More new music from @Tritonal brings us @officialR5’s talented Ross Lynch (@RossR5) on “I Feel The Love”

TRITONAL featuring ROSS LYNCH, “I Feel The Love”

So if you thought it was a surprise for EDM duo Tritonal – who are Austin’s Chad Cisneros and David Reed – to get Adam Lambert to sing on “Broken”, the first single from their new album Painting With Dreams, then finding R5’s Ross Lynch on “I Feel The Love” may seem even more curious.  But I’ve written about Ross and have seen R5 in concert, and of course he is the real performing and vocalist deal beyond being in TV’s “Austin and Ally”.  Versatility is the name of the game here, and while “I Feel The Love” is fairly heavily produced and doesn’t have a lot of rough edges, Tritonal lets Ross’ boy-next-door appeal shine through.  “I Feel The Love” is more dance/pop oriented than what many clubs will look for, which makes it as perfect for radio as “Broken”.  Hearing all of Tritonal’s music like “I Feel The Love” will be such a treat on their tour, now in progress!  Check out this song for the win at the link above.

Tritonal brings their tour to Toronto at Uniun on Friday, October 14.

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Surprise!! A diverse @AdamLambert vocal showcases on the potent @Tritonal and @Jenauxmusic’s collab “Broken”


“Broken” is this week’s surprise WOW track and I’m expecting great things to happen with it over the next while.  Not only does it unleash something new from Tritonal (from the upcoming album Painting With Dreams due September 9), but in collaboration with my man Jenaux (gracing the BILLCS Top 30 with both funky original “Get It On” and remix of “Native Son Prequel” by Gramatik), we have Adam Lambert on vocals!  I’m not sure how this all came together but the results are pretty stunning, from both pop and dance perspectives.  Adam has such a great, immense voice, and the production on his recent album The Original High offered a lot of restraint in favour of lyrics and melody.  In “Broken” there’s a lot of harmony to blend with Adam’s vocal, which provides for a perfect match against the upbeat tone of the song, which is all about putting on your best face going forward after a breakup.  “Broken” is one of those classy, diverse radio-radio pop/dance songs that should not be put aside.  Adam’s vocal is instantly recognizable and Tritonal and Jenaux have crafted some powerful magic together.  Listen above and pick it up on iTunes.

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