A new young R&B voice shines: Malcupnext @Malc____ with “This Feeling”

MALCUPNEXT, “This Feeling”

“This Feeling” by Malcupnext is my surprise for you this week.  While the mentorship by OutKast’s Big Boi definitely signaled an intriguing prospect, you don’t know it till you hear it – Cleveland’s Malcolm White has it signed, sealed and delivered with a beautiful tenor at only age 14.  And don’t this is traditional old-style R&B – “This Feeling” is appealing contemporary R&B with enough hip hop swagger to get your groove into check 🙂  And it’s not Chris Brown or Li’l Bow Wow or anything like that either.  Instead, think of the early years of Brandy, Monica, or Aaliyah.  Malcolm White, or Malcupnext, that talented young man with the recognizable glasses, could be a male counterpoint, and like those young women, I’ll be interested in hearing what he sounds like after a few natural vocal changes take place.  “This Feeling” can be equally enjoyed by of Radio Disney or BET.  It’s a promising introductory showcase for Malcupnext.

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Tuned-On! Top 300 of the 2000’s, Part 4 (150-101)

As the numbers get smaller, so the songs begin to be increasingly difficult to talk about without going into many superlatives, so I will probably save those for the Top 50 or so.   When I look at this group of 50 songs, I see mainly songs that energize me or affect me emotionally.  So for every rave up that is Madonna’s “Sorry” or George Acosta’s remix of “Just Another Day” or Nadia Ali’s “Love Story” or Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” or Alex Gaudino & Crystal Waters’ “Destination Calabria”, there is JC Chasez’s totally underrated and hurtin’ “Until Yesterday”, Stabilo’s almost-sinister “Flawed Design”, Darren Hayes’ very dark “I Like The Way”, Mary J. Blige & The Game’s heartfelt mashup “MJB Da MVP”, the emotions-run-wild in Mika’s “We Are Golden”, Florence & The Machine’s gothic “Rabbit Heart”, and the teen love’s growing pains in David Archuleta’s “Crush”.  Don’t discount the fabulous one-off’s that are “Jerk It Out” by The Caesars or “Summer Jam” by The Underdog Project either!

This will be my last update of this list until after December 29.  I’ll be away after Christmas for a few days but may blog about this and that if I have time.  Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!

You can find the updated list right here – don’t forget to leave your comments!

Tuned-On! Top 300 of the 2000’s, Part 3 (200-151)

Let’s see – a few amazing dance anthems/comebacks (“It’s All True”, “Stamp Your Feet”, “Night Of My Life”), a solo debut (“Like I Love You”), two songs that re-entered my chart (“Last Train Home”, “You Want Me Don’t You” – the latter as a remix), doubles from Rufus Wainwright, Coldplay, Kanye West, and Marianas Trench, plus wondrous stuff from Tyler Hilton, iio, Darin, Blue Man Group, Mans Zelmerlow, Gary Go, Jamiroquai, Josh Kelley, and more!

You can find the updated list right here – don’t forget to leave your comments!