritty feels from NYC’s @callmeJavi

JAVI, “Anxious”

It’s been far too long since I’ve written about talented NYC singer/songwriter Javi Silva.  His latest is “Anxious”, a delightful and gritty slice of songwriting that anyone can understand when you’re suspicious of someone’s intentions and all of the tell-tale signs about where it might lead.  It’s beautifully sung, definitely recalling George Michael in particular.  Javi sings with an edge and attitude that indicate that he’s not going to just lay back and take any crap that might unfold.  Add “Anxious” to your Edgy Soulful Pop playlist using the Spotify link above.

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“Into The Night” is @BrightLightx2’s inspiring, romantic companion piece to “New York Pretty”


“New York Pretty” is already one of Bright Light Bright Light’s very best songs to date, complete with glorious New York City travelogue video too.  So a few weeks later, along comes its companion piece, “Into The Night”, also from BLx2’s latest EP Tales Of The City.  And it indeed is another one where NYC chews up the scenery with both familiar and remote places.  The song, like “New York Pretty”, is as contemporary disco as there is any, similar rhythmically to, say, the earlier “Disco Moment”, but in a much happier place lyrically.  And Rod Thomas and his creative partners make it abundantly clear as they add romance and affection into the mix, making it an equally grand video as “New York Pretty”.  “Into The Night” is definitely about finding yourself content in that much happier place and with someone you know to whom you can return home and find open arms waiting for you.  How can it be, you might ask, to come up with something so simple as one of the best stories of the year in a video?  Check it all out at the link above.

NYC Rockers On The Rise: @ManonEarth and @TheUglyClub

The only things Man On Earth and The Ugly Club have in common is that they are from New York City, they play solid rock ‘n roll, and have a determined journeyman style which just naturally generates a loyal following and praise from various sources.


MAN ON EARTH, self-titled album

Man On Earth have a solid, earnest rock style that will appeal to fans of Fall Out Boy, Marianas Trench, Hedley, and Theory Of A Deadman.  While they clearly like to rock out hard, and don’t sacrifice melody in the process, there’s a fair bit of depth in their songs that will keep you listening.  “If Not Now Then When” is a sea of thoughts amid power rock that’s well worth blasting out your car window on a summer’s day accompanied by a fine bass line.  It’s probably the most immediately ear-catching song on the record, but also well done are “Bombs Around Me”, “On Our Way”, and “There”.  The biggest surprise that shows this quartet’s versatility (and perhaps singer Stephen Nathan’s best vocal) is “We Are All Dreamers”, definitely a thoughtful ode of reassurance to that important art of dreaming.  The band will continue playing some gigs in June, so if you get a chance check out their website and get out to see them.  Man On Earth, the album, is available on iTunes.



The Ugly Club is another NYC quartet but one who draws their influences likely more from British psych/indie rock – Radiohead, Oasis, all that good stuff from the 90’s.  The Ugly Club though bridge some very accessible moments on this three song EP with some experimental, danceable sounds that will please fans of the genre.  Both “Loosen Up” and “David Foster Wallace” are rhythmic, sometimes R&B/funk influenced songs which definitely beg  listening, while “Under the Great Wave” has an arrangement with some prominent synth work that reminds me of California’s Saint Motel but perhaps with some jazz influences.  Overall, the EP (which you can stream below) is a pleasing, diverse surprise carried by another strong vocalist in guitarist Ryan Egan.  All of the songs are repackaged from the band’s 2012 album You Belong To The Minutes, available on iTunes.  Lend your eyes above to the snazzy vinyl album cover art and blue vinyl on limited release through the band’s website.

The Ugly Club play NXNE in Toronto at The Hideout on Friday, June 20.